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NYPD - Picking Up The Pieces - Civil Hunters

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14th Street

The purpose of the NYPD: Picking Up The Pieces Project is to document what happened in New York City after the bombing. It is meant to both document the bravery of the men of the NYPD and tell how the most successful city survived, even though it was hit the hardest. We hope if the situation ever shows itself again, we can all learn by this example.

109 Days after Infection-

A week after Operation Lockdown was put into effect, Cheif Granger set up the next phase of his plan. He called it 'Project Civil Hunters'. Major Dent explains below.

"It was another megablocking stroke of genius from the man that was basically saving New York's megablocks. He takes the civvies, and turns them into fighters. Trains 'em. He stole the idea from Civilian Hunters, like, well, I figure Burke's gotta be the one everyone knows. Doesn't make 'em a force to really be reckoned with, but that wasn't the plan. People feel safer now, leaves us cops to do what needs to be done. 'Sides, make 'em think if a Zombie comes for 'em, they got a chance. Maybe they do."

Major Dent himself, being an ex-army man, was put into charge of the training, which took place in ravanged parks. Private Ray, who we all know for is bravery, had this to say.

"Granger picked the right man for the job, no doubt. Dent was terrifying and encouraging all at the same time. When you megablocking up, he let you know. When you did well, he let you know. All I can say about it really is, no matter how much some of those folks hated his guts, the men he trained saved my megablocks and saved their own megablocks countless times.”




(Note: I'm aware it isn't the hottest MOC ever, but it's decent, and it's a nice reminder the project still exists! Part 3 out of 15. Enjoy!)

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I doubt a musket would be a great choice for zombie killing, but to each his own :tongue: .

The background story seems pretty good, and this scene while not great isn't that bad either :thumbup: . I think that if you want to improve it a bit would be try to organize it a bit. Instead of all this brown tan, and green maybe try just a solid bed of green with flowers and some tall grass. That way it doesn't look so cobbled together.

I look forward to seeing your next instalment!

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