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The Adventures of Johnny Thunder!!!

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Hello everyone,

I've been posting this story in episodic parts at other Lego forums around the net. For anyone who was missed it, I thought I would post it here. Since it is now all finished, however, I think I'll dispense with the episodic posting and just give you the whole thing. If you would like the epidose feel, just read 4 panels a day and then read the last eight all together (that's the way I posted them). So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, I present:

The Adventures of Johnny Thunder:

Johnny Thunder and the Cave of Terror!

Warning: some materials may not be suitable for younger children, due to some gothic story elements

I hope you like it,

Happy Halloween,


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Very creative!!! I really like it...

After I saw your name and your Avatar, I wasn't 100% sure if you were the same guy that posted the gunslinger illustrations at FBTB, but after reading this story (and checking your Brickshelf gallery... ;)) I was...

This story is highly inspired by The Dark Tower, right? (The doors e.g...)

(I'm currently reading the first four books a second time, because I read them long ago and want to remind everything before getting the new ones)

So keep up the excellent work and show us even more stories like this one!! :)

(Oh, and will you continue with the gunslinger illustrations, also?)

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Sweet ! haven't read everything yet but I'll do it soon i'm sure ! I like this door stuff, it made me laugh a lot. I also like the fact that you created an illustrated story more than a comic style. It's good because this way we can imagine more

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