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...A recolored Squidman head with new printing, and a recolored spaceman's gun with a recolored laser beam. Did you expect it to be all new pieces, really? It's at least as unique as the Disco Dude, who likewise had an old head piece with a new print, an old torso piece with a new print, unprinted legs, and two other pieces that had already appeared in the collectible minifigures (the 2x2 tile and the afro). I always feel people had far too high expectations of the collectible minifigure space alien-- while it could have been cool to have a more stereotypical Hollywood alien like this guy, there's no reason the Space Alien is any less unique or interesting than one like that would have been.

Anyway, we already did get a sort of a updated Seatron minifigure design in the form of Frenzy from Space Police III. If you look at the concept art here, it's clear that the torso and leg designs for Frenzy and Squidman took inspiration from the Seatron minifigure, but were simplified to basic minifigure parts for cost reasons. If an updated Seatron minifigure were designed for the collectible minifigures, then it would probably undergo the same simplification-- after all, there's not much logic in introducing newer and less versatile torsos and legs when printing on a classic torso or legs assembly would do just as well.

I think you're correct, the Seatron Minifigure would be simplified if released in the Collectable Minifigures, but I still don't like the Space Alien from CM3, but Frenzy is cool, because he is still unique. :classic:

Thanks for the answer.


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That project is downright exceptional and totally deserves to smash 10k. It's GORGEOUS. The aliens don't quite match the traditional ones, but with an inability to deliver new pieces it makes sense.

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You had me hunting for that brickshelf gallery to see the rest of the pics but it appears to all be lost to the void.
Then I saw the dates, which is good because I was about to start arguing in a 10 year old debate.
But it's for a worthy cause! I really dig that Ideas set. I wish it was a lot closer to the Futuron scheme for nostalgia reasons but I'd buy it as is!

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