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Hi!..... and my Lego Mini Moke MOC

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Hi all!

I'll use this as my introduction post!

34yr old from Victoria, Australia.... never really lost the Lego bug... it just went quiet for a few years.

Although I'm proud to say, that from about age 4, I haven't had a single Birthday that didn't include at least one box of Lego from a family member! :)

Started seriously collecting again, about 6 years ago.. mostly buying all the 'awesome' Technic sets from the years after my teens (8480 Shuttle), as well as those ones I drooled over as a 10year old (8860 Car Chassis), knowing full well my parents could never afford to buy them!

I still have my old childhood collection.. but my friends and I never treated it well.. it was *extremely* well-played with.. every part is dull, scruffed, and scratched...and after being stored in a metal shed for many years copping the full heat of many Australian Summers, many parts are very brittle.

Fortunately, I'm looking after my 'new' collection a lot better!

This little MOC has a nice story.

In late 2006, I started dating a lovely woman... who happened to have a hobby of her own: Mini Mokes.. and as I've learnt, from her, and members of the car club.. their motto is: it's not a car, it's a lifestyle!

My (now) Wife, rebuilt, and restored this car herself... then.. a few months before we met... drove it over 7000km's from the bottom, to the top tip of Australia and back again!

The Moke was Leylands' attempt to make an off-road version of the Mini. One of the ideas of the car, was that it was light enough to be dropped by parachute.. and also light enough to be carried by 4 soldiers. (indeed it is!)

Although its small wheels, and low clearance put an end to any military career, it proved to be an immensely popular little car, especially in warmer climates.

No doors... No roof.. LOTS of fun to drive. You almost feel like you're in a go-kart!

Anyway...After a few months, I decided to 'build' her a present!

Needless to say, she was speechless...

I tried to capture the front of the car, with its' angular looks

The real car has no chassis, no real frame.. the body IS the frame!

The Spare tyre on the back is the 'hand of god' steering wheel.

The round grey 1x1 plate is actually where the fuel cap is!

The dash is suitably spartan in the real car!

A few 'spare parts' in the back!

after 6 months, I made a few improvements.

I made the steering a bit more robust, and added the aerial + bits in the back

And for a bit of fun, I connected the headlights to the steering!

So when you drive the car, the 'eyes' rotate! :grin:

Moke on a Moke!

At the time, I didn't have a huge re-collection.. so of course, when the time came, and I wanted to rebuild my shuttle, I had to pull apart the moke

I did take a LOT of photos... and I have promised that I will rebuild another one.. this time bigger, and better... hope to use some Lego RC Car parts, or maybe Power Functions.

I'd love to be able to built it in her Mokes' colour - Fuchsia.. but sadly Lego don't make enough parts in that colour

Thanks for reading! :)


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I had never heard of a "Moke" before! Your model is a great reproduction and gift to your wife. I'd like to tour Australia someday in one of these! :thumbup:

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Welcome to Eurobricks, I wish you tons of pleasure and fun while browsing the forums!

I like your mini-car, it has loads of good details and is very realistic.

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Cool cars! Both the original and the model!

Thanks for the compliments! :)

Zblj: No... although I think I had a look at that site a while ago.. I haven't participated on those forums before.

When I started building... naturally, I did a google/brickshelf search for any other Moke MOC's.

There were a couple, but generally smaller, and some of them didn't quite replicate the look as well - understandable, as it's tricky at a small scale sometimes.

I might read some more nicjasno forums/pics.. and see if I can learn some new techniques for car building.

Luckily, it's quite a unique car... so I don't have to worry about being compared to so many other talented vehicle builders out there! ;)


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Hello there this is a little late welcome for you from me. I came here from a link you posted in your reply in the thread about Lego and building with significant others. What a cute little car! I've never heard of it. I'm guessing they don't have them in the US and it's a UK thing. What an interesting hobby. That is really cute and thoughtful that you made her a Lego version. That's pretty kool. :grin:

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