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Dystopia: Day 7

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The sun was setting on the sixth night of the survivors being stranded. Ellen Allison/ Eskallon was being accompanied by a particularly wise figure, both unknowing that they were being stalked.


"...Yes, you'll be safe with me tonight, Ellen." said the friendly figure.

"I cannot thank you enough", she replied. "You may not realize it, but you are our savior tonight. Without you making the right decision, we would have all died".

Suddenly, the dark figure whipped around. It had heard footsteps behind them, and sure enough, the two figures that had killed together on previous nights were aiming to kill again.


"Move out of our way!", said the one with the hatchet.

"No! Stay away!", the first figure replied.

The killers didn't listen. They came at Ellen, ready to strike. But the first figure pushed Ellen out of the way.

"Run!" it yelled. "They're not going to kill anyone tonight!"


And they didn't. Ellen and the friendly figure got away safely, and the madness was to continue on for another day. In the morning, the five remaining survivors awoke, and were pleased to see that they were all still alive. But would this be the Sanes' last chance at survival?

The number of votes needed to reach a conviction today is 3. Please wait until either Ricecracker or myself have announced that you may vote before doing so, once 24 hours have passed since the Day started.

The Rules:

This game will follow the basic conventions of a Mafia Game. Each "day", you will be given 4 real days in which to vote for someone to kill. The day will end as soon as a majority decision is reached, or when the 4 days are up. If someone has been convicted, you will find out their loyalty shortly after end of the day. After this a night phase will begin, which will last 2 real days. Then the cycle will repeat. Those players with night actions must PM them to Ricecracker during the night phase. If we do not receive them within the two days, they will not be counted.

- There will be two main sides in the game. Your winning criteria will be included with your character PM.

- Voting is to be done in the day thread, and should follow the following format: Vote: Character (Player). Please note the use of bold. This is the only format that will be accepted. To unvote someone, the same applies: Unvote: Character (Player).

- There is a 24 hour limit at the beginning of each day. You are not allowed to vote during this time.

- You may not edit your posts. Violation of this rule may result in a moderator kill.

- Please avoid posting out of character (OOC) in the game thread.

- Do not ever directly quote something the game moderator(s) have sent to you via PM, whether it be your character information, night action results, or any other form of communication. Violation of this rule will result in a moderator kill. You may of course paraphrase any information you receive; if it is your own words then it is fine.

- Do not discuss game tactics or "play the game" outside the game thread, including in the General Discussion thread. You may communicate privately via PM, but this is at your own risk, and should be considered part of playing the game.

- Please be considerate towards the hosts. We will try our best to stick to the schedule, and your cooperation will help this greatly, particularly getting night actions in promptly.

- There may be certain punishments for not reaching a conviction during the day. Said punishments are final, and are to be obeyed.

(Rules borrowed from Dragonator's Mystical Castle).

Characters and Players:

4411252419_11b9efa0d3_o.jpg Richard Ricardo - played by Rick

4337886797_d82f7c329f_o.jpg Ellen Allison - played by Eskallon

4337886835_af3bf9fab3_o.jpg Samantha Wonderfield (Co-Pilot) - played by Sok117

4500917104_e18f803bea_o.jpg Pryce Collinham (son of Mike and brother of Zane) - played by Professor Flitwick

4518782591_2625bdc661_o.jpg Shirley Dover (Chef of the flight) - played by Shadows

The Deceased

4555788063_2aea902613_o.jpg Icarus Carter (Air Marshal) - played by Inconspicuous - Stabbed to death on Night 1. Sane

4556417206_b9ac5f62e7_o.jpg Bella Teller ("mistress" of Governer Brian Mason) - played by Badboytje88 - Shot on Night 1. Sane

4556417366_eb6a90225c_o.jpg Patricia Rockford (Coast Guard Officer, joined on Day 1) - played by Pedro - Strangled to death on Night 1. Sane

4556417446_061ca1aa5f_o.jpg Drake Johnson (Coast Guard Officer, joined on Day 1) - played by Dragonator - Suicide on Day 2. Insane

4336513232_e52f2f0ff4_o.jpg Cyril Jenssens (old friend of Bill's) - played by Svelte - Shot on Night 2. Neutral

4412019774_5559520e5c_o.jpg Callie Peterson (Head of airplane staff) - played by CallMePie - Strangled on Night 2. Insane

4487540345_0993a202c4_o.jpg Mike Collinham (Father of Zane and Pryce) - played by TinyPiesRUs - Death by Hatchet on Night 2. Sane

4337886569_12320307c5_o.jpg Leo Nathans - played by The Legonator - Convicted on Day 3, death by burning. Insane

4500282277_5a88d8f788_o.jpg Wyatt Fandorski - played by WhiteFang - Shot on Night 3. Insane

4336664138_94b93aee2b_o.jpg Ian Denton (Steward) - played by Iamded - Convicted on Day 4, suffocation. Sane

4415229974_af28698ccc_o.jpg Seth Diaz (Coast Guard Officer, joined on Day 1) - played by Sandy - Accidentally stabbed on Night 4. Sane

4497998612_518d7ec103_o.jpg Ron Callister (Pilot) - played by Ronconator - Held and hatcheted to death on Night 4. Sane

4497362695_7a0d8a8a2b_o.jpg Zane Collinham (son of Mike and brother of Pryce) - played by Zapper Brick - Shot on Night 4. Sane

4500917202_228c8116c5_o.jpg Brian Mason (Governer of California) - played by Bob the Construction Man - Convicted Day 5. Sane

4500917080_cdc5be4cf5_o.jpg Deborah Fredricks (Stewardess) - played by Def - Held and hatcheted on Night 5. Sane

4488189526_fbc539b5ff_o.jpg Bill Campbell (old friend of Cyril's) - played by Big Cam - Convicted Day 6. Hatchet to the neck. Sane


Escape the Fate



The crazy one



General Armendariz



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I made a huge mistake yesterday but at the same time I must thank the person who protected me. If Samantha hadn't then we would all be dead. Well through tonight we have learned one thing for certain. Myself and Samantha are Sane and we were targeted by 2 insanes. Richard Ricardo was not out of his tent on night 5 when the two hatchet killers were present making him sane and not one of the two.

That leaves Shirley and Pryce. Now I know I got it wrong yesterday but this time there is no possibility that anyone else can be insane. As well as that they are actually the two people who I have not heard from away from the public group here. I did trust Shirley a little yesterday and did not think she was insane but well I was wrong.

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The Day 7 topic will be closed until further notice. An issue has come up, and needs to be solved before the game continues. Thank you for your patience, we'll have this solved as quickly as possible.

Also, please refrain from asking about this in the discussion thread or to the hosts. Thanks.

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It was the middle of the seventh day of the five remaining survivors being stranded. On edge, everyone was keen to vote. But something had gone wrong...

Shirley Dover had been taking a very long walk, and thought. She got so lost in her own thoughts that she in fact came up with a crazy idea. She came running back to the camp where the other four were debating about who to vote off that day.


"Hey! Hey guys! Everyone!" she yelled. They looked to her. "Hey! I just thought of something! What if this game... of life could be over?".

Everyone looked at her quizzically. Ignoring this, she continued.

"Okay, so what if we could just live in peace together? No more killing, no more deceit... what if we all just lived in harmony? What if we created a Utopia, a perfect place of peace?"

Still confused, and now bewildered, the other four glared at Shirley.

"Alright, I am Insane", she admitted. Everyone gasped in horror. "--But let me finish. Haven't we all become a little crazy on this island? Killing people every day... I'm no worse than any of you. But we can stop all this, before we all die. Rescue seems unlikely now, after seven days of this madness, so we need to unite. Create a community. Live the rest of out lives here. We could create a paradise..."

The four paused. Then, all hell broke loose.

"Lynch her!" Ellen cried.

"She's crazy!" yelled Pryce.

But before anyone could do anything, something very strange happened. A large, white object zoomed towards Shirley. No, it was not a polar bear, but a flying car! It had descended from the sky, sent by the mighty mgods above.

It hovered near the freaked Shirley for a moment, and then a brilliant blue beam came shooting out of the front of the car, zapping Shirley.


"Eek!" she screamed, before it was her own organs that were fried this time. She died instantly.

The four remaining survivors gaped at the smoking carcass of Shirley, as the flying car drifted away. They had no idea what had just happened, but they weren't going to wait any longer for an explanation. Action needed to be taken, because it was certain that there was still one Insane among them...

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