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Pyrates The Game (WIP)

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I've read several topics about new pirate roll playing games so I decided I would try my hand. It's not finished yet but I'll post what I have so far.

It's heavily based on Evil Stevie's Pirate Game and Brikwars. I'll probably change stuff a bit more but comments and ideas are welcome. I'll try to update this now and then:


The Game

Sail around the Brickish isles plundering and pillaging whatever you want.

To Win

Kill everything, have the biggest pile of gold EVER, make a merchant monopoly to rule the all, pretty much whatever you want.

How to Play


Each player starts with one low level boat with one cannon a captain and a crew. Each captain starts with one level in each skill. (captains elected later, if the first one is killed start with no skills) Each crew member also gets one weapon each.

Turn Cycle

Each player gets one turn consisting of three parts: movement, action, and crew action. Everyone moves in turns first, as far as they can or want to move, then they take turns with the action etc.


-Ships- Ships can sail their top speed (see class) while sailing with the wind blowing from their stern (back) to their bow. (front) Each point away from the wind, (if the wind is blowing north to south one point off is SE or SW &c.)

Full speed

-1 Inch-one point off

-2 Inches-two points off

-4 Inches-three pints off

Can't move-facing into the wind

Turning- A ship can turn at any point during its turn. It's speed after its turn is based on the captain's sailing skill.

Captain's Skill Level


lvl 0 (Newly made captain)


lvl 1


lvl 2




A dice is rolled, and the modifier added. If the dice is a 6 is rolled then the ship goes full speed the rest of the turn and the captain gains a skill level. For a 4 or a 5 the ship keeps full speed for half of the turn. A 3 or less the speed goes to the lower speed. If a ship is turning to a point with a higher speed you don't need to roll.

Stopping- The ship can spill wind from their sails to slow down, but to stop completely it has to lower its anchor. To lower the anchor takes at least one crew action. One to two crew members will lower the anchor in the next turn four will lower it the same turn. The same goes for raising the anchor.


The ship can do as any

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