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Malevolence thread (incl brick inventory).

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Not too long a time ago, in a galaxy the same as yours....

I decided to build the Malevolence based on the instructions provided by Lego. The brick inventory is not included with the instructions so I decided to compile it myself. Not having the computer software (if there is one) I decided to write it down manually. Since I have been asked by members here a few times to post the inventory I decided to create this thread. The link for the instructions is somewhere in this forum but if Kim T could kindly provide a link to them in this page I would be grateful (not sure how to do it myself).

A few things I thought would be useful to note down:

I have photographed each page of the inventory and provided the picture here. Each page shows (from right to left apart from some places) the picture of the brick, the legth x the width of the brick, the color of the brick and x how many of the particular brick. Please note that for some bricks you will need multiple colors of that brick and that has been shown in the drawings. Where you see some wavy lines on some bricks (like the one at the bottom of the second from top picture) that means that there are the same amount of studs length and width-wise as on the first row or column (I simply couldnt draw them all).

The colors: LG = light grey, DG = dark grey, B = blue, R = dark red, Y = yellow, W = white.

The inventory is around 95% complete. The few bricks that I have failed to count and include were a bit intricate for me to draw. The colors of the bricks have been noted down correctly but there is a slight chance that my eyes may have deceived me on occasions. So I invite all those interested to please contribute to this thread so that we can put together a complete and accurate inventory for everyone.












Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Thanks for the inventory list legolandia.

This will be helpful for those who want to build the Malevolence.

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Wow, that's a lot of work. :thumbup:

I understand the parts can all be found in 2009 sets? It would be useful to know which parts come from which sets (I immediately spotted the 4x4 yellow plate with central hole - from the CW Y-wing) but that would be a whole lot more effort.

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Thanks guys.

From what I've read so far one needs to use quite a few 2009 sets in order to build the Malevolence and the financial consequence of that would be huge. Hence why I decided to build this inventory which works out a lot lot cheaper.

Finding out which bricks would be from which 2009 set is a huge task and even if it could be done collectively here I dont think it would benefit much. I simply can't see many people buying all those sets just to use the bricks to build the Malevolence (it's not worth it really). The cheaper option would be to get the bricks from Bricklink really.

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