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The Role-Play Games Index

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~ The Role-Play Games Index ~

If you're into Role-Play, then this is the place to be. Here you can find absolutely everything to do with past, present and future Role-Play games on Eurobricks. Mystery games were among the first games to ever be played on Eurobricks, and after the highly popular and successful medieval fantasy EBRP, they've become one of our favourite genres. Mystery games are all about solving problems both individually and as a team working with a common goal. Other Role-Play games include interactive story-based games, where players create their own characters and adventure together in a common world.

If you are interested in playing a Role-Play game, then simply sign up to the next available game. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the rules for that game; reading over some previous games may also help too. While you won't always get in the first time, the best way to get in is to be a positive and well-spoken individual, to respect our fellow players and game hosts, to post maturely in all parts of the boards and to be seen as reliable. Remember that playing in these games is a privilege, not a right. It is also important to remember that playing any Role-Play game requires a time commitment for at least two months, varying between games. If you are not willing to commit the time to playing, then these games are not for you.

If you are interested in hosting a Role-Play game, then you will need to contact the Games Moderator (Dragonator) privately. Hosting a game is a big responsibility, and permission to host will not be granted lightly. If you want to seriously be considered as a future game host, you need to have a clear understanding of the rules and the role a host plays in the game, and to have demonstrated your ability to show deep thinking and imagination in crafting a fun and exciting game to play. You then need to provide a game summary to the Games Moderator, outlining your idea in such a way that it does not give away any crucial plot details or prevents anyone who reads it from playing the game. You will be required to invest a lot of time and effort into creating character roles and building scenery and sets for the game. Lastly, the game will need to be produced in an aesthetically pleasing and professional manner. It must be carefully planned and well executed to make the game enjoyable for the players.

If you take a hosting slot and aren't ready when your time comes around you will be moved to the end of the list after discussion with the Games Moderator.

To comment on or discuss this index, as well as all games in general, please visit the Games Discussion Thread.

~ Table of Contents ~

Post 1 - Explanation of the Index and Table of Contents

Post 2 - Future and Current Role-Play Games List

Past Role-Play Games (Oldest to Newest)

Post 3 - Murder on the Lego Express By TheBrickster

Post 4 - CLUES Murder Mystery By TheBrickster

Post 5 - EBRP Fantasy Adventure By KhoRne

Post 6 - Star Wars Comic Game By JimButcher

Post 7 - Mystey Manor By Dragonator

Post 8 - Ditalini By NewRight

Post 9 - Murder on the Emerald Express By TheBrickster

Post 10 - Sith Supremacy By Commander Flash

Post 11 - Apocalypse By Jammiedodger714

Post 12 - Mafstraw Manor By Zepher

Post 13 - Cyberpunk By computerbug

Post 14 - Red Moon By Hinckley


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Current Role-Play Game




Game Threads

Other Threads

Future Role-Play Games

Hinckley - TBA Mystery (July)


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Name: Murder on the Lego Express

Host: TheBrickster

Date: April - May 2005

Category: Early Mystery (Interactive Pole)

Game Information

On a dark and mysterious night aboard the Lego Express, a band of Eurobricks' members on their way to a Lego Convention in Prague make their way along the winding gorges, bridges, and tunnels of Europe. Shortly after dinner, some of the members make their way to the observation car, when suddenly, the train passes through a tunnel and the lights go dark. A faint scream is heard, then a gun shot. When the lights come on, a dead man sits in the corner with a bullet wound to the brick. Who could be responsible, and why?

Characters and Players

Suspects were limited to a few EB members, but participation as the detective was open to all.

Game Threads

Part 1 - The Survey

Part 2 - The Murderer

Part 3 - The Motive


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Name: CLUES Murder Mystery

Host: TheBrickster, with photography by Bloody Jay

Date: June - October 2005

Category: Early Mystery

Game Information

High atop the cliff overlooking a vast and treacherous sea, the old Crowley Mansion stands dilapidating alone in the fog-covered moonlight. Rumored to be haunted by the good citizens of Port Heceta, the old mansion hides a terrible mystery of murder and intrigue. Only a team of Eurobricks' detectives could possibly tackle this mystery, but beware, for not everyone is who they appear to be...


The Brickster (author)

Bloody Jay (set builder, photographer, costume designer, and participant)

Jipay (prize provider and participant)






Darth Ewok



Mr. Lego Bildur

Sarg Kulo




And others (open participation)

Game Threads

Part 1 - The Beginning

Part 2 - The Mystery Continues

Other Threads

Game Index

Sign Up

Participants Sigfig Topic

Character Clues Announcement

Background - Mystery at Crowley Mansion

Start Date Announcement

Second Start Date Announcement

Photo Record

Continuing the Mystery

Character Biographies

Crowley Mansion Final Thoughts


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Name: EBRP Fantasy Adventure

Host: KhoRne

Date: April 2008 - April 2010

Category: Story-Based RPG/Fantasy Adventure

Game Information

In a time of knights and magic, when the future of life itself is threatened by the encroaching darkness of evil, a hero will rise to restore order and banish the minions of the Dark One back to whence they came. Or so it is foretold. Now is your time to become a hero worthy of legend. Discover the world of the EBRP, but be wary, for danger and darkness lurk around every corner, and when magic is involved, there can be worse things than merely death...

Characters and Players

All welcome, take a look at the Character list for more details.

Game Threads

General Discussion


General Information and Character Database

Faction Summary

Other Threads

Dragon Masters' Kingdom


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Name: Star Wars Comic Game

Host: JimButcher

Date: April 2008 - May 2009

Category: Story-Based RPG/Comic

Game Information

This is a comic game in which our original Star Wars based characters take place in the Star Wars universe. The main story will take place during the Clone Wars (in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith). Players will post their responses to others before them (the posts are based on a set storyline, which vary with the season of the game taking place), while adding pictures of any dioramas of the current scene(s) being acted out if they wish.

Characters and Players



Oky Wan Kenobi

Palin Jax

Lt Col Thok


Vader's son (Moda Annix)

BrickBreaker (Xela Mirinatan)

Simonjedi (Garviel Loken)

Skipper 24

The Death Star (William Jones)


JamieDodger (JD)

Bob the Construction Man (Bob Artigulu)

Pr0visorak (Pr0)

BPac21 (BP4C)

Game Threads

Season One

Season Two

Other Threads

General Discussion, Character Biographies and Index

End of Season One Discussion


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Name: Mystery Manor

Host: Dragonator

Date: December 2008 - March 2009

Category: Mystery

Solved by: Sandy

Game Information

It is December the 1st, 2008. Dragon's Retreat, an old manor house dating from the time of the ancient Dragon Master's Kingdom, has been for decades the source of rumour and speculation for the people of Dratos. What treasures, what mysteries, does the old house hide? And what has happened to Lord Chester, the most recent owner of the large estate?

You have been selected as a member of a team of investigators who are to discover what has happened at the manor. One of you is hiding a dark and deadly past however, and would kill to keep it secret. You have been asked to enter the manor and collect clues to solve the mystery. Be wary however, as you do not know what you face.

Characters and Players

Peter Crawford; Lawyer played by Shadows

Susan Greenwood; Receptionist played by Sandy

Dr. Phillip Marshall; General Practitioner played by WhiteFang

Max Sinclair; Actor played by Hinckley

Michael Dunne; CEO of Brick Plates played by Sir Dillon

Bernard Knightly; President of the DHPT played by jipay

Lieutenant John Spencer; Soldier played by ImperialScouts

Dermot Stephens; University Student played by Sir Nadroj

Dr. Gregory Grimsworth; University Professor played my Mr. Mandalorian

Anthony Blackwater; Private Detective played by TheBrickster

Chef Frederick Valentine; Chef played by Erdbeereis

Game Threads

Chapter 1 - The mystery begins

Chapter 2 - Mystery Cuisine

Chapter 3 - Knowledgeable Reading

Chapter 4 - The search continues...

Chapter 5 - The body of Lord Chester

Chapter 6 - Sleep at last? Only for the dead...

Chapter 7 - The plot thickens...

Chapter 8 - The Dragon's Lair

The Conclusion - All is revealed...

Other Threads

General Discussion and Index


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Name: Ditalini

Host: NewRight

Date: April - May 2009

Category: Mystery/Mafia

Status: Unfinished, paused indefinitely

Game Information

The boss of the mafia organization has been killed, but a new and unknown boss has risen to the challenge. Some members of the mafia and detectives agency suspect murder and there will be plenty more to go around in this mafia-mystery cross-over!

The suspected death of the original boss was that he was intentionally hit by a crazed driver and fell off a 50ft bridge, but around the community people simply say he was drunk himself, tripped and fell off the bridge. Which story will you choose to believe?

Characters and Players

Ignacio Saggetti played by Shadows

Rafael played by RiceCracker

Alfonso played by AwesomeStar

Dakota played by Dragonator

Benjamin played by Bricks

Dick Linguini played by Darth Legois

Adam played by Adam

Tyler played by Trexxen

Jonathan Blue played by JlBlue

General Axel played by General Armendariz

Timothy Big played by Tim Bit

Holli Bricki played by HollisBrick

Zachary played by Zepher

Game Threads

Chapter One - And so it begins...

Chapter Two - Death of Two

Chapter Three - Detective's Death

Other Threads

General Discussion

Sign Up


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Name: Murder on the Emerald Express

Host: TheBrickster

Date: April - September 2009

Category: Mystery

Game Information

The air is cool and damp, and the night sky is filled with dark, ominous clouds. The scent of burning coal is thick as the noise of an oncoming train can be heard in the distance. It is the arrival of the Emerald Express that seven eager passengers await. All of them hold a mysterious invitation sent to them by an unknown woman known as Elizabeth Rose Thornton, who is in fear of someone who has been following her. Her letter states that she will be carrying a "very valuable" possession, but does not mention what the item is. Who is it that she fears, and is this person among the seven passengers, or perhaps one of the crewmen aboard the train? Intrigue... mystery... or even murder... What will the passengers discover aboard this mystery train?

Characters and Players

Main Characters

Arin Schafer played by Alice

Austin Parker, Jr. played by Batbrick

Grant "Brakes" Buell (Brakeman) played by WhiteFang

Billy "Bulldog" Brixley played by I Scream Clone

Eleanor Grigsby played by Sandy

Gary "Grease" Greaseman played by Shadows

Herman Richwell played by Hinckley

Jim Butcher (Steward) played by Jim Butcher

Mark Williams played by Dragonator

Maxwell Syder (Conductor) played by Captain Zuloo

Schmelt Borganson (Chef) played by Svelte

Steve Thomas (Maintenance Engineer) played by Darth_Legois

Secondary Characters

Charlie Williams played by Ricecracker

Constable O'Reilly played by General Armendariz

David Gaylord played by Cutlass_Iz

Grill'n George played by Lego12

Hans Beckmen played by Da Death Star!

Howard Snitchman played by Zepher

Jeb McFarlin played by Wouwie

Jethro played by Stash2sixx

Lorraine "Big Rig" Bailey played by AwesomeStar

Mayor Willy Brown played by Sir Dillon

Pete Smith played by Adam

Game Threads

Chapter 1: Departure

Chapter 2: Fowl Play at Hand?

Chapter 3: Working on the Night Moves

Chapter 4: A Stop at Willoughby

Chapter 5: Disneyland or Deliverance?

Chapter 6A: Looking for Repair Parts

Chapter 6B: Exploring the Mysteries of Main Street

Chapter 6C: Visiting the Friendly Farm

Chapter 6D: Getting Out of Town

Chapter 7: Piecing Together the Clues

Chapter 8: Another Look Through Willoughby

Chapter 9A: What Will They Do Next?

Chapter 9B: Grounded

Chapter 10: The Mystery Unravels

Chapter 11: Danger Tracks!

Chapter 12: A Night In the Mill

Chapter 13: Cassandra Crossing

Chapter 14A: Crocodile Rock

Chapter 14B: The Tractor Story

Chapter 15: Runaway Train

Other Threads

Characters (Sign Up and Confirmation)

Game Rules

General Discussion

Mystery Challenge

Best Quotes, Select Your Favorites


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Name: Sith Supremacy

Host: Commander Flash

Date: June - July 2009

Category: Story-Based RPG

Game Information

It is an alternate history in the Star Wars Universe where there are less than 50 jedi left. Revan killed Malak and took Bastila as his apprentice. Revan and his countless forces are befriending the Mandalorians and hiring countless bounty hunters to find and capture the surviving jedi and attempt to convert them.

Characters and Players


Spyder played by Spyder

Darth Skintasee played by Mraz 'Skintas

Cazador played by ADHO15

Darth Ezelon played by republicFORCES

Sandman played by Commander Flash


Clone Killer played by Clone Killer

Galeer played by ADHO15

Trav Crodile played by republicFORCES

Legis played by Clone Killer

Game Threads

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Other Threads

General Discussion and Sign Up


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Name: Apocalypse

Host: Jammiedodger714

Date: June 2009 - February 2010

Category: Story-Based RPG

Game Information

This is based on Earth during a nuclear war, where everything is futuristic. The population on Earth is halved in two days. The soldiers weapons are advanced and their armour is too. The skyscrapers tower thousands of feet above ground and the flying transports zoom between the megastructures. Robots are getting together to take advantage of the eradication of the human race, and are planning to biuld an empire over the remaining inhabitants on Earth. Aliens too are planning their move in space to take all the resources left behind. This could start a new war between robots and aliens, with much more devastating consiquences for the planet. The destructive power of the alien armada beats anything in human history. The robots can make new units in minutes using the metal and circuits from other deactivated machines in the huge disposal tips. Whoever wins, we lose. Ofcourse, if we win we are safe.

Characters and Players

Zach Smith played by Jammiedodger714

Jack Samson played by Oky Wan Kenobi

Bob played by Bob the Construction Man

Tom Beringer played by Timbit

Chris played by computerbug

John played by jifel

Marcus Nickstill played by YG-49

Garviel Loken played by simonjedi

Milo Hailif played by Bartram

Robert Frone played by republicFORCES

Adam Gastaldi played by Adam

Melody Striker played by Striker

Sam McBrick played by Zapper Brick

Eskallon White played by Eskallon

Ben Tennant played by Ben Kenobi


Game Thread

General Discussion, Character Biographies and Index


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Name: Mafstraw Manor

Host: Zepher

Date: September - December 2009

Category: Mystery

Game Information

High on an old hill top, on an old run-down estate, a murder mystery is unfolding in Mafstraw Manor. An unlikely collection of guests turn up for a party to remember, where they are unceremoniously thrust into the role of the detective, trying their best to find out what has happened to their absent host. What dangers lurk in the darkness of the manor? You'll find out soon enough...

Characters and Players

Lord Athranhart (A Lord) played by Striker

Mme. Florance (World Famous Chef) played by Zapper Brick

Cheif Morrison (Cheif of Police) played by Adam

Srgt. Johnson (Retired Army Srgt.) played by Miccacol88

Amelia Warhog (Famous Fighter Pilot) played by Hewkii9

Prof. Rudy (Prof.) played by Bob the Construction Man

Rex Harbor (Party Man) played by Eskallon

Father Clarance (Priest) played by Dragonator

Jimmy Thacher (Matinacne Man) played by Ricecracker

Thomas Baker (Lawyer) played by Shadows

Lord Gregor (Lord) played by Zepher

Game Threads

Chapter 1 - Choo Choo!

Chapter 2 - Party Time

Chapter 3 - Saturday Morning

Chapter 4 - Crate and Barrel

Chapter 5a - The Kitchen Group

Chapter 5b - The Servant Quarter's Group

Chapter 6 - The Hatchet, The Clock, and the Wardrobe

Chapter 7 - I fought the law, and the law won

Chapter 8 - Fish and Dagger


Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation

Sign Up


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Name: Cyberpunk

Host: computerbug

Date: January - April 2010

Category: Story-Based RPG

General Information

In the year 3000 an earthquake caused an island to rise out of the Atlantic Ocean, on which a discovery would be made that would change the face of the earth. This discovery was Zerbite, a computer-compatible crystal capable of storing immense amounts of data. The miners couldn't get the mineral fast enough, and it was not long before a bustling metropolis of technologically advancing humans began to build itself around the mines upon the island. The age of Cyperpunk was upon the world, a new world where anyone could make a name for themselves, and where the exploitation of zerbite could spell the end of the world as we know it.

Characters and Players

C.C played by Computerbug

Nintha Fett played by Nintha

Jackson Hazell played by Striker

Samantha Vonne played by Sandy

Marcus Sulkan played by CallMePie

Inserge Rye played by Dannylonglegs

Roger Jones played by Brickme

Ichi played by Pedro

Nikolas Hunt played by Steel Dragon

Dave Charon played by Tereglith

Reptile played by Disturbia

Warren Springfield played by Sok117

Gully Fidern played by Updike

John "The Klutz" Croker played by YG-49

Kiara Bolt played by Eskallon


Cyberpunk Story

General Discussion

Character Biographies


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Name: Red Moon

Host: Hinckley

Date: December 2009 - June 2010

Category: Mystery

Status: Unfinished, paused indefinitely

Game Information

The ancient temple ruins of Phasma Diabolus are a site to behold. Legend holds that strange shadow creatures can be seen at the site on the night of a lunar eclipse. Sixteen strangers have signed up for a high-priced tour of the site on the night of a lunar eclipse. But as the moon turns the color of blood, so does the sacred ground...

Characters and Players

Sylvia Berent played by Svelte

Chris Owen played by The Crazy One

Siegourney played by Siegfried

Stanton and Richard Sexton played by Stash2Sixx and Ricecracker

Donna and William Falcon played by Dannylonglegs and WhiteFang

DJ and Diesel Nolan played by Millacol88 (replaced DJForce) and Dragonator

Jack Baxter played by Jim Butcher

Penny Maltese and Zachary Fortem played by Peppermint_M and Zepher

Quentin Mantino played by Quarryman

Sandy Sanders and Sheldon Wills played by Snake...SNAKE?...SNAKE!!!!!?? and Shadows

Samantha Cole played by I Scream Clone

Tony and Ingrid Peck played by TinyPiesRUs and iamded

Fred Thomas played by fallentomato

Diana played by Sir Dillon

Tour Guide Johnson Willoughby played by TheBrickster

Game Threads

Chapter 1 - Journey to Devil's Island

Chapter 2 - Phasma Diabolus

Chapter 3 - The Grand Chamber

Chapter 4 - Lunar Eclipse

Chapter 5 - Survival...

Chapter 6 - The Ceremony Chamber

Chapter 7 - Psychic Imprints

Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation

Sign Up


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Name: Red Scare

Host: Bob the Construction Man

Date: November 2010 - February 2011

Category: Mystery

Game Information

Characters and Players

Game Threads

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3A

Chapter 3B

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation

Introduction and Sign Up

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