The index lists my version of 10195 Republic Dropship With AT-OT Walker as two separate parts. I have now combined these two parts into one file for the set, updated the set to LDD 4.2 and removed the previous versions from their respective posts. Each part of the set can still be found separately in my Brickshelf folder here, when public. 10195 Republic Dropship With AT-OT Walker (LDD 4.3.5, Star Wars: Clone Wars) LXF File ERRORS: Missing part x89 Incorrect/missing prints and stickers Collision error between part 44375 and other parts (Book 1, p66) Collision error between part 44358 and other parts (Book 2, p16) Part 64644 cannot connect to 32000 (Book 2, p29) Collision error between 2780 and 32140 (Book 2, p69 and p70) Collision error between parts 2357 and 3063 (Book 3, p18)