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Pictorial Review: 8092 Luke's Landspeeder™

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Product: 8092 Luke's Landspeeder™

Theme: Star Wars EPIV: A New Hope

No of pieces: 163

Release Date: January 2010

RRP: SGD55.90/USD24.99

Availability: Lego Shop@Home, Retail Outlets(Worldwide)

Adventure on Tatooine…where it all began!

When he drove the old hermit Ben Kenobi into Mos Eisley spaceport, young farm boy Luke Skywalker had no idea that he would end up becoming a Jedi Knight and saving the galaxy. Recreate the moment the adventure began with this special-edition set, featuring an all-new landspeeder vehicle with a secret lightsaber compartment, a cast of droids and heroes, and a sandtrooper guard with a security droid. Are these the droids he’s looking for?

• Special Edition set every serious collector must have

• Includes Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, C-3PO and sandtrooper

• New landspeeder vehicle conceals secret lightsaber compartment

• Sandtrooper guard with security droid

• Measures over 6" (15cm) long, over 2" (5cm) wide and over 2" (5cm) tall

All thumbnails are clickable and will bring you to a hi-res image at 800x600pixels.


th_P1000305.jpg th_P1000306.jpg

The contents:


There's 3 baggies, 2 rubber poles, and an instructional booklet.

A few shots of the booklet

th_P1000309.jpg th_P1000310.jpg th_P1000311.jpg th_P1000312.jpg th_P1000314.jpg

Assembled minifigs:


Continuing with the construction of the landspeeder...


Complete with extras...


A close look at the Sandtrooper & Sentry Droid

th_P1000322.jpg th_P1000324.jpg th_P1000325.jpg th_P1000327.jpg th_P1000328.jpg

And the Rebel Alliance, we have Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, and R2-D2.

th_P1000329.jpg th_P1000330.jpg th_P1000332.jpg th_P1000333.jpg th_P1000335.jpg

Luke has printed legs, and TLG should have done the same for the Sandtrooper too. R2's dome is in grey instead of white, and the paintwork done on it, makes it more accurate this time round.

Here's the X-34 Landspeeder,

th_P1000336.jpg th_P1000337.jpg th_P1000338.jpg th_P1000339.jpg th_P1000340.jpg

Compared to the earlier release, this newly design speeder certainly features unique detailing that's found on the actual prop.

Thoughtful this is, where TLG has included a storage compartment.

th_P1000341.jpg th_P1000342.jpg th_P1000343.jpg

These aren't the droids that you are looking for...

th_P1000344.jpg th_P1000345.jpg th_P1000346.jpg

All in all, if you've missed out on the previous release, this is a worthwhile set to get. Since it does come with a trooper, and a sentry droid to boot.

Now, all TLG needs is to release a re-designed cantina with more aliens... :wink:

Thanks for reading.

Edited by KimT

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Nice review...

The storage compartment takes me back to the early sets, where that wort of gimmick was in almost every set. :)

Too bad an "Exclusive!" stamp jack up the price by at least $15...

But that's another story, thanks for the review and I cannot wait until this comes out here. (Maybe it has?)

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Nice review, now if I can only find this set, it's always sold out.

Your pictures are nice.

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Good review but I found the green background a little distracting at times :sceptic:

This set is number 1 on my "to get list". There are so many great figs such as Obi-Wan and Luke, but I'm a little disappointed that they changed Luke's head, he looks really "<insert that tiresome argument>", same goes for Obi-Wan, too sad looking in my opinion.

The thing that I like most is that they included C-3PO. The last "cheap" set that he was featured in was 7106 Droid Escape.

Edited by Ratshot

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i own both the original 1999 release and the sand red version from Mos Eisley cantina so i dont need another just for the 3po fig. the new sandtrooper does not interest me either, the one on dewback was far more interesting. besides, i am not into those flesh minifigs.

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I think one of the main appeals of this set is the large number of minifigs for such a small (class wise) set.

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