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Who's Who in Queens' Quest

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Queens' Quest is a sequel to my Castle-themed Princess Quest comic, and I did a similar "Who's Who" topic for it back in the day (the links are available in my signature). Since Queens' Quest introduces a sleuth of new characters aside the returning ones, I've decided that a similar character compendium topic would be in place for it as well.

I will update this topic whenever I publish a new chapter for the comic with new characters, so you can always check who exactly is who in my comic from here.

The Cast of Queens' Quest

~Forest of Nornia~


Xulda/Princess Berenice, the Maiden, 20

As the long lost twin sister of Beatrix, Xulda comes to realize her status as one of the three Norns, queens of the witches, as well as the would-be queen of Brickland. Her adventurous nature dares her to seek out her destiny.


Verda, the Mother, 42

The second Norn is a real dragon for a woman. Her words are like flames, but her heart is hot with passion as well.


Urda, the Hag, 68

The oldest of the Norns speaks with the experience brought by her age and her status as a queen of witches. Her dry humour gives a hint of a sharp mind.



The happy-go-lucky satyr does what his kind do best: frolic around in forests. However, his fondness of the young witch Xulda leads him out of his environment, and suddenly world is not such a happy place after all.



The beautiful dryad is the closest friend of Xulda. She knows much more about witches than she reveals, having befriended countless of them during her long lifetime.



The timid werecat has developed a crush for Xulda, but has never had the courage to say it out loud.



The loud and proud centaur considers himself the guardian of the forests of Nornia.



No one knows what exactly he is, other than that he is big, blue and strong as an ox.


Rubio, Sapphiro & Emeraldo

The infamous Gnome Bros know their way across the entire Nornia, and beyond.



Queen Beatrix, 20

Three years have passed since her quest to save Brickland and eventual rising to the throne. She has been a just queen, but many feel she needs a man to rule by her side. Remaining ever independent and optimistic, she has thus far refused every suitor she has had.


Sir Roderic, 16

The kind young squire attained knighthood shortly after the Battle of Brickborough. Now he serves as the personal guardian knight to Queen Beatrix, proudly following the footsteps of his late master, Sir Brickhart.


Hawke/Legolas, 121

The wandering elf remained in Brickborough and was nominated as the Royal Warden of the queen’s grounds. Despite having found a home, his heart yearns to travel once more.


Muse, 17

The court jester was orphaned by the Battle of Brickborough, and thus wants to spread joy with her merry stories and jolly ballads. Unfortunately, she just tends to annoy people.


Zanzibar, 76

The old coot of an wizard still argues with his clone, but he senses that something changed in the other Zanzibar when they arrived to Brickland three years ago. Both of them now serve as the Court Wizards of Queen Beatrix.


Master Burnbeard, 373

The dwarven smith stayed in Brickborough, taking over the castle’s smithy. He has started to overcome his prejudice against women in power, all thanks to Queen Beatrix.


Sir Brighton Bley, 22

Duke Bley sent his son to become both a knight for Queen Beatrix and a spy for himself. Being arrogant and self-centred, Brighton enjoys the power given to him by his dual status.


Sir Dancelot, 28

As boastful as ever, Dancelot wants to constantly prove himself to Queen Beatrix and the other knights.


Dumbert, 14

Sir Dancelot’s loyal squire who still holds a sort of rivalry with Roderic, despite the fact that he is a knight now.


Dame Etna, the Blood Knight, 35

A former knight of Brickland has turned into a rogue leading a band of criminals to terrorize the countryside. What caused her to give up knighthood in place of banditry is a mystery to all but her.


Steward Oldwyn, 63

The keeper of Castle Brickborough who tries in vain to conserve the old ways.


Lady Confucia, 49

Queen Beatrix’s fussy lady-in-waiting, who does not appreciate how the queen refuses to take a husband.


Duke Sandred, 46

The governing lord of Brickhaven, who has been troubled by the raids of the Blood Knight in the countryside surrounding his town.


Captain Boreal, 207

This Marine Elf has been in service of the royalty of Brickland for well over a century. His ship, The Swan, is the fastest vessel sailing in the Emerald Ocean.


Notuz, 186

The first mate in The Swan who is Captain Boreal’s kinsman and trusted companion. He holds a distain towards elves living in the land.

~Floating Realm~



A priestess on a quest to gather all four of the Fallen Stars for her people. After a century spent in captivity in the form of an owl, this quest has become much more personal to her. She already managed to obtain three of the Stars from the Judges, and is now secretly observing the Green Isles in order to find the whereabouts of the last one.



The former Court Wizard of Brickland now spends his days in whichever form his capturer and former lover Minerva desires, as a revenge of what he did to her. He can only hope that one day she will make a mistake and he can finally be free.


Judges Ishtar, Brahma, & Tyr

The three Judges of the High Ones ruling the Floating Realm. They wish to eventually see all four Fallen Stars at the hands of the Aesir, for they believe they are the most deserving of all races to have them. Humans of Brickland view them as deities.

~Wyrd Hill~



Oldest of all witches , she acts as the prophet of the Great Mother, the goddess of nature.

All commentary is more than welcome!

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Could you also make a ''lands'' part like which land is which and what it looks like ?

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Could you also make a ''lands'' part like which land is which and what it looks like ?

I can do it now, but honestly though, there aren't that many lands.

Brickland is your garden variety medieval kingdom with castles, fields, forests, hills and rivers. It is surrounded by the Black Mountains to the north, the Emerald Ocean to the east, and a great wall around west and south. Brickland is inhabited by mostly humans and dwarves.

Tiamat Badlands is an expansive waste to the west of Brickland. It is home to the Dragon Warriors and Nomad Elves. It was visited in Princess Quest, so it will not be featured in Queens' Quest.

The Green Isles are located in the Emerald Ocean, near Brickland. They are ruled by the orcs, with ogres and goblins as minority races. The islands used to be as green as their name when only the ogres lived in them, but the orc invaders cut down all the trees.

Forest of Nornia lies south of Brickland, and it's filled with fantastical races like satyrs, centaurs, dryads, gnomes and more.

North, over the Black Mountains, is another kingdom of humans, with the pending name of Plate Plateau, and beyond that is the Mountain of Mysteries, a magical abode only accessible to wizards. Somewhere in the south lies the Wyrd Hill, where witches gather.

And that's about it for the places I've come up with.

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Who is the third knight we see in chapter 2? The one with the angry expression is probably Dancelot but is the other one maybe his squire Dumbert?

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This is great sandy thanks for making this I've read all of princess quest and all of queens quest so far!

I am a big fan of your comics keep up the great work!


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I just got into Queens Quest. This helped so much.

The story is great, and it's one of the best comics around. Keep it up. :classic:

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Who is the third knight we see in chapter 2? The one with the angry expression is probably Dancelot but is the other one maybe his squire Dumbert?

No, he is not Dumbert but a new character, of which you'll learn more in the upcoming chapter. Dancelot and Dumbert will be in this, as well.

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The first post has now been updated with the characters introduced in Chapter IV: The Mist. They include Master Burnbeard, Sir Brighton Bley, Sir Dancelot, Dumbert, Dame Etna, Duke Sandred, Captain Boreal and Notuz. There is also a new picture of Beatrix in her new travelling attire.

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