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Generating Instructions using Lpub

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I've been working with a program called LPub over the past few weeks, figuring out how to generate nice-looking instructions for my Lego NXT Pinball machine. Though LPub is a bit tricky to get started with, once you figure it out you can generate some really nice instructions. I created a simple model in MLCad (6365-1 Summer Cottage) and spent some time learning LPub and generated a pretty decent set of instructions. I used L3P & POV-RAY to generate images for the cover.

Here's the cover sheet I created for the instructions :


You can download the PDF for the instructions from my NXT Pinball site :

Here's a direct link to the PDF.

I'll also attach the original MLCad file so you can see the LPub commands I used to generate the instructions.

Is anyone else out there using LPub?

cheers - mark

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Looks pretty cool :) I just use the LDD instruction generator though i haven't looked closely at it or tried to actually build using it either.

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