MOC: Emerald Night Tender - 7 wide

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Ok what you see is the post LLD build, still awaiting the parts in proper colours to arrive... (and some parts I do not actually have in any colour)

Width increased from 6 to 7, length of storage area increased by 1, also increased height by 1 layer.

This latter change was to solve a problem with the cable from the battery to the IR receiver, it solves that issue of the cable getting caught..

Some pictures.

Sorry I have yet to work out how to get the sodding camera to manual focus again so its not clear on some (never misplace manuals!)


Back of the tender, ladder moved to side and light centralised


This shows rather well the increased width and length, the increased height means a cover could be built if wanted.


Rather blurred but you might just make out the cable goes out the doors of the tender to the engine.


This shows the above much betterr (and yes I missed a 2x1 plate, just noticed !)


The underside, no deeper than the original (good advantage of the method used by the guy that widened the Emerald Night Carrige) Spot space for parts I am waiting for, but the pins will sit in these holes as are anyway, just a bit flexible...

Also the first time I used LDD in anger, pity some of the parts it lets you use are not possible to get on BrickLink, but I exchanged them for other sizes, hope it works out..

The battery btw is sittng on 4 of them offset plates, so it wont move much even with that space on sides...

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Interesting build CBF. What was your motivation for creating a 7 wide tender? Was it to make the battery box easier to remove?

Your pictures are larger than our site guidelines of 800x600. If you post any additional images, just know the limit for future images. Thanks.

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Had not realised about the images size limit until after I had done the post, at least I did not post the orginals (over 3k pixels wide!), will remember for next time, even smaller (and makes it eaier on my server) (Resize now carried out)

The motivation was that it didn't quite look right behind the 7 wide engine, being relatively new to trains its a good time to shift to 7 wide as I have little stock built up in this field.

The lengthing was indeed based on the cable problem, I saw what happened when the cable got caught going round some corners (causing some derailments) and had wondered how to solve until I started this adjustement, the length was a spur of the moment solution.

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