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MOC: ABC news truck

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Here is a MOC of an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) news truck. Its not based off any specific ABC truck, just built based on looking at pictures of real news trucks online.

Side of truck:

Other side:

Back (with doors):

Roof (with sattelite dish):



Console: (including monitors, tape recorder, sattelite up-link control and clock)

Console operator:

The guy with the baseball cap is the driver and news cameraman.

The guy with the black hair sitting at the console is the console operator.

The other guy (with the brown hair) is the news reporter.

The ABC logos are custom stickers (my first attempt at doing such stickers)

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Not bad 'jonwil' - nice try at building a news van !

But I would first remove that 2x2 slope computer screen and put a keyboard arrangement in it's place.

Also the nose is one plate thickness too much and the rear roof area one stud too long.

Apart from that, it's very good.

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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it's a bit standard but I like it :thumbup: I would do more with the inside though, and maybe do something with the roof I don't like the stud and a foldable dish? Cause going under a bridge with this thing isn't really save :tongue:

TLG should bring out an official one like the blue one in the past only updated btw.

Edited by -zenn

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