Motor RC Race Buggy in a train!

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Well I had this motor sitting around and I thought why not see how it performs in a train.




Well design about is poor as you can get, but it shows that a 7 wide train can handle this motor, and what was most surpising was the speed and power from this motor..

Uses a slight variation to the wheel trucks design from Railbricks Magazine 6, page 63-65

Yes I have the motor direct connected to the vertical axle, the only thing that stops the motor from moving around is the fact its a fraction under 5 studs wide and fits nicely in the 5 wide gap of a 7 wide design

Biggest issue is the height of the old battery holders (the new rechargeable battery is not exactly cheap, and is with the Emerald Night at the moment)

Had both this and the Emerald night chasing, this had 3 44long carriages and the Emerald Night carrige and it was outrunning Emerald with ease !

Original idea was a powerful freight engine, but turns out to outperform what was going to the be passenger runner in speed and load capability !

Shows that yet another motor can be used for trains, not sure if anyone else has done this, not exactly serached, but this was a spur of thought test last night just to see if it worked.

Just wondering if anyone has an ideas as to what type of actualy engine could use this and allow the motor, IR control and battery unit to fit.

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I also have this motor and was wondering if I could use it in a train. Interesting work. I think I'll have to give it a go at some stage. At present I only have an RC motor train (I've used the white battery-box train base for a modified "presents truck" to motorise my Holiday Train).

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Yes, that is a powerful motor. It's a shame that it's such an odd shape though!

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If it was not for the battery box it would be a very suitable motor, also still needed a better train look around it..

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