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Post entries here for the contest. All other posts will be moved/deleted. Discuss and/or ask questions here.

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Here's my entry. I have changed it into a valid format now:

These sigfig's think they are posing for a picture, but there's a dark shadow above their heads...




I scared some animals/beasts and let them fall of the cliff!

Sigfigs I whacked: Cutlass Iz, Shadows, Erdbeereis, SlyOwl, Bonaparte, Imperial Scouts, Lt. Col. Thok and Tom Bricks (as cavalry officer).

Edited by Admiral Croissant

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General Armendariz, Ratshot. Prepare to get whacked! :sweet:

How dare you guys, stealing my treasure map? Unfortunately for you I knew where I buried my treasure, and went to the place quickly, well, a few feet above it to be exact...

Lucky enough my men installed a mighty 36 pounder on the cliff last time. That thing sure comes in handy now! :devil:




Ratshot: I would swear it is buried right here, below our feet!

General Armendariz: Let's start digging then, but hey, what's that noise??

I think you can guess what happened next. :grin:

Needless is to say Ratshot and Armendariz are no longer part of my crew. :tongue:


I just love 36 pounder cannons. :wub:

The rest of the pictures here on Brickshelf, when moderated of course.

Thanks for watching!

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I wouldn't pour water on that grease fire! (couldn't have been started because of me on the roof pouring grease down the stove exhaust)


Sig-Fig being whacked:Erdbeereis

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Hinckley, feeling the pressure of being uber-hunky, walks past a beauty salon and starts feeling the urge for botox. But never fear, the dynamic duo of Siegfried and Walrus Keeper are on hand to "whack" the idea out of his head! Did they succeed? Only time, and more Facebook discussions will tell! Go Team Planet I mean Walrus!!!

PS A big thank you to Sieggy for helping me with this. And again, sorry for spilling all that Lego...

Edited by Siegfried
Not telling

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Ok, here is my entry, It follows all rules. Et voila;

The whole thing.



Brickme; "Quarryman, we're melting in acid!" Quarryman; "Here, sir Brickme, hold my weenier." YG-49 "glub, glub" Docs; "Ambassador, shouldn't we shut off the acid now?" Dannylonglegs; "No, I like to watch them squirm. Mwahahahahaha! :devil: "



Jammiedodger; "Luxor, isn't walking down deserted hallways in the middle of a space base fun? Hey, why is your shirt grey, and why are you smiling?" LuxorV; "To answer your first and last questions, smiling is something done when happy, I'm trying it out, but I'm not sure I like it. It appears that you are wearing a Han Solo shirt." Jammiedodger "Hey where's Sigourney Seigfried and Hinckley? There's something right behind me isn't there?"

"Yes, It appears to be a xenomorph."

:grin: Extra pic;



~Insectoid Aristocrat

Edited by dannylonglegs

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Jammiedodger has been talking smack about the Toy Story minifigs, so Oky decided to smack right back - literally! With the promise of free money, he lured him to a special Star Command facility. What JD didn't know is that Oky covered the floor with glue so that he can't pick up the money and is stuck to the floor. Now JD is getting repeatedly whacked by the very head molds he was mocking. :devil:


Up in the control room, Oky and his alien sidekick are operating the device and observe the spectacle, amusing themselves greatly. :grin:


The right side features a gear that is part of the mechanism which turns the "Toy Story Wheel of Punishment":


A bird's eye view:


The control room without the figs:


More pics in this brickshelf folder.

Hope you enjoyed it! :grin: Please let me know if there's anything I could improve or add. And let the whacking continue! :laugh:

Edited by Oky Wan Kenobi

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My entry, following all rules, I think.




Sort of going for the 'classic-whack' feel.

Edited by The Who

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Whacker: Cutlass Iz

Whackee: Captain Zuloo

Other Figs present: Zorro and Grimmy


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Now I give you my Block Block inspired creation!

With the help of the Evil Penguin Overlord Face Guy, I will whack my nemesis with the Crossdressing Lightning Babe!


iamded stands on the X while distracted by the cutest of God's creatures; A kitten! Meanwhile I hold the rope that will lead to his DOOM!


Evil Penguin Overlord Face Guy overseers the EVIL operation!


The Crossdressing Lightning Babe is too busy being spaced out and Block Blocky to do anything! Oh no!


Nothing can stop the whacking by Crossdressing Lightning Babe! :skull:

Babe Away! :wacko:

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Quarryman should have remembered the one rule of really good "gifts"...

Always look up...

The colourscheme should have set of one or two alarm bells. :tongue:

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Presenting the new set to promote a whole new theme!


It even splits into three parts for max playability! :oh:


Relive the hilarious event at the EB Star Wars Convention, were Oky was thrown out for trying to hug Samuel Jackson!


And when JD snitched to the Classic figures that Oky said their new versions were better!


Also includes an all new scene, where JD sets his trained Ninja Chickens upon Oky! (N.B. Chicken on his back)

"Fly my pretties! FLY!"


More pictures HERE!

Extra: Can you find Ras74?

Edited by Jammiedodger714

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Hinckley, Siegfried, JimButcher and Erdbeereis have all received mysterious invitations to a fancy dinner party.

Hinckley: "Where's my vest? :angry: "

Siegfried: "What happened to my eyes? :oh: "

Erdbeereis: "Why is my envelope different than everyone elses?"

JimButcher: "Why am I out of focus?"

Hinckley: "I never noticed before that my sleeves were a different color than my shirt. I miss my vest. :sad: "

Siegfried: "Everything is so much clearer now. Except JimButcher, he's out of focus."

Erdbeereis: "I think I'm at the wrong party."

JimButcher: "Where's our host? I'm hungry!"

Little did they know that their host, FallenTomato, had already arrived and he had a big surprise in store for them...




See larger pics on flickr

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Whack by Anvil

Shadows "fixes" Hinckley's graphics for the last time.


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Whack through Science

LuxorV is making a scientific experiment on the Laws of Gravity with a handy piano and a saw (from BrickForge®). Hinckley, having got the information, decides to make a joke by uplifting it with dynamite the second it hits ground.

Unfortunately for him, Siegfried happens to pass in the wrong spot at the wrong time...






You can see other (almost identical) pics in this BrickShelf gallery.

As said, the saw item is from BrickForge, and Hinckley's torso sports a custom decal.


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This is my Whack-a-Fig II entry. :devil:

Dragonator and Shadows, are invited for a tea party in WhiteFang's residence.


Little do they know, WhiteFang and the infamous whacker, Siegfried has some nasty surprises for them!




Wham Bang!!!


The Shiny Stars


The Hall, near to the Fireplace


Hope you enjoyed viewing this simple vig of mine! :grin:

Looking forward to more crazy whacking entries from the rest of you. :wink:

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Oky Wan Kenobi and DJ Force, prepare to meet your grisly ends on the grim magnetic conveyor belt of..



.... umm, actually, too late for you, Oky. Alright, DJ Force, just you prepare.


The Figquidator's green laser liquifies the helpless minifigs, making their accessories much easier for Dunjohnbot to collect and sort.


Who's that poor minifig out in front that's already felt the sweet caress of horrible melting? I dunno. Rick? Let's say Rick.

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Dragonator was mad at the april fool's day pranks played on him. He came seeking brickme's help for vegance. Brickme the Handsome, dashing, quick-witted fellow he is came up with a plan to get revenge. (Along with the prophet head of JCC1004)


brickme: I'm telling you Dragonator that these are the goons who put that chicken in your helmet.

Dragonator: But General Magma, Imperial Scouts, and Rick would never do something like that.

Prophet JCC head: brickme tells the truth. You must believe it.

Dragonator: Okay what's the plan.

brickme: Well I assume that the Eurobricks court session is now over and they will be coming out shortly. Then I will light the barrels on fire while you work in your sorcerer's ways.

Dragonator: Right and what will the Prophet JCC head do?

brickme: What do you think a head will do? He's going to pull out a bazooka!

Dragonator: Hardee har har

brickme: SHH! Here they come.


Imperial Scouts: Ahh another member banned. Seems like they all go these days.

General Magma: Yeah, I see what you mean.

Rick: I still think that joke we played on Dragonator was FUNNY!

Imperial Scouts: I'll admit that was one of our better ones. Let's just let it disappear

However these happy EB'ers are far from letting the prank disappear. They did not notice a flaming barrel above their heads.


Dragonator: Finally some revenge!

brickme: This is mildly entertaining.

Prophet JCC1004 head: Why can't I pull out a bazooka again?


And now a complete shot of the whole thing.


I hope you all like it. I'm pretty sure it follows all rules so yeah. I know it's a lot of writing but I needed to explain it.

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Well as I said here's my entry. Sorry General Armendariz. :tongue:

The Sofa of Doom!


General Armendariz was hopping around in his barrel. "Where's my white feather?" He proclaimed.


"Maybe it's down the side of that sofa?"


Suddenly his sofa caim to life and opened its jaws...


And chomps down on it's dinner! "Aaaagh" comes the muffled noise from inside the sofas mouth.


Apparently Armendariz hadn't noticed the figure sitting on a shelf controlling the sofa of DOOM!

Edited by Lord Arjay

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Thanks everyone, I'll try to have a poll up in the next few days. :sweet:

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