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MOC: Apres-Ski

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I've cadded up another thing. This is based on an older idea posted in the City Ideas topic. The main building screams 80s, the Schirmbar not, since it's a bit clunky and with 4 walls. Model contains 940pcs (counted by the instructions), which would be in the 80-100€ range if it was an actual set. It's got a whopping 13 minifigs, since I've included two extra figs and a extra bar keeper


Completed model. With all things added. Minifigs are all inside.


The model has 3 vehicles, not counting the six ski and snowboard equipments stuck in one of the racks (snowboards simulated by skateboards, just kill the wheel hubs) First a classic 80s-city car with opening engine compartment, like some 80s sets had. Then a modern quad and a classic snow scooter parked in front of the building.


This little yellow car screams late 80s classic town and with 57 pieces


The blue quad, with some more modern pieces included with 30pcs in total


Lastly the classic 90s snow scooter. Made up of just 17pcs.

Schirmbar building

This is the schirmbar the only one in the lot without open back, due to it's odd octagonal shape. It's got a complete interior with 8 seats and the bar itself. Model contains 251 pieces for itself


Basic interior 8 chairs round the bar at step 5


Completed interior the beer taps are installed and the first people inside. There's just the roof missing. Sadly I made some design flaws so it can only be opened by taking the roof off.


Completed this part. The roof looks odd, due to the brick-built shape. To open: just remove the tile on top

Apres-ski lodge

The last and largest part of the model. It contains 3 stories and is fully brick-built. The House has a complete interior and except for missing balconies built in alpine style. and uses 530pcs for itself.


Ground floor: Contains a bar, a little terrace, a DJ area and two sound boxes nearby


Interior of the second floor. A kitchen with grill, stove and a little restaurant


Third floor has 4 beds, making a nice bedroom for guests, that drank too much or students on skiing holidays


Completed building. The cars aren't added yet, these are added in step 25.

Complete Instructions and mpd in My BS (when moderated)

mFg Widdi

Edited by Widdi

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Looks fantastic 'Widdi', the first car screams classic town 1980's ! :laugh:

The snow-mobile is sick totally - I love it ! :grin:

The bar is very interesting and a cool addition to the design.

Now the lodge itself is very early 80's Lego town and very good - relaxing area down stairs - er well night club down stairs - PUMP UP THE VOLUME _ PUMP UP THE VOLUME - check it out !! :grin:

Upstairs just simply somewhere to crash either when you've tired, or crashed out on the slopes or with the ladies you're trying to hook up with in the club downstairs ! :devil:

Great design job 'Widdi' and I'm a conformist! ! :laugh:

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That's an outstanding MOC, Widdi! :oh:

I really :wub: it!

It looks absolutely realistic and in a very official Lego set style! :oh:

The only thing I'd change would be to have the Schirmbar open on one side - like you did with the main building.

Otherwise it's perfect!

The most I like the Schirmbar and all that lovely interior designs. And of course the classic cars, the motor slide and the many minifigs and accessory.

Very, very well done! :thumbup: :thumbup:


Edited by Klaus-Dieter

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Nice, really nice actually, especially for a digital model! :thumbup: I love that Schrimbar, where I used to ski we just had the same design :wink:

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This has a great classic town feel to it Widdi!

I too build digital models frequently, so I can appreciate the time and design you put into this.

The set reminds me of a hostel I stayed in during a recent trip to Switzerland, complete with bar/club on lower level!

I must admit, being from Canada, I have never heard of a Schirmbar... but after a bit of research on the net I'm thinking they are basically gazebos/beer tents! :thumbup:

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