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Suzuki Samurai

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Hello again!


This is my newest TRTR but not corresponding with Polish Lego TRTR rules.


Scale: ~1:7

Drive: 2xPF XL in axles (5:1)

Steering: PF M (1:8.998)

Weight: no informations


This time no story, just data.


Suspension-live axles, with motors inside and CV joints on steered wheels.

Rear axle has almost perfect hardness and jump, but front is very hard and has little amount jump.

This is the end, sorry but I have no idea, how to describe it :D



05.jpg_thumb.jpg 14.jpg_thumb.jpg 15.jpg_thumb.jpg 10.jpg_thumb.jpg

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Nice model.

I t looks like it has good climbing capabilities.

I like the first two pictures, but on the third it looks somehow thin...I would add two more layers of bricks under the doors to make it more buff.

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Great design! I am always so impressed by people who can build this kind of stuff. My only question is: Does it have issues rolling over when it turns like the real thing did? :pir-wink:

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