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With the release of the Indiana Jones track, I was considering a foray into the world of narrow gauge model railroading. Before getting myself too heavily invested in the idea I just had a couple questions I was hoping folks here could help me out with.

1) What's the radius of the Temple of Doom minecart track?

2) Is it in the newest version of BlueBrick? I'm behind a firewall and won't be able to download the update for a few days. :cry_sad:

3) Can you put a pair of normal diameter flanged wheels or medium BBB Flanged drivers together in a way that would still power a 6 wide 0-4-0 through a turn or is the radius so tight I need to use minecart wheels or articulated trucks?

4) Can the old 4.5/12V track be used for straghts or do the flanges present a problem?

If there's a good answer to #3 I'm going to try to cram a PF M Motor, 9V Battery, and IR reciever into a 6-wide 0-4-0T Porter and do a little logging or mining railroad. :grin:

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Hi 'greenmtvince', I had mentioned narrow gauge trains in this topic. I myself made one and they are fun to make but the only thing i can easly thing of about powering is either; or have found the second technique very effective but i havent tried the first one.

Also investing in some old 12v tracks wouldn't be a bad idea as the curves could be done like this.

I am sorry i cant answer all your questions but i hope i have been helpful.

Thanks, CB

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Ah, brilliant! I should've posted to the topic you started! I'll know better to use the search next time.

I love the little diesel switchers of yours and Buchi!. Especially his technique of using the rechargeable motor. I may have to build one myself now. I imagine your switcher corners just fine on the normal radius track, I'm wondering how it does on the minecart track.

To me it looks like you can't complete a full 4 wide turn with the 12V curves, like you'd end up with gaps in the outer rail. Although if you're setting up a shelf switcher this isn't really an issue (but I guess switching is.)

I'm glad to see others have been bitten by the narrow gauge bug.

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