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Need Help with BW10 Presentation

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Hey folks,

Much like last year, I'm organizing a roundtable discussion "presentation" at Brickworld on using LEGO to benefit the wider community. I'm looking for roundtable presenters who have at some point used LEGO for community service. Last year we had folks ranging from an individual who had used LEGO in church activies to one person who was in a leadership position at the First LEGO League of Illinois. We want to include all aspects of LEGO community service.

The presentation will last about one hour. Presenters will have the opportunity (if they wish) to talk about their particular service for about 3-4 minutes, and the rest of the hour will be spent discussion with the presentation attendees about how LEGO can be used to benefit their communites.

So far we have 3 presenters, and are looking for 3 more. PM me or ask questions in this thread if you're interested.


PS Those not helping to lead the discussion are encouraged to come attend the class and participate in the discussion. Inspiration gauranteed!

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