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Lego "NXT Crazy Lawn Mower" with Instructions

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I just mowed my lawn the "conventional" way. Wouldn't it be nice to program a robot to do the mowing for you? Instead of buying one of those low-profile mowers, you may already have existing Lego parts to make this: . There are Building Instructions for this MOC, but keep your fingers and toes away from this beast! :hmpf: I suppose you could make a self-propelled POWER FUNCTIONS version of this....


Crazy Lawn Mower Programming

"Two programs are provided for your lawn mower.

"The Mower program allows you to use the mower manually like a regular self-propelled push mower. Squeeze and hold the handle lever to mow straight ahead, then release the handle to stop. After going straight, the mower will do a powered turn for you next time you squeeze the handle lever (hold the lever in as long as you want the turn to last). The turns will alternate left and right followed by a straight pass. A pointer on the NXT display will indicate which direction is coming up next.

"The Robo Mower program makes the mower attempt to mow your lawn (actually, your room -- you know to keep your LEGOs inside, right?) by itself. Not sure what will happen with this one. Better give it lots of space to start with. Put it in the middle of a large open area and stand overhead to watch it. The turns will be more accurate on a hard floor, but it will also run on a low-pile carpet."

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This is the first Lego-lawnmower I've ever seen, and looks like this is a smart one as well. Very nice model !!

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