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Review: 4796 Ogel Mutant Squid

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Review 4796 Ogel Mutant Squid

Name: Ogel Mutant Squid

Item #: 4796

Pcs: 61

Figs: 1

Year: 2002

MSRP: 10.00(0.16 $/pcs)

Weight: 150 g

Parts weight: 82g

Inventory: Bricklink, Peeron


Special thanks go to SteelGhost the member of Doublebrick (of of Russian LUGs), who supplied the set for review.

Coming across the online discussion regarding this set I was amazed with small amount of part - 61 psc - it's less than modern "Creator" mini-sets. As soon as I got the set I understood it's bargain.

The box has minor damaged - obviously "crossing the borders in "airmail" means being throwed as far as possible by personnel.


In 2001's Alpha Team destroyed mind controlling orbs, but Ogel escaped from them. Because Ogel is not the one to hide in 2002 he returned to face Alpha Team once again. Now he could use his orbs to transform sea creatures into monsters. After establishing underwater base, he makes his second try to get over the world. In last battle with Alpha Team he has lost his left hand (I couldn't find how this happened). But this time Alpha team again have defeated Ogel. They destroyed his underwater base, but Ogel again has escaped using the deployable cabin of his Mutant Squid. After this Agent Dash reverted the Evil Orb action and all sea creatures returned to their previous form. But we all know that Ogel will strike back.


Box is not very big, it is slightly bigger than the box of 6192. On the front side there is Ogel and his gorgeous squid.


On the back side of the box we could see alternative models, and small image notifying us about comics inside.


Side image shows us all characters of Alpha Team(only minifigs, why do they forgot the Tee-Vee), characters inside this set are highlighted(only Ogel).


Parts and instruction:

Inside the box we could see two packets with details, windscreen, instruction and mini catalog in the A4 format.


If we pay attention to this mini catalog we could find out what interesting sets was selled long ago.

Fisrt side presents us Alpha Team, Jack Stone, Dinosaurs. Each theme is presented by 3-4 sets/


On reverse there are Harry Potter, Racers, three computer games and Legoland commercial(why they advertise it, everybody knows it is cool)


Now about instruction, it is bigger than set box,image on the instruction is same with the image on the front side of the box.


On the first page we could see images of all sets in this subtheme Mission Deep Sea, but there are no promo and limited sets there. (the most insteresting from missing sets is 4789)

In the bottom of the page we could see Alpha Team theme characters again.


WOW a rebus. If we solve it we could make our way to and get some bonus(i think this is not actual now).


We would not stop on the construction process, if anyone wants to see it he could download instruction.Part list is missing. It seems it was not lego tradition to include part list in 2002.

And here is a comics that was promised to us.

Flex on his underwater scooter(4791) was swimming, not knowing about Ogel watching him.


Only miracle has saved Flex, but everything could change in a moment. Rope has been tied to squid (Why this has stopped Ogel?)


Squid has transformed into alternative mode and started to chase Flex.


Ogel wins, and small squid is free again. Gip Gip Hoorah to the Dark Lord of the Deep.


Back side of the instructions also copies back side of the box, with small difference, there is no comics promising icon.


Now the most interesting part - PARTS. There is not much extra parts here, only 4, and all of them are technic pins.


Details not very rare, but hard to find now, or of the rare colod. For example golden chrome helmet x111.gif wasn't produce after 2006 year, and in 2006 it was rare. It was common in 1999-2002 years. Ogel Armour x141.gif hasn't been seen since 2004.

Transparent green lance 4497.gif, could be found only in this theme and in set 8780, so i think it could be called rare.Cabin parts x224.gif42021.gif are hard to find themselves. In this colour there could be seen on in 2002 year.(upper part also was in set 9320).

Squid tentacles are made from three parts. bb28.gifx159.gifx160.gif.

Light gray triangle 3048.gif also is not easy to find now.

Control Panel (not a sticker) 4865pb06.gif with such pattern and colour presents only in two sets.

As you could see this set is composed from rare and interesting parts.


There is only one minifig in this set. It is the main (and only because we shouldn't count drones) enemy of the Alpha Team - Ogel.


Body, legs, and hands are black without any drawings on them. Red hook instead of one hand. The good thing about hook - it could handle items just as ordinary minifig hand.


Ogel wears special black diving suit(or armour) and helmet. In aquazone suits then you move minifigs hands up suit is trying to jump from the minifigurs. Ogel's suit is not like that. About the helmet visor, it is chrome gold and it is gorgeous, i almost loved it. This is how space helmets should look like.



I don't like to show model assembling steps in my reviews, so i have found videos on youtube for people who would like to see it.

Alternative models:

Assembled model length nearly 20cm.


Mutant squid have four tentacles each with three joints, which gave the ability to turn them to different sides. (Squid is seems to be a prototype for the one in 8161 Atlantis set)

In the central part you could see lance-rocket and dangerous claws.


This is how the squid is seen to the ones he chase, two propellers gave him ability to reach good speed. (for example Aquashark Barracuda 6155 has only one)


Mutant squid has ability to broke into two parts, tentacles



the Ogel's cabin


They are joined together by two Technic Pins


Logically when we cabin is deployed, we need to turn engines (luckily we could do this) and swim in opposite direction, but if we do so Ogel will be sat backwards to the movement direction.


To look inside we should remove the top part(as usual).


It is not bad inside. Ogel is sitting on a chair in front of the monitor. Now we have found out how he is swimming then the cabin is dettached.


This is how the cabin looks without the pilot,usage of half piramide part as seat is original. Minus is that Ogel should be half lying on this seat, or the cabing could not be closed.


Tentacles could be rotated in three points as i said before. Claws could only turn around their axis and move up and down, but it is better than no movement at all.



Great set, Great parts, Very Great minifig. This set leaves only positive impression. Even small number of pieces is not bad, because they are all very interesting. I could recommend this set to anyone who likes the sea deeps(I am the fan of Aquazone, and i liked this set). This Alpha Team subtheme imho is much better than Aquariders.


  • Rare and interesting parts.
  • Fully equiped Ogel minifig.
  • Beautiful model.


  • There could be more parts in this set.

Edited by WhiteFang
Indexed and poll added

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I own this set too, and I'm happy about it.

Ogel was a kick*ss evil guy, and that trans printed control panel is a must-have.

Thanks for the review (just check Youtube embedding, it doesn't seem to work).

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Ogel was a kick*ss evil guy, and that trans printed control panel is a must-have.

Evil guys are often more cool than good ones ^_^

Thanks for the review (just check Youtube embedding, it doesn't seem to work).

As i am not the author of youtube videos. I could not enable embedding. So i replaced embed with links to youtube.

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