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MOC: Gondola

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Cagri: I always enjoy seeing your train cars. They always have a clean design and look fantastic. Nice use of the red hinge pieces, although I wish LEGO still used the old hinge pieces that were much more streamlined - I think there was an old blue gondola that had some (even a red one if I recall correctly). This is real nice though. I'd like to see an image of all your rolling stock together.

Great job! :thumbup:

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SWEET 'cargi' really sweet and simple piece of rolling stock ! :grin:

Really simple yet perfect - I really enjoy the cars you come up with !

Great designs don't always have to be packed out, they might look like they are more true to a real have done this !

I'm a conformist! 'cargi' I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

(Now you have give this tiger something to think about)

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