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Pirate Captain Vs Governors (Hispabrick contest)

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Evo, a Member of Hispalug has proposed a contest call "Pirate Captain Vs Governors"

We can bulid a small Moc with a fighting scene between them.

I build the next one:

The pirate captain steals the treasure of the Governor


The governor celebrated the capture of the pirate


Things are not what they seem. The pirate really steals the treasure while the governor is asleep, dreaming of a victory that will never happen.


As the poet said: "for all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreamsâ€

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I love the story behind it, the dream sequence is clever, without the story it'd be confusing.

Nice job, I like the hangar fopr the clothes adn the way you did the bed.

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Ah dreams are nice - like what thought had dream he owned a car but all he had was a horn ! (that's my Mum's old joke) :pir_laugh2:

This is a great MOC, the gov' in bed is very clever - overall very funny indeed ! :pir_laugh2:

I'm a conformist! !

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