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In Need of Some PoP and Indi figs

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Well, I'm in need of the following:

Admiral Ackbar

Indiana Jones figs:

Temple Guard 1 -

Temple Guard 2 -

Open-shirt Indy -

Grey suit Indy -

Grail Guardian -

Prince of Persia:


Nizam -

Hassansin Leader -


Gold Dagger -

Hand Dagger -

To trade I have the following SW:

Rebel Troopers(from BP)

Zev Senesca

Captain Rex

CW Clone Pilots

ARC-170 Pilot(not Jag)

CW Anakin Skywalker



Obi-Wan(Hyperdrive Ring)

Promotional Chrome Stormtrooper(polybagged, NOT the magnet)

Han w/ Parka(fleshie)


Slave Leia(fleshie)

I also have some Town figs and Fantasy Era Castle figs as well. So if you're interested, shoot me a PM! Thanks!

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