LEGO Prince of Persia Contest Entries - Category 2

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LEGO Prince of Persia Contest Entry Thread - CATEGORY 2 - The Persian Version


All questions should be posted in the contest discussion thread.

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Dastan's Battle Chariot(Yes, I Persian-ified that. Meaning this)




Yes, I've created a Persian Version of the much-maligned 7078 King's Battle Chariot. A wise choice for garnering votes? Perhaps not, but it kept my mind off of being sick. The king, the guard, and the trolls have been replaced with Dastan, Tamina, and the Hassansins, respectively. The color scheme has been made much more deserty and even includes a splash of sand dark orange and PoP arches. Then there's the insanely strong camel replacing the insanely strong horse, and the dagger of time replacing the treasure chest. And, of course, the finishing touch of a scattering of sideways studs to "encourage parkour play", as SAH so eloquently puts it, finishes off the Persianification.

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Persian "Police Motorbike" Ready to chase pickpockets in the marketplace and raiders in the desert!

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Persian Post Station

The real life Persians are credited with setting up the first proper mail service in around 500 BC. The system involved message carriers (called Chapar) riding between post stations (called Chapar-Khane), where they would swap their horse for a fresh one, before riding on to the next station. This allowed messages to travel at the fastest possible speed.

My Chapar-Kane is based on a "Persion Version" of set 6689 (the small Post Station from 1985) Click for original. I used the basic layout and size of the original, but using modern parts, I've altered the colour, redesigned the roof (the "polished metal" will reflect sunlight so the message carrier can see the post from a distance) and swapped the bike for an ostrich (I was going to use a horse but the ostrich fits better in the small animal enclosure I added). The yellow/red flags are an homage to the original post office sign. I stuck to using Persian versions of the original minifigs - an ostrich riding postman and a female customer/member of staff.




Thanks for looking - and good luck to everyone who enters...



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The most dangerous job in Persia requires the strongest facilities and the very best technology in the world. That's right - camel herding.

This Persian version of one of my favourite Power Miners sets - 8191 Lavatraz - features a fully working camel hoist and suspended control cab, allowing the herders to move their beasts around from safely high above the ground. However, if those deadly domedaries get out of control, they could smash through the front of the reinforced cage and escape! Fortunately, the snare-a-pult can quickly recapture any stray camels. The facility also contains a fruit juicer to help the herders combat the harsh desert sun.

Of course, I couldn't build a desert-themed set without using my precious micro-mummies. See if you can spot them.




Edit: Replaced images

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Shah's pimped chariot

You are Sparta? We are PERSIA! And we're ridiculously rich Persia! Me homies, let me introduce to you, da one and only "Bling Chariot". Where shall I begin? Oh ya, da mighty Persian horse. Strongest of its kind, dressed in gold barding and topaz headlamp, you can't go wrong with dat. The body-- oh ya the body-- semi- dome gold plated front, scorpion figurehead made of pure gold, all Persian frame, extended leg room, and scimitars for interior, to add more flava and extra protection-- lemme tell you, the streets aren't safe anymore nowadays, with all those princes and Spartans! You better check out the customized hatch as well, made extra room to stash more cash, ya know what I'm sayin'. We gonna have the exterior blinged out, we gonna shove 2 more scimitars up the sides, we gonna erect the farvahar, and vroom vroom off the street we gooooo! Now dat's what I call a pimped ride!




I heard some king out there tried to imitate ma bling chariot. Oooh anyways.

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Here is my entry, I decided to go with a LEGO CITY set - #7746 , the Single-Drum Roller

Here is a link to the original Single-Drum Roller

Now here is my Persian Version , The Alamut CITY Camel-Powered Road Maker


Build new roads for LEGO® Prince of Persia

Alamut City is always growing, and with all the destruction in the upcoming Movie , Its going to need new roads! With its Big drum, the 2 Camel Powered roller flattens sand and rocks to make roads for carts and wagons to travel as far as the road goes. Although traveling on the roads is not recommended due to the increasing number of Hasassin atacks.

* Roller drum spins to flatten the sand and is powered by 2 desert camels

* Includes 2 Alamut construction worker minifigures and accessories!

* Measures almost 8" (20cm) long!


A side View, Note the Fuel tank is full of apples for the Camels


Get ready to Roll

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Karaban ~ The Sand-cloud City

I decided to Persian-ify the classic Star Wars 10123 Cloud City playset and created... Karaban!

The doomed city of Karaban: swallowed by a sand-storm of epic proportions and left buried for an age. It has risen again only to be populated by the darkest, most evil beings in all of Persia!

Click image for LARGE version.


Like it's Star Wars counterpart, Karaban is modular and comprise of multiple parts: Karaban Courtyard, Karaban Fire Chamber, Karaban Caverns, Nizam's Altar... and an area of desert outside. This suits the feel of the Prince of Persia games being divided into levels! Most play-features found in Cloud City have found their counterpart in Karaban.

Here, Dastan and Tamina's adventures take hem to the courtyard of the mysterious Karaban, where they find themselves surprised by the sudden disappearance of their guide. But alas! The Hassassin have already ambushed him, dragging him to the Karaban Fire Chamber, where (with a pull of the skull) he'll fall through the floor and into the fiery lava below. Will Dastan and Tamina meet the same, terrible fate?

Click image for Karaban Cavern.


Atop an isolated outcrop of rock, Nizam casts his terrible plans, scrying a powerful orb filled with Sands of Time. Only Dastan has the agility to make it through the caverns of Karaban and across the rope-bridge to confront him.

Click image to see what happens!


Click this link to access the Brickshelf folder with many more pics including exterior.

Best of luck to all the entrants!

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Imperial Cavalry (The original set.)

Dastan just got his hair cut and finished cleaning up at the oasis. When two Imperial Cavalry comes charging at our hero. Will he survive? Can he get a way? Help decide Dastan's fate!

The Charge


Another View




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Scorpion Sweeper

Hello! Here is my entry; a Persian-ified version of 8961: Crystal Sweeper. :classic:

The scorpions in Persia have overpopulated, and are ravaging local villages! Fortunately, a massive horse-powered vehicle known as the Scorpion Sweeper is here to save the day! The Scorpion Sweeper has a big auto-rotating wheel with nooks that can whack scorpions into a bin located at the back of the vehicle! Also, workers can use the whips to make the horses go faster and use the escape-horse in case of an emergency! After a long day of sweeping-up nasty scorpions, workers can take a break at the command cabin! However, a nearby Hassansin warrior has constructed a snake-launching catapult and is waiting to ambush nearby travelers for fun!




(Here is a link to see the images on my Flickr page)

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Modular Market Square

After debating over what set to do i finally came up with one, so here is my PoPified 6242 Soldiers Fort! :classic:


Its Modular just like the original design.


Originally the small boat.


And here is a good shot of the tower (i would have thrown in a modular alternative but it takes a long time to give pictures a nice white background in MS Paint. :wink: )

Here is a link to the rest of the pictures (Once uploaded) Clicky

This model includes four modular sectons that can be arranged into many different models, a chariot, monkey and include six minifigures, Dastan, Sheik Amar, Hassasin, Citizen, and two marke stall owners. Can dastan fight off the evi hassasin that is search of the daggar of time? The action is in your hands!

Thanks and good luck everyone! :grin:

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"Nazim's Lock-up" Based off of 'Sherrif's Lock-Up'

The blow-out back door (with 'EXIT' sign :p) and Seso the prisoner inside (though you can't see him very well).

And the inside of Nizam's 'office'.

And, when I upload them/when public:


Good luck, all.

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3000+ wide images removed, please resize to 800

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Hassassin's Arsenal


Gear up for the battle! Take the role of a Prince of Persia ® Hassassin and arm yourself with a variety of weapons! Available now!

This entry of mine is based off of 8396 Soldiers Arsenal, in the Pirates line. You can compare how the two match up:


And here's the arsenal by itself. It holds a double sword sheath with two katanas, a claw, and a spear. The Hassassin minifigure holds a double-sided ax and wears spiked epaulets.



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Camouflaged Den

A Persian version of 6066 Camouflaged Outpost (Forestmen). Here we have a thieve's den out in the desert, built into a rock outcrop and camouflagued by the sandstone and some green scrub. In this version, we have some loot in the thieves den... I wonder does the door need a secret pass phrase? The band of thieves each have their preferred weapons, some preferring to strike out in the open with large weapons, and some preferring to drop in unexpectedly on people after climbing from rooftop to rooftop!




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"These are not the ostriches you are looking for." :tongue:


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~*Hippogriff Palace*~

Persian Version of 7419 Dragon Fortress

As soon as I saw this contest category, I knew I had to make a Persian version out of my absolute favorite set: Dragon Fortress from the Orient Expedition theme. Since I also have the Scorpion Palace from the same theme but no actual Prince of Persia sets, my contest entry became somewhat an amalgamation of the two Orient Expedition sets. Despite of that, I put my greatest effort to the set to make it both alike to the original yet as Persian as possible.


The adventures of the brave elephant tamer Jamal Thunder lead him and his companions - the shah's daughter Pipirzine and the astrologer Kilrad - to the mysterious palace of the Hippogriff Sultan hidden far across the deserts of Persia. There they encountered a beautiful slave dancer called Djinnili who promised to guide them to the secret vault of the Sultan.


But as the adventurers infiltrated the palace, guards rushed in to stop them. Had Djinnili betrayed them? If it weren't for Jamal Thunder's masterful skills with the scimitar, the guards would have surely butchered all of them. But the dangers were far from over, for next the adventurers came face to face with Samir the Sinister, a notorious hook-handed hassassin who had been tracing Jamal Thunder under the orders of Pipirzine's father, the shah. It turned out that Samir had allied himself with the Sultan and told him of the adventurers' presence. Her honor restored, Djinnili helped Jamal and the others escape Samir.


But the worse was still to come: guarding the Hippogriff Sultan's treasure was a terrible living statue of his ancestor riding on a real hippogriff. Only with Jamal Thunder's bravery, Pipirzine's quick wits and Kilrad's sagaciousness, the adventurers got their hands on the legendary Shield of Ages, a treasure long coveted by the shah himself but kept hidden by the Hippogriff Sultan. With it in hands, Jamal Thunder could finally face the vicious shah who had once dethroned Jamal's father, and regain his place as the rightful ruler of Persia.

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You’ve built and enjoyed the Green Grocer, now it’s time for the…

Persian Grocer!

Expand your Persian neighbourhood or start a new one with the Persian Grocer! Designed in a modular style, this colorful and lively building features Ahmed’s grocery store on the ground floor and posh apartments that can be built, rebuilt and rearranged to suit your own whims. Detailed architecture includes realistic interior, courtyard access, a roof terrace with hanging gardens, and much more!

• Build an exotic street layout by combining Persian Grocer with Camel Station and Carpet Emporium (to be released)!

• Top floors lift off to reveal inner rooms!

• Grocery store features tiled floor, bins and shelves for tasty goods, fresh vegetables and fruit, strange liquors and exotic meats!

• Apartments have lots of details like arched windows, intricately detailed balconies, sand green marble floors, and a fine woven Persian carpet!

• Stairs lead up to the apartments and to the leafy terrace!

• Includes 5 persian minifigures, a camel, plus a cat and a rat!

Front view


Roof terrace




A few more photos will be available shortly in my Flickr gallery.

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Fight for the Golden Tower


The Japanese style golden tower is replace by a Persian-fied golden tower. The robot's Sonic Raven is replace by a roc controlled by a demon. Instead of protecting the secrete code, the tower protects the dagger of time. The tower's main cannon is replace by a flamethrower. The tower's guardian Hitomi is changed to a sexy female fighter.



The golden tower by itself


The attacking roc

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Now presenting the Persian Versian of the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid: The Persian Armored Charriot!!!




Here is the brickset link to the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid It was really challenging to build because I don't have any Prince of Persia sets or minifigs. I tried my best to replicate the functions of the original set, like the catapult and the flick-fire missiles. I was definately trying to make something out of the ordinary and I think I succeed. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make a Persian Version of a Star Wars set. Hopefully by the end of this contest I will have a Prince of Persia set :wink:

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Persian Traveller

This little MOC is a variation of CITY Airport 7567 traveller set:




Airport computer is replaced by a waymark. The donkey carries two bags: black and brown (in 7567 there is a trolley with black and brown luggage). There is a map in traveller’s hands (seriously, there aren’t any cameras in Ancient Persia!)


More variations of brickbuilt donkey are in my BAM entry.

Edited by -GZ-

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Princess's Litter

Princess's Litter is a persian take on set 6044:Kings's Carriage.

Mostly yellow, white, red, blue and gold where used to stay close to the original color scheme.

The princess takes a stroll in her beautifully decorated litter.

She is accompanied by her honorary guards, and some treasure to give to the poor.

This set includes 8 servant minifigs,a unique persian princess minifg, a golden treasure chest, 2 golden shields and a white cat.




Edited by Mr palmtree

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Dastan's Message (62 pieces) - Persian Version of Jabba's Message

Help the Prince get past the gate to the palace! But watch out for the guard! Use the salesman as a distraction!

Includes three figures.




Hope you like it!

Edited by Jammiedodger714

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Based on black monarchs ghost

This persian-version includes a camel mounted soldier, scorpion and a little building that opens to reveal a skeleton!







Svelte can mine count as it is only ten in boston where I live and the contest rules say it end at 12 Gmt

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based on venice canal chase

Escaping along alamuts river with the map to the dagger of time, Dastan and Tamina are chased by a secret order of Hassassins sworn to prevent the Dagger from being taken! Are a collapsing pier and a blast-apart boat enough to get them out of danger? Includes Dastan, Tamina and 2 hassassin figures. Recreate the exciting adventure from the movie Sands of Time !




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