Using 2 PF Train Motors on 1 Engine

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Hi all,

I have a GP38 locomotive with all the PF parts installed with one PF Train Motor on it, I want to add a second PF Train Motor to it. The problem is since the wires come down from the center of the chassis the motors "face" opposite directions, when you turn the speed dial up both motors turn but they contradict each other (one motor spins "forward" the other "backward") the engine gose nowhere. My question is:

Dose anyone know how to get both PF Train Motors to run the same direction when they face opposite ways?

I thought flpping the gears around would work but you need to grind the cover but something is still hitting stopping the motor when the cover is secured to the motor houseing.

My next thought was to switch around the metal contacts that pop through the motor housing. I got the contacts out but cant get them back in maybe ill try that again later.

I know the simple solution would be cut and resolder the lead wires but I dont have soldering tools and am not good at it (last resort).

Anyone have any suggestions?

And Yes I do have the PF Train Motor opend its easy to do 6 star head screws. The one I opend had a number on the motor its kindof worn but looks like "BD5OP" and there is a large "R" above it.

Another FYI I recently recieved 9 railcars I orderd from PAB and my one engine with one motor pulled them around an oval I made on my dinning table with no problems so 1 PF Train Motor is not bad for pulling cars.

I can take pictures if that would help.

Thanks for any help,



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If you have the space inside the easy solution would be to use one of these on one of the motors:


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I added a second motor to the engine from 7898 with this old 9V extension cable, and I had no problems. You can reverse the polarity of the old cables simply by turning them, so adding one of them between the power functions cable and your train motor would be an alternative to Duq's suggestion.

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If the motors are facing away from eachother you can use the solution I found for my BR50 which avoided using any space consuming switches or custom cables.

click here

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the underside so the you will have to follow the detailed written instructions I gave to another train fan. Let me know if you have any questions. You can also send me a PM message.

click here

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