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REVIEW: 6643 Fire Chief Truck

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1. LEGO Set No/Name

6643 Fire Chief Truck, released in 1988 containing 74 pieces

2. Where you got/bought it from


3. Offical Retail Price

RSP ? (i've checked Peeron and Brickset but no available infomation..)

4. No of Minifigs (if any), name them if you know the names

Just one, the fire chief back in 1988.

5. List of parts (if possible), especially the interesting or rare parts, please highlight them

Well, it is quite a generic impulse set back then, however the crown jewel piece of the set has to be the printed 'fire emblem' 2v2 smooth tile. Sweet! Being just 2x2, it can be easily a bonnet piece for your fire cars (like this one) or placed onto your massive new Fire Brigade for that classic feel ~~

6. Your "building" experience - which you can do a step by step to show it with photos

Ok. I just got this wonderful impulse set from Ebay and i really have to say what a sweet little set it was! Here, our ex-fire chief will run you through the building of his trusty 'steed' back then in 1988 where he could get there on time to plan his team of firefighters:


The layout of the set. Yes, the instructional book looks like it didnt like water that much... >:(


Here is our ex Fire Chief, Desmond~ Still hasnt lost his touch and look ready to go with all his fire-fighting equipment back then ~


And here is our new Fire Chief (From Fire Station 7945 set from 2007 Not included with this set~) with Desmond for comparison. Check out the difference in equipment! Technology leaps and bounds...


As an impulse set, this set is highly generic, thus i do believe many of you have almost all of the pieces. As mentioned before though, the crown jewel piece has to be the printed 2x2 smooth tile with the 'Fire-emblem' printed on, which happens to be Desmond's favourite piece~~ Sweet! Also worth mentioning, the classic car chassis piece is so versatile, one can almost immediately build anything!


For comparison, the new 'front hook' piece featured (marked in red) on the new Fire Chief Truck (From Fire Station 7945 set from 2007 Not included with this set~) and the classic brick built type from this set~


We start from the chassic chassis piece and details of the truck.. Yes, this truck is going to be rather high, judging from the number of plates that goes into the wheel axles!


Building of the wheel guards... Yes, poor Desmond has to build his own trsty 'steed' all by himself from scratch...


Going onto the front of the truck. I simply love these front grill pieces!


The classic vehicle doors ~ There was another type of doors during that era that had the 'Fire-Emblem' printed on it too, but i guess as this was just an impulse set back then.. So...


The printed 'Fire-Emblem' tile goes to the bonnet of the truck ~ Sweet!


The rear of the truck. The rear opening door is truely versatile!


Lastly, adding on the wheels (classic) to his trusty steed and Desmond is ready to go!


Ta-Da! All done! Beautiful ain't it? So, where do Desmond's equipment go?


To the rear of course! It can be fully opened to place/ retract items from it's rear cargo bay, or..


The rear window pane allows Desmond to quickly place/ retract his equipment without opening the rear door! Thoughtful, especially where seconds counts during fire-fighting ~~


For comparison with the fire chief truck from Fire station set 7945 from 2007~ As you can see, it really is a high truck! It has a really nostagic feel to it, while the newer fire chief truck looks like it's almost a racing car ~~


The rear of the trucks. The classic 6643 provided our Desmond with more vesitility while the newer fire chief truck has better looking and more realistic opening rear doors ~~ The cargo space of the 6643 is also more when compared to the newer one.


And our heros, both master and disciple, goes to the rescue of the our minifig civilians trapped in their burning houses... Go Joe!


Finally, a last look at Desmond before he goes to his retirement home.. Cheers and Thank you Mr Desmond!


Yes, i know alot of you, like myself, face the same problem of having too many fire department, esp fire chief around.. I mean, there can only be one fire chief, right? So, with a few minor adjstments:


It looks great! A regular Red and white SUV truck anyone loves to drive around that looks good and functions as a perfect vehicle for vacational holidays ~~

7. Your overall rating based on fun, playable, value for $$$, part, minifigs, etc (on a scale of 0-10 where 10 is SUPER-DUPER-SET!)

FUN: 8/10

This truck is so cute and highly generic, meaning one can almost immediately re-create one!


You can race your fire chief truck with Desmond to the fire scene as quckly as you like and the truck will not topple. With it's bright red colours and roaring sirens, you'll be sure Desmond gets there on time~~

VALUE FOR $$$: -_-

Cant coment on this as i don't have it's RSP, but for the price which i got it used from Ebay, it was downright worthy!

8. Your name as the reviewer.

Sammy Oh

Hope you like my review! C & C most welcomed! Cheers!!

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Thanks for the review 'legofan' for a really neat classic town set. :sweet:

Nice to compare 1988 with 2007 - I prefer the 2007 minifig, but the 1988 truck instead of the so called race car.

This set came out 5 years into my dark times so I missed it - aw well that's life.

Thanks again and I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Holy cow, I remember that torso pattern. With the simplified face, he might just be an intern.

Thanks for the memories.

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