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Welcome to the Eurobricks LEGO Site Directory! While at the moment it's far from complete, over time we'll attempt to make this a complete overview of every LEGO related website on the Internet. The categories, structure and format are not fixed at this stage, so feel free to share any ideas for improvement. Also please let us know if your site is listed with the wrong info or is in the wrong category. Long term it will be useful if people post if sites are dead.

Do you want to get your site listed? Just post a link in this thread with description and indicate the most suitable category. There are some restrictions however;

  1. The site must be mostly focused on LEGO. If it's about toys, collecting, construction toys but it happens to have a section about LEGO then it's not suitable. If it's a Blog with of Star Wars MOCs and you happen to make a post about the movies occasionally then it's OK.
  2. Sites should not be on a free-host. If they are then we'll need proof that they have been around for at least a year and have been updated in the last month.
  3. Sites can only be in one category.
  4. We'll update this when we can, most likely in batches. Please don't expect an instant response.
  5. We reserve the right to be the final judge on if we include or exclude a site. In some cases we will remove the links from your post if we feel it's inappropriate.

Enjoy the list!

LUGs (Lego User Groups):

LEGO Communities:

LEGO Magazines:

LEGO Blogs:

LEGO Events:

LEGO Webcomics:

LEGO Resources:

Theme Sites:

Customization and Shops:


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Brickfactory perhaps? Probably in the LEGO Resources category since it contains LEGO catalogues and set instructions.

I don't really know about the technical requirements though and if it falls under some restrictions.


Great idea Siegfried! Very helpful indeed! :sweet:

Edited by Zorbas

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A great topic with lots of potential. Let's all help together to make the list growing. :classic:

There are some more magazines worth noting:

The Hispabrick Magazine

The Railbricks Magazine

-> Okay, I just saw this is under BLOGs already as well. :wink:

There's also BrickIssue of the UK club, but the server is currently offline, so I wil provide the link later.

For the BLOGs section, I can recommend MicroBricks, a BLOG for mini scaled creations.

I am shure this will be a quickly growing topic, so expect more suggestions later. :classic:


~ Christopher

Edited by Legostein

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Great idea! There are so many sites I have never even heard of before so it's all good.

Another LUG you can add is ParLUGment in Ottawa, Canada.

Another category that might be usefull is Where to Buy with a list of stores.

Thanks for this.

Edited by legomaniac83

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