LEGO Prince of Persia Contest Entries - Category 1

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LEGO Prince of Persia Contest Entry Thread - CATEGORY 1 - Expand the Theme


All questions should be posted in the contest discussion thread.

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The Gateway to Alkapput!

Dastan and his horse must get access to the battle hardened town of Alkapput! Can you help him get in the magnificent Alkapput? Be careful as hansassins will try to ambush Dastan and his horse friend!With special walls for parkour and moving elements.

-Gateway to Alkapput is big, very big

-Help the builders reconstruct the walls of Alkapput!

-Avoid dangerous snakes!




:thumbup: heres to a good competition with many more great entries!

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The Skeleton Merchant

On a quest to find a rare and delicate desert flower for his lady, our hero searches the wind swept hills of Persia. Here, he stumbles upon a strange and curious bazaar. Will our hero find the courage to discover the whereabouts of the elusive perennial? Is there more to this seemingly kind and gentle skeleton merchant than meets the eye? You decide!

- includes 2 minifigs: our hero and the skeleton merchant.

- features a "blood" red welcome mat, gold, weapons, gears and a rare and delicate desert flower.

- cliffs measure 4.5 in (11.5 cm).

- collect all of the Prince of Persia Expanded Theme sets today!




P.S. Great contest, great entries.

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The Oasis of Little Birds

Welcome to the oasis of Zerzura (زرزورة) also called "The Oasis of Little Birds".

It is a mythical oasis in the middle of the desert. Only the wisest Beduins know of their existence.

When they arrive in the evening to take rest, they prepare the dinner.

> Includes 4 minifigures: King Sharaman, Sheik Amar and 2 Servants!

> Serve the tea, fry the meat, and feed the horse of the King!

> It consists of three parts that you can arrange as desired!

> The tent is 20 cm high and the entire set 40 cm wide!




السلام عليكم

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Sands of Time

Introducing the newest addition to Lego's Prince of Persia line: The Ultimate Collector Series Prince of Persia Sands of Time Hourglass.

Will Tamina be able to rescue Dastan before he is swallowed up forever by the Sand's of Time?

This amazingly detailed set not only features the hard to find Dastan and Tamina figures, but also includes the ultra rare skeleton with Pith helmet. Don't delay, this set is limited to 500 copies all individually numbered and waiting to be mailed out from S@H straight to your door. Constructed from well over a 1000 pieces this beautiful set is sure to be a talking point at your next cocktail party, so why delay, call our dedicated staff today.




Props to Legohaulic for the vulture technique.

Cheers and good luck.


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Waterfront Abduction!

Pieces: 550

Price: €65

The evil Hassansins have abducted the Princess and are ready to make their escape in a waiting sail boat at the docks just outside the city gate! Can Dastan catch them in time, or will his battle with Asoka give them time to escape? Does the market stall owner know where they are going? Dastan will also have to avoid a nasty oil trap, docks full of cargo and a mischievous monkey if he's to chase down the Hassansins.

  • Includes six minifigures: Dastan, Princess Tamina, Asoka, 2 Hassansins and Market Stall Owner
  • Barrels of oil can be tipped down from above the city gate
  • Customise your buildings and docks, sections can be detached and rearranged.
  • Includes a monkey, skeleton and a scorpion
  • A cargo of fish to make the getaway boat look like an ordinary sail boat.
  • Market stall owner has pans, goblets and a cart of bananas
  • Collect all the LEGO® Brand Prince of Persia™ sets!


Oil trap:


Modular arrangement:


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The Ice Crystal Temple - Price at $45.

Can Dastan reach the legendary "Time Freeze Crystal", or will the traps get the best of him? Dastan will have to get past the "Crystal Golems", unstable platforms, swinging axes and clubs. And avoid touching the freezing crystals or end up like his fellow adventurer.

-the temple is over 16"L - 10"W - 7"H

-comes with Dastan, a skeleton, 5 "Crystal Golems", and a "Elite Crystal Golem"

-a unique base plate (Yes, the base plate is real.)

-comes with 2 treasure chest and "Time Freeze Crystal"

The Main View


All The Mini-Figures With Extra Treasure


Seting Off The Traps


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Merchant Ship Getaway

Pictures will rezsize.

Needing a quick getaway from chasing guards, Dastan needs a plan: out the window and onto the docked merchant ship! Will he escape the guards and land safetly on the ship or will Dastan fall to his doom? Raise the brigde and lower the anchor as you set sail! Includes Dastan, guard, sailor and merchant minifigureS!

For more info on the story of this set, visit here.

Edited by Svelte
Resize to 800 wide before reposting pics. Thanks

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The tree of life

-The brand new brickmasters microscale set, collectors edition (not ultimate -just collectors) of the temlpe from 2008 prince of persia game.

-Special feature - in 50% of creation are old (good quality) PVC bricks.

-If you order now you will get a prince minifigure with his donkey Farah (in original trilogy Farah was princess).




P.S. It is microscale because in my country we dont have pick a brick. :hmpf_bad:

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Nizam's Palace

Recreate the action and adventure of The Prince of Persia video game with this ultimate modular collector Serie! The palace has many very realistic sets designed to scale figurines, moving parts, characters and accessories inspired by the mythic video games. Harrows, flames, fights, traps, jumping, climbing, secret passage, saving point, flying carpets, ... and more!

Jump in the heart of the incredible adventures of Dastan in reliving the mythical game scenes

and the duel with Nizam who will decide the fate of Alamut!

• Included 22 figures!

• Fly to the rescue of Princess Tamina held prisoner, and run away by the secret door

• Use the removable stairs and climb walls to access to secret rooms

• Avoid the trap thatNizam store for you throughout your journey.

• Confront the army of skeletons and the palace guards

• Overs 3000 parts !

• The unit is adjustable (modular) for better gameplay and is over 32 cm wide, 27cm deep and 88cm high




Hope you'll enjoy

Good luck everybody !

All details about this moc are on FLICKR

Edited by lego-maniac

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Done for fun. Don't expect to win. Also, it's *meant* to be multicoloured, to give the impression he made it from things he found. That, and I didn't have enough tan to build a complete house. Don't kill me. :grin::blush:

Sheik Amar's Desert Hut

Dastan is off to visit Sheik Amar, the master of the Valley of the Slaves. Sheik welcomes Dastan with a smile, the Prince unaware of what Sheik is planning! In the back, Sheik keeps his Ostriches for illegal racing.

- Includes Dastan and Sheik Amar minifigures

- Also includes first LEGO Ostriches!

- Take off the roof and play inside! (This feature is a misnomer. There's no interior and you hafta have great force to take the roof off. :tongue: )

- Collect all the LEGO Prince of Persia sets!







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Guardian Battle.

Searchig the Dagger of time, Dastan has discovered an ancient temple custodied by a new enemy: a misterious guard riding an elephant with Kaileena, the Empress of Time. Through the wooden bridge and restaure your health on the fountain before the final battle against the evil warrior. But watch out! The temple contains a dangerous trap for the unwary intruders...

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Dastan(new desing), Evil Guard and Kaileena, the Empress of Time.
  • Also includes a LEGO elephant.
  • Activate the secret trap pressing a step.
  • Features fountain and wooden bridge.
  • Remove the roof for interior access!
  • Temple measures are 22 x16 x 23,5. cm.
  • Collect all the LEGO® Brand Prince of Persia™ sets!





Flickr Gallery

Edited by L-DI-EGO

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The Ostrich Race Game

Creeping into the Valley of the Slaves, Dastan has discovered Sheik Amar’s secret den. Suddenly, with the flick of a lever, a high-speed, out-of-control ostrich race begins! Avoiding barrels, eating apples as you race to the finishing line. With customizable track, no two games will ever be the same. For 2-4 players.

* 1 buildable LEGO wheel

* 1 rule booklet

* 4 micro ostriches


*** Rule Booklet***

# Setup

Build the track and the wheel according to the above picture.

Every player takes one tile of each color. (total of 4 tiles)

# game play

Every player take turn one after another.

Each player's turn consist of two actions.

1. Customize the wheel

You may replace one tile on the wheel with one tile in your possession. Then take the replaced tile into your possession.



2. Spin the wheel

Spin the wheel and move to the closest space on the track with that color.

You may not move to a space occupied by other player. If another player is on the space you are moving to, you may only move as far as possible.


You may not move to a space with a barrel. Barrels act exactly like other players that blocks your space.


Once you land on a space with an apple, take the apple and spin the wheel again and move accordingly. However you may not customize the wheel. Other plays that lands on the space afterward does not get the apple.

Example turn:


You are the red player. The wheel lands on tan, but the closest tan space is occupied by the blue player. And the next closest space has a barrel. So you move to the light gray space and take the apple. Now you may spin the same wheel again and move accordingly.

# Winning Condition

The first play to make to the finishing line wins the game!

Hopefully you like my game and help my test play it. :classic: Feedback is highly appreciated.

Edited by lisqr

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Skull Palace Escape


Suhrab Palace… a place of incredible wealth, knowledge, and danger. After being captured by a wandering Hassansin, Dastan must face the notorious Vizier Azad and his array of deadly traps. Will Dastan be able to escape with a few treasures and his life, or will the brave Prince finally meet his spiky demise?

-Includes 5 minifigures: Dastan, Hassansin, 2 Palace Guards, and Vizier Azad

-Features skull design on outside of palace

-Pull the pin in the skull’s teeth to drop the trapdoor and compress the walls simultaneously

-Spin the top of the dome to drop torches into the pit

-Pit features compressing spike walls and secret exit flap

-Includes Book of Souls, jewels, fruit, skeleton, spider, and more!

-Relieve the exciting opening scene from Prince of Persia: Book of Souls



The vizier has a deadly trap set-up! First he drops his victims into a secret room, shaking them up. Then walls with spikes stab the victim. Finally, torches drop from the ceiling, burning the victim alive, and cleaning up the mess for next time.

In order to fully appreciate the playability design that went into this set, please watch my functions video

. You can find more pictures in my Flickr gallery.

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The Palace of the Flying Fakir

When preparing for this contest we were trying to get some inspiration. We thought that a flying fakir would be nice!

The Dutch funpark "de Efteling" has an attraction that is already 50+ years old! It is called "The flying fakir" ("de vliegende fakir" in Dutch).

For this contest, I made a LEGO set inspired on that attraction. My girlfriend made the nice mosaik floor and the flowers. The attraction works like this: the flying fakir moves from one side to the other on his flying carpet. Then the window in front of one of the sides is opened and a horrible noise emerges: the fakir is playing his magical flute. On the left side, yellow flowers start to blossom. On the right side, the flowers will be red. After playing that horrible tune, the window closes and the fakir goes to the other side on his flying carpet again.



We made some jokes on the floor like:

- a women that is attacking another fluting fakir with a frying pan

- a market booth

- a fakir that is about to become beheaded

(for some reason most people don't like fakirs playing the flute, if you click

, you understand why)

At this moment the fakir is not motorised yet. Also we did not print the stickers yet, but maybe for LEGOWorld Zwolle next Autumn, we will do that.

We thought this would be a nice expansion of the theme, although it will be quite costly so it will need to be a factory set or something like that.

Only non-LEGO item:

nylon string for the fakir, the carpet is genuine LEGO.


Fakir pictures

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Temple battle


pieces: about 850 or 900. (I already took it apart and didn't count. An estimate)

Trying to escape, Dastans unknown foe leads him too the ancient temple deep within the far mountains. The temple is well trapped and guarded, so Dastan will need all his abilities to get past the swinging axes, collapsing bridge with fallout planks, trap door and the four armed stone guardian. Will Dastan make it past all the traps and find out who his foe is and defeat him, or will he plummet to his doom?You decide!

- Includes Dastan, foe, 2 zombie warriors, skeleton, and stone guard minifigures!

- Watch out for swinging archway axes!

- Bridge falls or floorboards collapse!

- Adjust walls to play inside!

- Open the doors!

- Look out for trap door and moving stairs!

- Catapult the stone guardian into the light-up flames to defeat him!

- Includes light brick for flames to light up!


Full temple.


Back view.(walls open)


Moving stairs, and trap door function.


Defeat the guardian by pushing up plate flipping him backwards.


Pull the axel to drop bridge. Or have a minifig fall through the planks!

Ahhhh....... just in time. Sorry the pictures are not all that great :look: . This took me about 16 hours to complete :sing: (Yawn!). I really wanted to see if I could make something decent in a very short period of time and I am fairly pleased :thumbup:

Yes, Dastans sword is custom and so are the four arms on guardian. Comments/questions appreciated!

Additional photos:

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The Persian town has been under siege for day's and the attacker's have finally broke a hole the wall!Help the defender's fight back!Includes: 10 minifigure's,5 defender's and 5 attacker's,Ton's of little detail's like rock's and a spear in the wall!A chicken leg on a spit,a small market stall and two keg's of beer!the guardhouse house has a bed and stair's!the house being rebuilt is on fire!dscf3825.jpg



This took ten pick-a-brick order's.

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Battle Chariot Pursuit (£10.99 - 83 pieces)

Help Dastan and his trusty Ostrich stop the Hassassin theives before they escape with the stolen treasure! Features flick fire missiles, four figures, and three animals!




See more here!

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Sultan's Palace

In the Sultan's absence the Grand Vizier Jaffar rules with the iron fist of tyranny.

Only one obstacle remains between Jaffar and the throne: the Sultan's beautiful young daughter...

She gets an ultimatum. Marry Jaffar... or die within the hour.

All the Princess's hopes now rest on the brave youth she loves.

Litte does she know that he is already a prisoner in Jaffar's dungeons...

Rescue the Princess from the evil Jaffar and his men!

- Based on the original 1989 Prince of Persia video game, which you can download for free!

- Includes 6 minifigures: prince, princess, Jaffar, skeleton and 2 palace guards

- Beware of the cutters and and the trap door!

- Collect the key to open the gate to the upper level.

- Find a sword and slay the palace guards and the evil Jaffar to rescue the princess!

- Sultan's Palace measures 12" (31cm) wide, and 17" (43cm) high.




Edited by Mr palmtree

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Draxes' Palace

Travelling through the empire Dastan comes to the palace of Draxes, who according to gossips kidnaps the most beautiful girls from far parts of the empire and makes them his personal slaves. Is this the truth? Dastan has to find out and free them if it is.




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The Desert Fort

Fleeing from their enemies, our heroes found a safe place in a desert fort, manned by the Imperial army - at least they thought ist was safe!




Includes a functional canon!

There is a trap for the bad guys!

Modular Building!

*sorry, seems to be late. Also the photos are not that good...

Best Regards,


Edited by jansued

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Dhurban Chariot Race

The Vizier of Dhurban has captured Tamina and forced Dastan to race for her release. But the treacherous Vizier has stacked the race against Dastan, arming his charioteer with weapons and placing an assassin along the race course! Can Dastan thwart the Vizier's plans and rescue Tamina?

Set includes:

  • Five minifigures: Dastan, Tamina, The Vizier of Dhurban, Charioteer and Assassin.
  • Thwart the Vizier! Tip the flag on the stand and watch his fruit bowl spill - he'll be so angry!
  • Stop the Assassin before he fires at Dastan. Pull the pin and watch him fallf rom the turret.
  • Red chariot features flick-fire spears.
  • Includes flags and fence to mark out your own race-course!




More AWESOME photos here! Check out the AWESOME, AWESOME play features video

Edited by pedro

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Desert Ambush

While traveling through the desert Dastan and Princess Tamina are attacked by spear welding attackers! Can they escape with the dagger of time? You decide!

Features hid out!

4 minifigures Dastan, Princess Tamina, two Hassansins, and a camel!

Comes with the dagger of time

Swing the cliff open to play in the Hassansins hide out!




Full gallery.

Masked Out

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Nizam's Warship

The evil Nizam has captured Princess Tamina and is holding her prisoner on his warship! Based on the design of the mighty trireme warships, this vessel is strong and fast! Now it's up to Dastan and his loyal steed to save the day! Good thing Dastan has the Dagger of Time, so time is on his side! But watch out for the Hassansins who have been hired by Nizam to keep Dastan off his ship! Will Dastan's horse be able to leap onto the ship? Will Dastan be able to save Tamina? You decide!

Includes Dastan, Tamina, Nizam, Asoka, 3 Hassansins, and 4 slaves rowers!


The back features rudders for steering, and decorations that resemble a griffin.


You can take off the mast and catapult to play inside! Other features include:


More pics in this BS folder.

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