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REVIEW: Atlantis 8061 Gateway Of The Squid

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After completing 8061 Gateway of the Squid, I would say the overall impression is not really that good, the minifigs, which includes the Squid warrior and divers, are quite impressive, especially the very cool Squid warrior, but the squids and the temple are disappointing.




Very cool Squid Warrior, one consolation for getting this set!

Model No. 8061

Name: Gateway Of The Squid

Theme: Atlantis

Year: 2010

Minifigs: 3

Price: HKD 498 = USD 63

The design of tentacles in one single long piece is not ideal but still acceptable, but the squid body and claw do not appear realistic to me, same for the smaller octopus, I understand it may not be easy to design these two sea creatures, but in such forms I just feel that they look odd, the octopus looks more like a white spider to me.



The use of rubber band to open the gates is also a failure, wouldn't using technic parts provide a smoother movement?


And yes, you get the blue key ring


This set looks negative to me except the minifigs and the Squid Warriors, and the price in our geography is also very high and unreasonable (as usual for those sets that Lego sees as "demanding" ones), in comparison, a year 1997 second hand 6441 Deep Sea Refuge I got recently is much more impressive, wonder how come Atlantis sets cannot be designed with that level of quality.


My 8061 review blog entry:

My 6441 review blog entry - in case you wish to see how an 1997 set with undersea background was designed (A slightly incomplete second hand set though)

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I think that while this set has some nice parts and good playability, its design stretches credibility a bit too much. What's the point of the treasure being hidden behind a gate controlled by a complex opening mechanism, when it's so easy for a diver to swim around or above said gate? We're underwater here, it doesn't make any sense! :wacko: I suppose this is the best the designers could come up with given a target size and retail price. But it makes for a disappointing set nevertheless.

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