MOC: caboose for the BNSF with opening side

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after the last shipment from lego, I have been able to build the BNSF caboose and here it is!

this is the 4th version and can be built only using the pick a brick selection.

a 5th one is on its way with some minor changes available only using some bricklink parts.

it is fully furnished and can be opened either by removing the roof or by opening one side!

the roof is now in dark bluish gray (dark stone grey for lego), but it can be done in green. the only cons is that the pick a brick green is not the same as the BNSF original dark green, but it is in a lighter shade.

obviously, with a little help from bricklink some better matching colors can be achieved.





original model that gave me the idea


yes, I know, pictures are awful, but could not do any better at this moment.

higher quality ones will be uploaded as soon as possble.

latest LDD file can be downloaded HERE

thank you for viewing and for your comments.

have a nice lego day


EDIT: add original model photo that gave me the idea

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That's awesome... you're so much more detail oriented than I am. I don't really care about the caboose opening or being able to manipulate or pose characters on the inside, but your designs inspire me and I can get away with doing things a bit simpler.

I could probably do this from parts I have, but doubt I have enough orange.

Keep 'em coming.

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What a great MOC! I've been looking around for a BNSF Caboose for ages and now you've gone ahead and actually built this one out of real bricks. It's a real treat to the eyes, congratulations! Got any pics of it coupled with the GP-38 itself?

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'mrblue' you are a genius - the first realistic caboose and it has steps and upper seating for the rear guard to watch the back of the train !

I love it :wub: and might just download those LDD plans too!

Excellent job and I'm a conformist! 'mrblue' I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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