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There's a lot of great work in the Brick Flicks & Comics forum, but if you're busy or don't like browsing out of your favourite forum then they can be hard to find. Thus as a compromise we're trialling a single topic update/discussion topic. If you've finished a new comic/movie and wish to post updates please post links to it here. Discussion about updates are OK as well, but please keep any major conversation to the dedicated topic. In short;

1. Please continue to post all movies/comics in the Brick Flicks & Comics forum.

2. Post links to your comic/movie topic here.

3. Conversation is OK in moderation.

4. Only post to one of these theme topics; if a comic is cross-theme pick the best fit.

5. Don't just post links to off-site updates here without a topic in the Brick Flicks & Comics forum.

6. Don't just post new comics here without a topic in the Brick Flicks & Comics forum.

7. For the first few months feel free to post past comics/movies here.

These rules might be changed/expanded depending on how the trial goes. Just remember that the Brick Flicks & Comics forum is still the home to all LEGO movies/comics.

If you have any questions please ask them here.

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