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I am almost putting my hands on a Santa Fe super Chief engine, but the prices of the cars sets seems more expensive than the engine itself, also counting that you have to buy 3 sets + 2 sets to make all the available cars, plus it would be nice to have a second engine and that nice car to put in the middle.

So... since I had nothing better to do, i tried the lego LDD software, and after few hours (actually, not so few) I made my first three cars.

Yes, i know they are very similar to the original sets, but this was my purpose: make them as close as possible using the pick a brick available selection of parts.

Now they still are an LDD files, with a file for the part list (it took me sooo long to do it), but the order of the bricks is already placed, so it's just a matter of time to see them in real life.

Doors are borrowed from the emerald night while some other parts from the real santa fe cars sets.

Thanks for viewing and for the comments.

(I could not manage to join those two separate parts, but be sure they match)


now I uploaded all the 7 cars I made and the main engine with updated pics (LDD) with corrected colors

all the LDD files are available on request.


replica of the main engine made with PAB parts - set 10020


F7B unit


replica with PAB parts of the set 10022-1


replica with PAB parts of the set 10022-3


replica with PAB parts of the set 10022-2

I still don't like that much the back part, but this brick 4200031-brick.jpg cannot be found in medium stone gray through PAB store.

this brick would allow to have a larger window space on the back, 4 studs against 2.

you can buy them on bricklink, but it would not be anymore a PAB car.


second version with larger window in the back, but with two black rounded parts (not available in gray)


replica with PAB parts of the set 10025-1


standard passenger car


replica of one car I found a pic on the net


thank you for viewing


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Very interesting LDD MOC 'mrblue' - I quite like the streamline ribbing along the length of the car. :grin:

Looks just like a car that would be pull by said Super Chief !

Really hope to see this made in brick and plate, also on rails I feel it would look very cool !

I'm a conformist! 'mrblue' I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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This is looking good so far mrblue! :thumbup:

I wonder how you will manage to put those dark gray parts underneath the cars, though.

Is the relevant piece 30043 30043.png actually part of the LDD palette?

I'm really looking forward to see the rest of the cars and of course the engine! :wink:

Whenever you are finished with all cars it would be nice to upload building instructions and a parts list for others who wish to build the same.

I'm asking for much, but you started it, now get along with it! :grin:

Thanks for sharing the pics of a great idea.

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thank you for your comments!

those parts 30043 are available in black color, but since they are hidden, it doesn't matter. anyway, those two parts, will fit for sure, since the carriage part is exactly the same as the original sets 10022 and 10025, I just could not manage to make LDD make them fit... I think because they have no classic stud connection, but they are just hold there by other bricks.

Anyway I'm already working on other cars... stay tuned!


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here it is the new creation: the F7B unit.

just have to imagine the chassis in red. anyway, can be bought in that color through bricklink or black in pick a brick and then painted (which is what I'll do).

stay tuned for more cars.



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Very nice job, nice and smooth look.

I never did understand why the engine was red, yellow and grey when the cabs are all grey. Seems a little wierd for the real life company to do that. :laugh:

The engine has the colours of the railway company, the unpainted stainless steel cars were designed to have lower maintainence requirements, and a futuristic look.

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I didn't even know about the Santa Fe cars when LEGO was selling them... that was around the time my LEGO train hobby was picking up. The only reason I even got the BNSF was because a LEGO store opened near me and they had it in there... they never had the Super Chief in the store.

When bricklink still had auctions, I won the Super Chief... but then I had no cars, so I downloaded all the instructions from and started collecting the pieces on bricklink and P.A.B. at LEGO S@H.

It took a while... and a lot of money... but I have these so far:




And I'll probably be building another one by next weekend, I have the last few bits on order. The grey round slopes they used on the roof are too expensive, so I used black. Previously, to stay in gray, I made an alternative:


Four of which made a whole roof; but that method made the roof one plate too high, but like mrblue's solution, it would have been possible to cap it off with tiles instead of plates, which might have been nice.

However, mrblue, I applaud you... your versions of the cars are fantastic. If I make more, I'll definitely be incorporating some of your designs. As it is, I have to make changes in order to fit the inventory I have, but mrblue's design looks like the pieces would be easier to come by.

EDIT: I have to laugh... I notice that my shelves are full of LEGO, the only place I have for the trains in on my desk. :pir-sweet:

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very nice mrblue, I downloaded the instructions from LEGO and was planning on designing something similar. Im surprised its taken so long for someone to do so. Thanks for the files mrblue.

Just one bit of advice for those looking to buy though LDD. LDD now adds a $10.00 USD charge off the bat for orders (youll notice it if you check price of just one part). and prices for pieces are GENERALY higher that thgough PAB (I raised this issue back when they updated LDD last April ish). I have been compiling a list of parts and prices for said parts though LDD and PAB I only have parts that I have recently been ordering to build some locos and cars if anyone is interested I can post the MS Excel file. Anyway just a little FYI for you all.



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