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Build your own Gotham community event

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(If this belongs in community or the events section, I apologize - I figured since it was Bat related, it should go here.)

Just a heads up to any and all LEGO fans planning on attending the BrickSouth event in Atlanta GA. (This event takes place April 27 - 29, 2006)

There will be a new community building event - similar to the Space Moonbase, Trains & Town building events -to build Gotham!!

Since the new sets should be rolling out onto shelves shortly before that, it would be a great idea to start building now with your existing bricks. We've established a 'community standard' so that everyone's sets fit together. Here's the rules:

Gotham Standard:

All buildings would be on bases that are multiples of 8 studs per side. This will allow common baseplates to be used - such as those from Harry Potter, Knights

Kingdom, future Batman sets and Shop @t Home.

Buildings are to be set off the edge of the roadway. The three pegs from the edge of the roadway would act as a sidewalk space.

Protrusions from buildings must come off the front - not the sides or back - to allow for city building. Also, someone must make corner pieces.

Adult builders/Lego Master Builders could design skyscrapers for center of Gotham. Again, using bases with multiples of 8 pegs per side.

Height should be 6 bricks high

Colors to be used:

Dark Grey (bley? - maybe someone more familiar with LEGO could shed light on this for a newb like myself?)



Let's see what you can create!

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Will This Event Travel And Maybe Getto MD??? And wats a BrickSouth? can you please tell me and wat are we doing?? building a gothem building? that would be cool


is this soposed to be a mini? can you please post a pic?

srry for all the Qs

but umm wats a stud and a base plate?

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