LEGO Prince of Persia Contest Entries - Category 3

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LEGO Prince of Persia Contest Entry Thread - CATEGORY 3 - BAM - Build A Market Stall


Talk about the amazing entries and give feedback to their creators in this thread.

All rule related questions should be posted in the contest discussion thread.

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Behrooz's Weapons and Exotic Apparel (55 Peices)




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Rafeefa's Pet Stand

"Were you can find pets from the Middle East to the America's!"

To see more photos, visit my Brickshelf here.





101 pieces.

Thanks Copmike for adding the photos. :sweet:

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Pics added.

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Abdullah's Shop

Get your carpets, hookahs and fresh meat. You might even get your stuff for free if Abdullah is sampling his own product.




Abdullah is looking a little pale.

Piece count 105

Thanks for looking.


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Persian Carpets! (174 pieces)




Note: many thanks to Shadows for his custom decals that I have used for both torsoes!

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Come on down to Abu's Fantastic Puppet Spectacular!


For the low, low price of ten Shahi, you can get inside the gates of Abu's Fantastic Puppet Spectacular, the best entertainment this side of the epic swordfight occuring on top of that building. Once inside you can get comfy in a luxurious chair and buy some delicious concessions! (Note: all persons trying to watch without paying the fee will be chased off by an incontinent camel). Enjoy the show!


There may only be three seats, but at thirty Shahi a show and ten shows per afternoon, the money sure does add up fast! In fact, Abu is quickly become one of the richest stall owners in town! Unfortunately, it means putting up with the lovey-dovey couples in the front row. Geez, guys, get a room.\


You can see the apples that Abu sells for outrageously high prices up front. Everyone knows he buys them on the cheap and then makes fully one third of his profits from them. This practice was carried down through the years and is still used today in Cinemas across the world.

It's about 91 pieces (it depends on whether or not you count all of the individual pieces in the puppets, if you count THEIR accessories, etc.). May the best puppet show win!

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Shadows Slippery Sales: New and used flying carpets.

In need of a new or used flying carpet, then Shadows Slippery Sales is you one stop stall. Ably assisted by his well trained monkey minions, Shadows will soon have the fortune he needs to take over the world! Customers can take the many and varied carpets for a test fly as long as they tip the primates.


"All 100% quality stitching on all Shadows products, take er for a spin."


Some stubborn carpets are broken in by highly skilled Carpet Whisperers. A skilled technician works on the line of custom complimentary Shadows Toasters.


If you are lucky enough to purchase a carpet that is house trained and Shadows hasn't fleeced you of your entire fortune, then you take flight.

"Smooth sailing loyal Shadows customers and we hope you enjoy your complimentary toaster."

Weighing in at 245 pieces give or take a banana it was a close one.



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Well here's my entry I give you:

Mohomads food hall stall!

Welcome to mohomads food hall stall!

We sell a range of different foods and we can even cook your food for you all at a reasonable price!


Check out our wares!


And we're modular of course!


From left to right starting at the top we have:

Storage,Cooking utensils,A magic ball(To give good luck for selling!)

And the bottom row:

Fruit and veg,Seafood and chicken,Cooker!

Only 77 peices!


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Persian Delicacy

A small food stall selling food! Also protect by a royal Persian guard. Get you food quick and cheap, we even haggle. :tongue:

Contains 131 elements.




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Abdullah and Ackbars bizarre fast food


Specialising in Spiders, Snakes, Skinks, Scorpions And the house special - Roast Nile Crocodile


In the kitchen - Abdullahs the Grill-Master, while Master Butcher Ackbar is Carving some fine Persian Feline Fillets

Meanwhile Assistant Apu is skinning a slippery Viper


Some City Guards enjoying the famouse Crunchy Fried Spider dish

132 Pieces - Plus minifigs and what they are holding

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Trouble (117 pieces)

Just as I finished up the perfect market stall...trouble!




P.S. Great contest, great entries.

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Bottled Genie Inc.

How many wishes do you have for the Genie? One, two, three? How about 18!

With 6-pack Bottled Genie ®, you can have 18 wishes come true, for only 11.99! Come get it NOW!


Bottled Genie Inc. Headquarter, which includes a factory outlet.


Genie packing factory, how genies are bottled. The attic upstairs is good for storing and hiding things...


Come get your Genie NOW!

piece count: 196 not including the "genie" in hand.

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Persian rugs by the corner (247 bricks)

Hamayoun the humble "rug artist" has just set up his rug stall round the corner! Let's go check it out!


Oh, here's his friend, Naseem the snake charmer, and his cat, Sher.


Hamayoun's cleaning his rugs. Why are they always that dusty?


Thanks for viewing!

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I present to you:

Dr. Acbar's Travelling Medicine Stall

"Cures for all, healing is in my blood!"




212 pieces (I think, certainly no where near 250)

Dr Acbar's stall is world famous, and people travel the world, for his miracle cures, potions and pick-me-ups.

Waiting in line are people in need of his help, including:

Asif - who has walked for 12 days solid looking for a cure for his blotched skin.

Nitin - has Denge fever and only his left hand has survived the diseases grasp.

Quan - a wealthy traveller, who was attacked by a rabid dog, he desperately needs a cure quick!

Boopinder - the son of Massala, in search of a cure for his eye, that regularly falls out.

more pictures will be added here My Flickr page if your interested.

Thanks for looking and please vote!


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Krazy Achmar and Krazy Achmed's Minifigs Shack

At long last, Collectible Minifigs Series 1 has made it to Persia, courtesy of those shady but reliable shysters, Krazy Achmar and Krazy Achmed! They've, ahem, sourced an exclusive shipment of minifig packs and are selling them to you, the good citizens of Alamut, at knockdown prices. Heading to a fancy dress party? Want to make a big impression at that secret Hassansin meeting? Ever felt like rescuing the Princess and defeating the evil Nizam by mastering time itself - dressed as a cheerleader? (Legal disclaimer: Krazy Achmar and Krazy Achmed Enterprises Ltd. only guarantees the bit about being dressed as a cheerleader) Now you (have a 1-in-16 chance of) CAN!!!

This comes in at about 190 parts, not counting the minifig bags - I didn't know how to count those, so I stayed well short of the limit. If anyone can guess what the three white columns on the roof mean, they'll get extra respect.


The stall is built from a converted camel stable. The brothers like to be able to clear up and move out at a moment's notice... just in case.


And here are the proprietors, the identical twin brothers Achmar and Achmed. You can see behind them the crane mechanism that brings the gigantic packs to the counter. As for moving them further; hey, that's your problem, buddy. What's that? Yes, I said "identical twin brothers." Got a problem? No? No.


Hey! You! Get away from those barcodes!

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About 114 Parts, well below maximum (not counting minifigures). The images should be the correct size (I resized them).

The market stall is being attacked by bandits!


Dastan chases a Hassansin accros the rooftop.


The stall is on fire!


This is my market stall, and it has a large amount of minifigures. There are tipped over crates and barrels, bandits stealing the goods, traders eating on the roof oblivious to the fire, a noble making his quick escape, and Dastan Chasing a Hassansin across the roof.

For more pictures, visit my Brickipedia Blog

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Behold, Abudabi's Used Steeds;

There are roughly 190 pieces in this.


the overview


Abudabi himself, holding the dreaded paperwork (better read the fine calligraphy! :tongue: )


Someone takes a Horse out for a test ride.

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Quality Ostrich Supplies (Between 125 and 135 pieces)


The husband and wife running the stall make good business. The only problem is the Ostrich Whisperer, who distracts the wife little too much for the husband's liking. Another poor Ostrich, unlike the Ostrich Whisperer's, is being whipped to move around. :sad: That nasty man better be careful of it's feet!



The stall sells many things, like brushes to sweep up the bedding, spades to scoop up the poop, books on remedies and ways to look after an Ostrich, a pouch for equipment, and little treats for when your Ostrich has been good. Not forgetting the explosives to 'take care of' any predators posing a threat to your flock! :laugh:

At the back there are some ropes/whips and some medication.

The stall hides some secrets too...


See more here!

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Fresh, cold water for sale!

122 parts used, minifigs not counted.

A few miles from the city Mezzicha there tiny lake with delicious fresh water for the dried out traveller.

Unfortunately, the price is high. But that isn't everything. The water sellers put some sleep toxic in the water so they can rob the innoncent traveller afterwards...



The fresh water is being collected --> The poison goes in --> The water is being sold to thirsty nearly-dead travellers.



Poor traveller. :grin:


Poison! :skull:

Thanks for watching. :wink:

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Come one, come all to Sanje's exotic slave booth. We have slaves from all four corners of the earth: Barbarians from the north, Arabs from the south. Indians from the east, and Byzantines from the west. No matter what kind of slave you need, we got it. Child slaves to raise as Janissaries, male slaves to do manual labor, and female slaves to fulfill your, err, desires.



Sanje himself. Once a Janissary, now a slave-master.


The Auction stand. Where men will bid for the slaves.


The Slave hold.


Prince Dastan has his eye on the Scythian women. Might make a good member of his harem.

Sanje's Exotic Slaves: The official Harem shop of Prince Dastan!

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Aheeb's Exotic Fish Stand - Pieces 65 with the Figures 79

Come to Aheeb's for the rare and exotic water creatures. We have sea snakes, eels, sharks, octopuses, salt water crocodiles, and rare fishes.

The Front View


The Inventory


The Back View


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'Welcome, one and all, to a place where exotic foods, glorious jewels, and purebred stallions, all of which are imported straight from Arabia, can be yours!'

'You there, would you like to buy some food?'

Pony rides, anyone??

-Approx. 81 pieces


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