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REVIEW 7595 Army Men on Patrol

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Review: 7595 Army Men on Patrol


ATTEEEEENTION! Sgt. Oky reporting for duty! My mission is it to bring to you an in-depth review of set 7595, one of the most anticipated Lego Toy Story sets this year. Execute Operation Review! Let's move, move, move!


Set Number: 7595

Name: Army Men on Patrol

Theme: Toy Story

Year of Release: 2010

Pieces: 90

Minifigs: 4

Price: $10.99 USD

BrickLink Brickset Brickshelf Gallery

1. The Box

The box features the usual Toy Story design with a background that shows the part of Andy's room where the "Bucket-o-Soldiers" stands. Note that some of the accessories that are included in this set, such as the stretcher, are missing in this picture. On the top of the box, there is a 1:1 scale pic of one of the soldiers.


The back features a scene where the soldiers carry off a wounded comrade, and a line-up of the minifigs. These pictures give you a better idea of all the accessories that are included in this set.


2. The Contents

The contents of the box are comprised of an instructions booklet and two bags, one smaller than the other. This is the booklet:


Here is a random instructions page. The signature Toy Story "partly cloudy sky" wallpaper makes for a nice background.


And this is the parts inventory page at the end of the booklet:


These are all the bricks included in this set. Some of these parts appear for the first time in green, such as the wheels and SNOT plates.


The most notable parts, however, are the minifig accessories. This set is full of them, and they are all green! This is the first time we have seen these parts in that color. Plus we get the first modern military helmet (Who woulda thought we'd ever get one?) and those neat new minifig stands! It's possible to place the stands onto a baseplate, so you can use them for landscaping, but they are slightly wider than a 2x4 brick/plate, so you can't place anything right next to them.


3. The Minifigs

This set comes with three identical, all-green soldiers and one medic, whose only difference to the soldiers is a printed medic symbol on his helmet. Unfortunately, that symbol does not glow in the dark like its movie counterpart. Would have been nice if they would have gone that extra step, but I guess it wasn't necessary.


They look very similar to their movie counterparts:


The front of the helmets is higher than the back. In the following picture, I have provided a comparison with a soldier with his helmet facing the wrong way, as well as side and rear shots of the minifigs. Sadly, no back printing, but then again, there's not much they could have printed there.


Here they are sporting their accessories. Looking good, soldiers!


4. The Build

The build of the jeep is quick and very reminiscent of that of the Indiana Jones Brickmaster jeep.


5. The Vehicle

Even though the completed jeep isn't quite as detailed as the Indy one, it's still pretty neat. Note how even the windshield and headlights are green, giving it that certain toy feel.


In the back, it has a spare tire. And yes, even the tail lights are trans-green.


Here are some more views of it:





Minifigs can be seated in it with or without their stands.


6. The Complete Set

Here's the complete set with all the accessories. The only spare part is a single trans-green stud.


7. Ratings

Design: 5/5 - The army men in the movie don't really have a vehicle, but if they did, this is exactly what it would look like; completely green, with the moving parts being black. The bley parts are a bit random, but they're not very noticeable.

Build: 3/5 - Very short and simple, and a bit too similar to the Indy Jeep. There's some SNOT involved, but nothing spectacular.

Minifigs: 4.5/5 - The army men are very detailed and accurate. The fact that they are so generic makes them great for army building. The only problem is that a quarter of your army will be medics, but you can always brasso the medic sign off of the helmet. Some back printing would have been nice though.

Playability: 5/5 - You can zoom the jeep around and change its tires, and with all the accessories in the set, you can play out countless situations with the army men. Pretty good for such a small set.

Parts: 4.5/5 - Lots of accessories and other pieces in a color that they haven't been released in before, plus the new helmet and minifig stand, make this a pretty good assortment of parts for such a small set. My only gripe are the guns. There's not enough of them, and it would have been nice to finally get some official machine guns, or even a bazooka, but the shotguns aren't too bad I guess. Also, it would have been cool if the hood of the jeep would have been made out of a green 2x4 tile instead of two 2x2s, but that's just being picky.

Price: 5/5 - 90 pieces and 4 minifigs for a licensed $11 set is pretty darn good, especially considering all the neat parts it comes with.

Overall: 4.5/5 - This is a great little set that is good (though not perfect) for army building modern soldiers. It looks just like it should, and you get a bunch of parts in a new color for a small price. There isn't much more you could ask for, except for some more accurate weapons maybe.

8. Parting Picture

This is what you have all been waiting for (and what many will likely do with this set): A make-it-look-realistic mod!


Hi-res versions of all the pics can be found in this brickshelf folder. I hope you enjoyed my fourth Toy Story review. More will be coming soon.

At ease, soldier. ArmyMan1.png

Edited by Oky

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Nice review, I love what you did at the end, it shows the true possibilities of those green outfits.

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Great review. My only gripe with this set is that the windshield could've been trans green like the lights. :thumbup:

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Thanks for the review 'Oky Wan' :sweet: - already have this set......need to get more for my own army base, all I need to do is change the hands and heads to yellow or flesh, depending on the MOC I'm going to do.

I agree with 'prateek' - that windscreen could have been trans-green aw, well ! :wink:

Great little set, I'm a conformist! everyone ! :sweet:

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Another great review from your side Oky!

Not much to add to the set it self. Just agree with Big Cam on the swap of hands and heads to

get to see what it looks like when doing this. Thanks alot.

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Thank you for the nice review. :thumbup::classic:

I see the thing to put immobile minifigs on it has no little clickthings on it like in older sets.

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