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You know, I just realized I never did this, so heya!

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Hi there, I'm Jake Savage, a.k.a Fires-storm. I live in a pretty little town in Pennsylvania, and am fortunate enough to live within driving distance of a number of lovely forts and one ship near a library, The Niagara, so its no real big surprise that I'm majorly interested in tall ships and forts, as thats most of what I build. Also because of my interest in Star Wars an Star Trek I started researching Sci-Fi, and that bread my interest in space ships and my space fighters and tanks, and to a point heavily influenced my style of building them. I also read a lot of fantasy and fiction books, such as the Tamora Pierce books, and Dragon Lance, not to mention Lord of the Rings.

Some of my main interest in my life currently are Legos, playing my guitar, listening to music, reading, going to church, and God. Not to mention one of my main goals is just to live the best life I can possibly live. I take care of my wonderful little 3 year old sister, though she can be a handful at times, and also I own two cats. Also I just noticed I missed one, which is I love going to the local shooting range, and I'm currently getting trained in archery by my Pastor, who is an amazing man in and of himself. I just thought I'd write this so anyone interested can maybe learn a bit more about the man behind the MOC :classic:

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