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[MOD] White Jedi Interceptor

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Here is a color mod I completed not to long ago of the Jedi Interceptor or Fighter if you prefer in the color of... what didn't read the title? Oh all right, in white :D I completely redid wings in white and replaced the Open Circle Fleet logos with extra Republic one's from the 08 BP.

The Front


The Left Side


The Right Side


The Rear


The Top


With the S-Foils opened


And in the Hyperdrive Ring (As the set, no changes made)


-Whoops, the subject line should be in with the title, may a mod fix that please?

Edited by Knightsword

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That's one cool fighter, and one cool mod. I'll be sure to check out your other MOC's. Where are those white foils from?

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The only set I know of is the 7644-1: MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft, but I got mine from good ol'bricklink from a seller in Germany.

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