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Brickworld is excited to announce that Jonathan Bender, author of "LEGO - A Love Story" will be attending Brickworld this year.


In honor of this, we have made arrangements with his publisher for the book to be available to registered attendees at a discount ($20 instead of the $24.95

retail price) if it is purchased through our preorder site. In addition, Jonathan has agreed to autograph all of the pre-order books.

Jonathan will also be making presentations at Brickworld about his experience writing the book; which included Brickworld 2008.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to own a piece of LEGO history.

The book is posted for preorder along with all the other preorder items here

Just sign in to your account to place your order. All preorder items will be waiting for you when you check in at the event in


We look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago. Stay tuned for more information.

Best Regards, The Brickworld Team

Brickworld will be held June 17 - 20, 2010 at the Westin North Shore Hotel in Wheeling, IL (a suburb of Chicago).

visit the Brickworld Web Site by clicking here

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