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The *beeps* at the bad site

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Over there at that site I don't need to mension they get dumber and dumber.


Brickie, you've officially succeeded in completely pissing me off. You flame Denise, you bring on a whole world of trouble. Watch your back in here, little boy.

There was no flaming, the megablocks over there just don't like it when someone with a brain says something different.

They started a topic about who you would vote for and that megablock Denise who banned me because I said Lego was lieing (they were) said that you couldn't say why you would vote for them. That is so megablock. Then this Brickie person said "Well then this is ****ing pointless" and is about to get banned. What a bunch of losers overthere.

This is why I love this site. *wub*

"you're on thin ice. consider yourself warned. i won't stand for members disrespecting other members, especially against the admin who makes this place possible."

"maybe if that person wasn't ignorant I would.

I love it, you people stand up for each other even when you are wrong, then feel threatened whenever someone else says their mind." -Me

It is completely ignorant and foolish to start a topic about the election without mensioning why you want that person. If all of America did that we would be in serious trouble. (which we are anyways, but that's not the point)

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as long as this Brickie thing isn't cleared up completely, I'll lock this down and I hope not to see any things like this here or somewhere else again!!!

"Brickie" made us getting into big trouble and I really hope something like this never happens again.

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