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Battle for Tennis Court #8

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Battle for Tennis Court #8


An entry into the military group's competition. Made for the interconnected vignette category.


Urban combat is bloody, personal and extremely slow. An invading spec ops team meets resistance at every street corner and is forced to dig into the city itself. This is just a little skirmsh over an area labeled tennis court #8. The title "battle" is meant to show just how slow urban combat is.


One spec ops member has had his leg blown off and is bleeding profusely all over the street. A defending soldier is just about to shoot him, but he fails to notice the other spec ops member hiding behind the rusted chain link fence.

What will happen to the soldier? Who will win the battle? Who will pay for all the damage done to the shop window?

"Toon in next week to find out"


I see you


C&C welcome


Edited by Rufus

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AWESOME MOC 'Infomaniac' and that fence is so COOL :grin: - how did you do it ? what part is it - joined again and again ?

Excellent design, poor guy bleeding to death, but yeah the shooter going to get it I guess.

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Wait, where's the tennis court?

The sand green part in the back corner of the first pic.

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