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Cyberpunk story

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This is the topic where we actually PLAY the game here is the first post.

Vwwwwamp! C.C flew through the fields of time and space he seemed to be going at the speed of light until he lost conscientiousness and didn't even wake up we he thudded against the hard metal of the ventilation systems in solar-com head quarters it was only when two figures arrived through the sliding blast door did he wake up.

"Borgith what are we doing in the animal tethting area?" The man had a very bad lisp and hunched over in a vulture type way.

"Gree haven't I told you this before? This is the N.E.R.V testing area and this is the test subject." Said Borgiss.

C.C gathered enough strength to move his head to look through the vent there was a man covered with scars in a large tube with a worried look on his face. C.C was momentarily paralized.

"Darn these side effects of time travel!" Thought C.C. "What are they doing to that poor man in the tube and what year is this where am I?" All of these questions buzzed around in C.C's head making his headache even worse but he was starting to regain feeling in his arms and his mechanical hands where the only thing he could actually move but that's because time travel doesn't effect technology then something startled him. "is Rodriego okay?" He thought worried until he realized that he landed on his stomach not his back. Rodriego was his pet ferret and the only family had left since his accident in 2012 with the blackhole generator it had sent him to the distant future during the apocalyptic times. He made many friends but none of them could replace his family and rodriego was all of his family he had left he kept him in his back pack. Then he heard them talking and listened.

"Yeah what'th the plan again?" Asked Gree.

The N.E.R.V chips will be implanted in every human by the end of this year. The chips will be put in their cerebral cortex where their memories are stored. We will then gather all the Zerbite we can get and contain it in a maximum security vault we will be able to erase everybodies memories store them in the zerbite and replace them with new ones that involve me being the supreme force on earth and solar-com will enslave everybody and we will rule the world!" Said Borgiss.

"*GASP*!" C.C heard from behind the door but the two guys below him didn't hear it. By then C.C could move his whole body and shifted to a more confterable position it was a very small space then suddenly C.C herd something. Creeeeek! SNAP!.


C.C fell right on the tube and began running out of the room.

"Stop him!" Yelled Borgiss.

When C.C ran out the door leading to the hallway he ran into a young lady and yelped.

"I gotta get out of here!" C.C said trying to get up and run.

"Wait I know a secret way out!" Said the lady her name tag said Samantha.

She started running and C.C followed.

"Why would you help me? If you work here your evil!" Said C.C.

"I'm not evil I just found out about this plan the same time you did and I don't want anybody to get hurt I just work here." Said Sam insulted.

"Oh I see. But Where am I and what year is it?" Asked C.C.

"Are you joking?" Asked Samantha.

"No really I'm not!" Said C.C.

"Shouldn't a RAT know these things?" Asked Sam looking at C.C's black clothes and goggles.

"Wait RATs? Were in the year 3000?" Asked C.C remembering what the Detectix had said about the Cyberpunk era.

"Bingo." Said Samantha. "Now hurry down this chute it leads to the sewers. C.C jumped down but Sam stayed.

"You should go over to the RATs side of the island the Chings aren't very welcoming to people who dress like RATs." Said Samantha then she shut the chute.

C.C pressed a button on his goggles causing them to light up so he could see. Then when he turned them on he saw a large green creature that grabbed him by force and turned off the lights.

"SHHHHH!" Said the creature. "They'll find usssss!" And the creature opened a door and went inside of it and turned on a light revialing a large room with an old fridge a bed and wires strewn all over the place.

"I'm reptile and thisss iss my home." Said Reptile.

"What are you?" Asked C.C.

Reptile frowned. "A mutant outcast like many others that live in the sssewer."

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"Dave, disturbance in testing area three!"

Dave Charon sighed. "Thank you, Coffeebot," he said wearily. "Video feed perhaps?"

"Certainly, Dave. Bringing up video replays on your desk screen."

Dave looked at the video intently. It started abruptly with a person, a R.A.T. by the looks of him, falling out of the vent duct onto... Borgiss? Hmm. Odd, but there was no mistaking those legs. Silly of him, really, when he could easily get ones indistinguishable from organic legs, but no matter, the cyborg was a fool in any case. The R.A.T. evaded the capture of Borgiss and his henchmen, then ran into the hall, running into an employee.

"Pause video, Coffeebot. Can that employee be identified?"

Coffeebot whirred for a moment, then said, "Affirmative. Employee is Samantha Vonne, head of the Recruiting department."

"Interesting. Put on her schedule an appoinment with me at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. I want to see if she's figured out anything. Knowing Borgiss, he was probably talking about the plan loud enough for her to hear through the door. Foolish man. Continue the video."

The Vonne and the R.A.T. picked themselves up ran down the hall, moving their mouths. Coffeebot presciently changed camera views to keep up with them. After a couple of turns, Vonne opened up a chute in the wall.

"Pause video. Where does that chute lead, Coffeebot?"

"Chute is connected to the central sewer system of the building. Desk could give you a more complete schematic."

"Schematic is ready, if you wish to view it, Dave," said his desk, in a slightly lower voice.

"No thank you, that tells me all I need to know. Keep the video going."

The R.A.T. jumped down the chute, and Vonne ran off down the hallway. A moment later, the green-haired henchman that Borgiss had had with him ran into view. The video feed ended.

Dave though for a moment. Decisions, decisions. This would require much consideration to gain control of completely. Well, first things first.

"Coffeebot, move that appointment with Samantha to nine o'clock tomorrow morning."

"Dave, that conflicts with your meeting with..."

"Cancel it. I need to find out what this girl is playing at. Then, send an Oni down into the sewer. There's a catacomb of abandoned rooms down there that are connected to directly to the chute that our R.A.T. friend went down. Put out an alert to all available security personel from Solar-Com. Actually, put it out to all of the Ching security that I have access too. Tell them to search the sewer until they find a man with black hair, four eyes, and some sort of mouse. Shouldn't be too hard."

"Alert distributed, Dave."

"Excellent. Well, that seems to cover both ends of it. I couldn't get much out of Borgiss, foolish man, nor his useless henchman. I need to figure this out, though. Coffeebot, why was a disturbance not detected when that R.A.T. entered the ventilation system? The vent that he unscrewed to get in should have notified you, they're so simple that they're impossible to hack. How could he have gotten in without you knowing? Is one of them disconnected from your database?"

Coffeebot whirred for a moment. "Diagnostic complete. All vent computers are in proper working order, Dave."

"How could he have gotten in, then?"

"Unknown, Dave."

Dave leaned back in his chair, drumming the fingers of his right hand on his hook. An idea occured to him.

"Coffeebot, pull up that video again."

The holoscreen flared back to life, with the R.A.T. falling.

"Pause. Now zoom in on the vent. Further. Now move the time back about a minute or two. Hmm... Further. Five minutes? Seven? Aha!"

"What have you found, Dave?"

"Right here! Seven minutes and thirteen seconds before the vent breaks, we see the siding of the vent vibrate some, and a dense exhalation of air from the vent. Ha!" Dave said triumphantly.

"I do not understand, Dave. Why is this significant?"

"See, Coffeebot, this is why robots will never supplant humans. You see those two things as pieces of data, but I can put them together in my mind and surmise that a large mass spontaneously appeared inside of the ventilation system and fell onto it, rattling the siding. Its appearance was so sudden that it disturbed the air into rushing out of the vent. He teleported inside!"

"I see, Dave. You are like Sherlock Holmes?"

"How the devil do you know about him?"

"I do a great deal of reading from the database in an effort to develop my artificial intelligence."

"I see. Well, yes, I suppose so. This puts a new spin on things, though - either the R.A.T.s have developed teleportation, or this fellow wasn't a R.A.T. at all. See if you can find any news items that would indicate a widespread use of R.A.T. teleportation in the city, and inform R&D of a possible need for localized quantum field dampeners in the offices of more important members."

"Right away, Dave. Anything else?"

"I really need a Frapauccino."

"Here you go, Dave," Coffeebot said, depositing a tall, frothy drink on the coaster that Desk had created a moment before. "Whipped cream?"

"Yes, Coffeebot. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I don't know what you'd do without me either, Dave."

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"Hmmm," Nintha said while disguised as a Ching, "What is this about a Rat "infestation" I keep on hearing about."

Ichi came running down the hall.

"Hey whats the rush?"

Ichi, "Nothing you need to know about. Anyway who are you?"

Nintha hacks into the Chings computer system and creates a new high ranking officer

"Ohh umm, Nate. Nate Salem to be exact."

"Sorry about that Nate. Well there has been a breach by a RAT member and I was sent to hunt him down in the sewer." Ichi ran off to his mission, "And welcome to the Chings."

"So, it is true another Rat member is here. I better find him before there's any trouble or my cover may be blown." Nintha runs off to the closest chute which leads to the sewer.

Sorry that this is the first short post in the story and just to be sure. Is Ichi "Oni Agent number 314"?

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Sorry that this is the first short post in the story and just to be sure. Is Ichi "Oni Agent number 314"?

Don't worry about the post length, most of them probably won't be as long as CB's and my first ones. I didn't really intend for Agent 314 to be Ichi (since I thought he was rogue), which is why I left it ambiguous. It could be, though. I would let him decide.

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The catacombs were dank and depressing, with a thin layer of grime covering everything. Nikolas hurried down a drainage slope and behind a large pipe, the shouts of Enforcers fading into the distance Hecursed as his cybernetic leg sank into a pothole hidden from view by green haze. "Unbelievable..."

Where was his rendezvous? He had been told to meet up for the stolen N.E.R.V. mod here, now... but no one had shown yet. He started to worry if it was a Ching trap, but the long un-NERVer resting at his hip calmed those worries. If anyone showed up, he would be... "Huh?" He looked up at the sound of air moving, just in time to see C.C. dropping down towards him.


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Outside the cloud covered the city Island's sun, but in Terrel the sun mattered little. The streets were bustling with people not caring to think of those they walked past, completely oblivious to anything aside from their own agendas. Chings carried themselves with their chins held high, looking down upon the "peasantry". RATs hid in miners vests and walked in groups down the neon lit streets, no doubt planning a cyber-heist via their chips, looking for a low security online account of one of the Chings amongst them. STEELs scrounged the streets and dirty alleys looking for useful technology to take apart, re-build and sell to the RATs on the black-market for an exorbitant price. Miners chatted while on their break about their wives, and their lives, and then drowning in saké. Yakuza and pirates looked out from behind their bars and noodle shops thinking of money and power. Everyone was wrapped up in his or her own individual world dreaming of change and a better life. The sky burst with rain and rolled with thunder and still Terrel swayed with it's eternal agendas and it's strive to survive to the next day. Some would not have a next day in the city however....


Inserge sat alone at his typical booth in his 'friend's' Japanese Restaurant, The sign above him displayed the word FOOD in several languages including; Japanese(obviously), English(the 'official' language), Mandarin Chinese (the other official language), and French. In an effort to avoid becoming drenched by the rain he had pulled his cloak above his head, but it hadn't helped him much, and now both his hair and his hood were soaked. He was eating his favorite meal, spider crab legs, and he found that it was particularly good that day. He was about to walk in to chat with the cook, a grumpy man named Sasuke, when he heard a disturbance in the croud.

"Hey! That suit cost me three hundred credits!" " I'm sorry sir this is official Police business." Hey! Watch were your going mister!" Terribly sorry mam, Police business." " Yo! Dude! I was like, eating that!" "If you'll excuse us, we're on very important police business."

The police were in town, that put a damper on the already damp Inserge's mood. "Great," he thought "I better just sit this one out, If they take notice of me, and they try to scan my chip, they'll see I don't have one and turn me in" He buried his head in his plate of legs and covered his eyes with his hood.

"That's him! That's the bounty hunter who killed my brother!"


Bounty hunter, killed brother? Inserge knew that the man with the brown hair was talking about him.

"I just ran a chaeck on this guy, and not only does he not have a chip, but frankly he doesn't exist on our data banks! We don't even have a picture of this guy!" alerted one of the cops.

" Let's get 'im boys!" bellowed the cool-looking captain of the group.

"Crap" muttered Inserge. He picked up his plate and bowed to the chef inside the restaurant as he ran past carrying a cleaver and a fish, and stood up keeping his face concealed.

" If you want me, then come and get me!" he challenged. He threw his plate at the police captain and dashed of into the crowd.

The police followed in pursuit as well as a group of spectators from the sushi restaurant. Inserge made headway, as he was one person, and the others were a mass of people, but at-last Inserge found himself backed up against a wall in a STEEL alley right next to the restaurant owner, Yoshi Kabuto's truck.

The officers closed in on him, and the crowd, who had been left behind once Inserge ran into the alley was nowhere to be seen, but the spectators from the retaurant, including the chef and owner, were right behind the cops, invisible to all but Inserge. Inserge reached behind his back and pulled out his vibro-blade, preparing to make a final stand, but suddenly a cop fell to the ground at the sound of a tommygun being fired. Another fell in suit, and then another. Just as the last cop was going to turn around to witness his assailant he too was thrown to the floor.


At last the only remaining member of the police horde was the brown haired Ching who's brother had been killed earlier (in my introduction) by Inserge. He spun around franticly scanning for a glimpse of anyone who was near. If he had scanned with his chip instead of his eyes he would have found seven people and an add for Yoshi's Sushi Restaurant. but in the great state of fear he was in he had no sense to check that way. He turned around and backed up facing Inserge. Tears on his terrified face mixed with drops of rain. His heart pounded in his chest at the speed of sound. He Cried "Help!" but the sound was lost to a crack of thunder. His throat was slit by a blade vibrating fifty times per second, proving a deadly clean cut, and he fell into a puddle of water and blood at Inserge's feet.

Just then out of the shadows stepped the spectators, the Yakuza who kept the sushi restaurant, carrying deadly guns, and grimacing, rain slipping down their crooked faces.


"Good job bringing them into STEEL territory. now the Fuz'll think that STEEL ruffians killed their palls." Yoshi congratulated, his gold pants sparkling like a vampire's skin.

"And good job too you for getting them while their backs were turned, Now their chips will not display any incriminating evidence." Inserge replied.

"Yeah" agreed one of Yoshi's lackeys.

"I have one suggestion though..." Inserge started.

"And what's that?" asked Mr. Kabuto.

"Move your truck."


Here are some Pics I didn't use, and to clarify, the Yakuza are the same as the pirates, just more gangstery and japanese. They all fall under the same banner, but I am the leader of the pirates, and Mr. Yoshi Kabuto is the leader of the Yakuza.




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Reptile could tell that the intruder was not aware of who he was, which should be impossible. Everyone knows of the mutants. Everyone denies their existence, but in the back of their minds they know the mutants are out there.

With sudden force, Reptile leapt onto the ceiling, hanging onto the wires and crawled into the shadows. The room was still dark with the lights on, and all C.C could see of Reptile was his yellow eyes.

"You should not be here. But since you have stumbled upon me, I have no choice but to invite you in. How about lunch? Tender meat will be on the menu, I guarantee!" Reptile eerily echoed.

"Actually, it was nice meeting you, but I'll just leave you to your lunch" C.C declined worriedly.

But the door was locked behind them. There were no other foreseeable exits.

"I'd like to see you try..." Reptile hissed.

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OoC: Disturbia, my character's name is Samantha, and she did not come down to the sewers with C.C.


Samantha felt her heart racing as she returned to her office. She had never been this excited nor scared in her life. She now knew what this company was all about, and that horrified her to no end.

"I sure am glad I had to get my N.E.R.V. chip removed now..." she sighed as she slumped down to her chair. She took a tissue from the box at her sidetable, and wiped sweat from her forehead and neck.

She had ran into that weird, nonsense talking R.A.T. and actually helped him out. She knew the guards would've killed him on sight if they had caught him. This company was rotten to the core, and she knew she would have to leave it as soon as possible.

She started to gather her few belongings from the office, when a communications bot appeared from a hatch in the ceiling.

"Miss Vonne, you have an appointment with Mr. Charon at his office tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. Please do not be late."

Crap! she thought. They had seen her! Of course they had, there were surveillance cameras everywhere in this building. Why hadn't she thought about it then?

"I guess I'm not cut out to be an action hero, after all", she muttered. How she wished she could be back home in Melbourne again. How she wished she would have never accepted the internship at Solar-Com five years ago.

Samantha knew she had to get out of New Terrel, but of course The President and Mr. Charon wouldn't allow it. Every dock and airport would be closed off from her.

She needed to go underground, then. Maybe the R.A.T. she had helped would be able to return his favor. But where could she find him?

But first, she needed to get out of this building and return to her loft.

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On a rooftop above Borgiths office:


"You get here lady" shouted a guard

"Come and get me" replied Kiara

"Put your hands up or I shoot!" shouted the guard with a gun in hand.

Bang! went Kiara as she shot a bullet into the mans chest but at that moment the roof door smashed open and many more guards came out ready to kill.

"You people don't know what I just heard, you will all die" shouted Kiara across the rooftop

"Oh well, men get her" said one of the guards

"Oh snap, time to jump" said Kiara before she leapt down the side of the building. She swung off a flag and crashed through a window of some office but in the office was a girl.

"Who the heck are you" said Samantha

"Im Kiara, being chased by guards, but listen the N.E.R.V chips..."

"I know, I just found out, there going to try and kill me for knowing and helping a rat agent escaping, oh and Im Samantha!"

"Follow me, Im trained in this kind of things, we can get out"

The two girls ran out into the corridor unnoticed before a siren was sounded and the building was put in lock down.

"What now" asked Samantha

"The window" replied Kiara

"What the heck, were on the 13th floor" shouted Samantha

"Well then you stay here and I will use the grapple hook in my bag to escape!" said Kiara

"Ok then lets just get out of here" replied Samantha

The two scaled down the building and made it to the bottom floor before quickly running into a R.A.T area where they would be safe.

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In a head-spinning turn of events, Samantha found herself in R.A.T. territory, accompanied with a sinister woman who shared the same stylish hairdo as her.

"So, uh... Kiara? Are you sure it's okay for me to be here? I'm technically a Ching, you know."

"You are safe as long as you are with me", Kiara replied. "We probably should find you another set of clothes, that businesswoman attire attracts too much attention around here."

"O-okay... I've got my credit card with me, just lead me to the nearest mall, if you would."

"Mall? Haha, you think I'm inviting you to a shopping spree? That's not the way things work here, girl".

Kiara winked at her and took her by the arm. She lead Samantha across a few narrow streets and into a shady alley. There was a metal door with a flickering neon sign above it saying "ARMANI'S ARMS & ARMOR". Kiara opened the door, and Samantha found herself in a small room filled with military equipment.

"Yo, Armani! I've got a customer here for you! " Kiara hollered. A lanky man with greasy hair and shifty eyes stepped from the backroom.

"Kiara", the man called Armani said, with obvious disdain. "What do you want?"

"This blondie here needs herself some new threads. Something inconspicuous but protective."

Samantha opened her mouth to say something, but felt better to just not say anything. A few moments later she was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and tight trousers with padding on the knees - not very different from what Kiara was wearing.

"Welcome to the R.A.T.s", Kiara said, and winked again.

But Samantha knew that this was only temporary. She had no desire to live in these dark streets, always skulking around. She wanted security and comfort, but New Terrel wasn't going to give her that anymore.

"Kiara, we need to inform the leaders of the R.A.T.s about Solar-Com. After that, I want you to take me out of here."

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Samantha and Kiara strolled through the area, Samantha watching the R.A.T.s work on projects, whether vehicles or buildings, or even armor. It was truly a very different lifestyle than sitting in her office, watching the bustling city of New Terrel.

They made their way to the vehicle warehouses, where the various workers were building all kind sof crazy things, from drills, to armored cars, and others.


People watched as they saw the pair going through warehouse 16, where a long armored vehicle was being built. (Please excuse me use of my JP trailers... I had nothing else that could work here... :blush:)

A man with tussled black hair, a man in a baseball cap, and a girl with dark red hair and eyepatch were staring at them.

"Why are they staring at us?" Samantha asked.

"Well, you're new to them. Not many people come through the warehouses, so they don't have many visitors," said Kiara.

The vehicles were a bit odd for the time, just a simple tow trailer and a big truck. Probably built for the average outdoor adventurer, but when you're on Terrel, the outdoors aren't just deer and bears. It's a lot more dangerous here.


The young man in the black baseball cap ran up to them as they were walking away.

"Hey!" he shouted. "Wait up a minute!"

"What?" asked Kiara impatiently. "We're in a bit of a hurry here."

"Is that why you took the shortcut through the warehouses? I thought I suggested that they be off limits to the public..." said the man.

"Apparently, they didn't take your advice," said Kiara.

The man looked at Samantha thoughtfully.

"Hey... do I know you from somewhere?" he asked.

Samantha and Kiara looked at each other, and then back at the man.

"I'm Jackson Hazell... Who are you?"

"Samanatha Vonne," she replied.

"That name sounds familiar. Do you know why that would be?" he asked.

"I have no idea why," said Samantha, looking at her shoes.

"Me and my friend here work down at the testing labs. Let's hope your vehicles can stand up to it, Mr. Hazell."

Suddenly he looked frightened.

"Yes, ma'am, of course. I'll get them right to work on it. My specs and digital testing say that the'll hold up to very large impacts, recieving but a few dents in the panelling. Everyone calls me a computer wizard, but sometimes I think they're jus-"

"Jackson, you're rambling an wasting our time. Get back to work," said Kiara.

"Yes, of course... sorry!" Hazell said as he ran off into the tow trailer.


The two began walking again.

"You seemed to stress him out... why did you do that?" asked Samantha.

"Because we can't have this guy following us around. He could figure out that you're with Solar-Com, then we'll both be in it," said Kiara.


Meanwhile, Jackson watched the two walk out of the warehouse through the rear window of the trailer.

I know I've seen her somewhere... the problem is, where? he thought.

"Jackson, hey. Come over here for a second," said Ricky, his chief foreman. Ricky was the one who had the tussled black hair.


"I think we messed something up with the blueprints..."

There was an explosion in the background.

"What was that?" Jackson asked.

"Never mind that, we've seriously misjudged the size of 131 feet in length... this vehicle is only 97."

"Wow, that something. Although, we managed to build it. I doubt whoever ordered this thing's going to really care how long and wide it is as long as there's beds, computer, and it moves. Okay? So let's just keep this little secret between us," said Jackson.

Computerbug, where does the "leader" of the R.A.T.s reside? I don't think any of us no where yet. I guess since brickm is him, then he can choose... but did you have any ideas?

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Nikolas unholstered his weapon and levelled it to fire. He nodded his head towards C.C. "You migt wanna stand back." He aimed at Reptile and pulled the trigger, broadcasting a string of disruptive code towards him that would temporarily overload a N.E.R.V. chip. The mutant was nfazed.

Duh, Nik thought, of course he's chipless. Time for some fast thinking He glanced around as Reptile's head nodded to the side in confusion. Why had the man just held that gun up without firing?

Nikolas' eyes fell to the large pipe he had hid from the Enforcers behind. It ran completely vertical, stretching from the floor to the ceiling. "Hey bud," he looked at CC. quickly, still aware of the mutant that seemed ready to pounce, "kick that pipe for me, will ya?"

"What?" C.C. asked "How will that..."

"Just do it"

The rusted pipe caved in easily, letting out a sigh of fresh air that cleared the chamber a bit. Flickering light shafted down in a pattern of squares. Reptile turned his head and hissed.

"Alright," Nikolas holstered his weapon and tore the hole open until it was wide enough to fit through, "follow me, or get eaen by our lizard friend." He squirmed into the pipe and start to climb the ridges along the inside like a ladder. C.C. followed bewilderedly.

Reptile realized what was happening, they were afraid! No, they needed to see who he was, to help him! "Come back!" He lunged into the pipe, his four arms pushing against the inside, only to be temporarily blinded by the light. By the time his huge eyes had adjusted, he was able only to see the grate at the top of the pipe slide back into place.


Nikolas breathed a sigh of relief as he slumped against the wall. The alley was no less dirty than the sewers, but at least there was fresh air. He turned to C.C. "So, are you the R.A.T. that's supposed to help me out?


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Hey steel dragon just so you know Reptile is a good guy he still has a human mind his body is just deformed. :wink:

I'm aware, thanks. Nikolas has no way of knowing this, Reptile soundedvery much interested in eating him and C.C. He may have jumped to conclusions, but you would too if you thought you were about to be eaten.

I'll edit my Reptile's dialogue in my post accordingly, though.

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Marcus had not seen it, but heard from a radio that some resaraunt owner had taken down a few cops. He had seen the heard the whole thing from his radio inside of his freighter. The freighter was wrecked and horribly graffitied, but Marcus had found it crashed in an alley of Terell, and made it his home.

Marcus rushed to the scene. The police bodies were still there. He knelt down and began searching them. Nothing. Well, he was on a STEEL street. His buddies would have gotten all the goodies first. Dang.

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"Ugh I think I'm going to *insert throw up noise here*"

When Roger finally got up to look at his surroundings he saw that he was on the ground. The street to be exact. Then it all came back to him.

"Dang I hate my drinking problem." "Now to make my way back to the others" However he took 3 steps and then found about 20 guns pointing at him.

Officer "Put your hands on your head."

Roger complied and then was shoved to the ground as he saw a NERV chip put over his head.

"No"<In a groggy voice

Officer "Get me the anesthetic so he doesn't resist."

Roger knew this was his last chance. He would never be chip-free again.

"No" He said again but louder

Roger flung out with his fist and punched the officer in the head. Quickly he whipped around and stole his gun. *Bam, Bam* 2 more officers went down. Roger knew he couldn't take them all and was about to run when an officer put a gun to his head.

"You fool" said Roger

"Who's more foolish the fool or the fool who follows the fool?"

*Bam* and the officer went down

The remaining officers were now scrambling to shove the chip in roger's head When *bam* Roger's last bullet went through the chip.

"Ha you-" He was cut short as he saw a blur by him distracting the officers. Quickly Roger fumbled with his feet and took off.

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"No! You will be mine!" Reptile screeched at the top of his lungs.

He crawled out of the pipe and pulled a piece of cloth off some complicated machinery. A very advanced computer with added gadgets. He turned it on, and it rattled loudly.

"Charcharias, do you read me!" he hissed through the commlink.

"Loud and clear..." rasped an evil voice.

"I was not aware of RATS being here on Terrell, where you?"

"Let me guess, you ate one!"

"Almost. He escaped. In my hunger, I scared him off. I hate being a mutant, especially these mood swings."

"Don't we all? It's something you have to finally accept. Anyway, I assume you want me to send out a squad to find this RAT."

"Bring him back...alive! Not mangled in a plastic bag, alive!"

"Very well, sire. I'll bring back some supper, how does a Ching sound to you?"

"Hmmmmm.....Ching...." Reptile senselessly drooled. The transmission cut short, and the human side of Reptile seemed to fade away as roared into the air.

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Warren was bored, Hiding out in RATS Territory does that to him sometimes. He couldn't help but notice fresh meat walking with Kiara, he began to walk steadily towards his prey, moving ever so cautiously, he halted in front of his unsespecting victims.

"Well well well, whats a pretty thing like you doing here?" He asked.

The girl just shruged him off.

"Get lost Warren, we've got things to do." exclaimed Kiara.

" Well then, allow me to be of service, anything to help a fellow CHING"

The girls face was stricken with fear.

" Kiara, what are you doing with this girl, you better have a damn good reason to bring her here!" Warren exclaimed.

"Trust me she aint no filthy CHING."

" You better hope to God she isn't, your putting all of us in danger by bringing her here."

"Warren, this is bigger then some silly gang war, This is the future of New Terrel, we got to get to the boss, would you know where he is?"

"Sorry I can't help you there, last time I saw him he was walking to the pub"

*sarcasticly* "Thanks Warren, you've been a great help"

The two girls began to walk away. "Wait!!!" Warren yelled.

"What!" Kiara replied. The two turned excitedly.

"I didn't get your name." He said to the mysterious girl. The girl looked at Kiara, who gave a disaproving glance, then turned once again towards Warren.

"Samantha!" She called out, "But don't even think about it"

Warren stood dumbfounded, The name still echoing inside of his head, he asked himself why he was intrigued by his girl, she did look awfully similar, as if something out of a dream, but he couldn't be bothered about it, afterall he gave up thinking a long time ago.

"Warren!" A voice shouted from one of the restaurants, "Get over here quick". Warren ran to the patio to see his friend Joseph turning the volume up on the out of date television, "Check this out" he said as he began to listen intently to the reporter on the television.

"This is truly a breakthrough for CHING scientists, after the recent assassination attempt on Jared Kanda (the guy from my comic), The many scientists at Solar-Comm have decided to use him as there first test experiment for there new Bio-Mechanic's field, after testing on several different animals, They have confirmed that the procedure is safe for humans. Jared will appear all flesh and bones but he will be reconstructed almost entirely out of metal, all of his abilities will be greatly increased, Scientists will hope to use this technology to use for war. But materials are still very expensive. The procedure requires large amounts of Zerbite. Jared is scheduled to be completed within the next few weeks, Good Luck Jared and we look forward to seeing you soon. And In other news..."

But by then Warren had tuned out, he had a sickening feeling in his stomach, He walked very casually to the front of the restaurant, everyone had gone silent, waiting on Warrens words. He just stood there, then he summoned all the courage he could and yelled out "Bring It" the bar let out a thunderous applause, while people eating began to cheer, they all new Warren wasn't scared of anything, But the truth was, Warren was holding back tears, for he new Jared would come looking for him.

Edited by sok117

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In one of the highest towers of Terrel the Ching known as Hukang stood before a wide, many panelled window, staring out over the city. Directly behind him a polished wooden Tori and slatted steps descend into a spacious hallway, classical music echoing around the space. A Ching guard armed with vibroblade stood to attention as the base of the stairs as the air stirred beside Hukang...

"Ichi... thank you for coming so soon."


Agent Ichi, first of the Oni Agents and the only one operating for the Chings was suddenly stood beside Hukang. He nodded to affirm the old man's statement and gazed out of the window, his eyes searching the extravaganza of curiously shaped structures lit by a multitude of lights and holograms. His ever-present HUD faintly overlayed the scene, glyphs and messages highlighting various properties of the scene below.

"Everything went well on your previous assignment I trust?" Hukang's words were slow and measured.

"As well as always." He answered, casually handing a small package to the old man.

"Excellent, excellent..."

"I did, however, run into an old friend..."


The old man's eyes squinted towards Ichi, "...oh? I thought friends were in short supply these days."

"Indeed. A friend from the past... someone I believed dead... he is Oni."

"Interesting... one of you kindred tech-ninja? It shouldn't be a surprise really. As well you are aware four of your... brethren... were believed to have survived the destruction of the Oni Project and taken by the swines Solar-com. They've been operating for them as long you have us. No doubts handling a mountain of dirty laundry...", chuckled the old man. "I trust things didn't end well for your... friend?"

"You know how cunning we can be Hukang. San eluded me... but left me with some food for thought. Nothing that I need divulge at this time." He quickly added, reading the man's expression.

"At times our affairs need only be our own Ichi, as long as it doesn't affect your judgement."

Ichi silently nodded once. Hukang had been the Ching field commander on the site of the burning complex where Ichi had been found unconcious. He had always treated Ichi with the utmost respect despite his station. Whether as an acknowledgent of his power or something else he couldn't say, but Hukang was as close to Ichi as people got. Oni didn't have friends. They were disncouraged from that type of activity during programming.

But he had another life a long time ago...

The night previous San had asked him stay his hand and spoke quickly to him atop that rooftop, stirring thoughts which had been bothering Ichi for some time. Damn San! He should've crippled that sadist, taken whatever information he could and done justice to hundreds by ending his life. Solar-com lap-dog. Another time - and soon - for sure.

"Your next assignment Ichi." Hukang's voice interrupted his reverie. "Prepare for upload by Virtunet. Name... Vonne."

Ichi engaged the Virtunet and mentally opened his I/O port. Steadying himself, he acepted the upload and as a stream of glowing golden information - including the images of a young woman - uploaded to his mind.

"I have utmost confidence, as ever."

Ichi gave a single nod as a glyph started flashing on his HUD. Ichi mentally opened the alert as the guard addressed the two men.

"Charon has confirmed a disturbance on level three..." he remarked. Hukang smiled.


"Yes sir," Responded the guard. "Very odd readings too, sir. A security team has been dispatched, but..."

Agent Ichi seemed to spin around instantly, startling the guard. "I'll take care of it on my way out. Hukang..." He nodded to the old-man.

"Ichi..." the old man replied.

Gulp went the guard as Ichi swept past towards the turbolift.

Navigating a series of connecting passages he dashed towards the scene of the incident. He consulted the guards who had arrived at the scene but he already knew there was nothing to find there. He set off again, his HUD and sensors displayed the dwindling heat traces left by the intruder. If anyone could see his face they would have seen him smirk.

Not so fast, he thought.


Building up speed on his quarry, he found himself distracted by Nate Salem, a new officer in the Ching Corporation, who'd side-stepped from an offshore company. Surprised by his presence here, he instantly searched the company datalogs and found that Nate was currently on a three week holiday in San Tropez with his mistress.


Judging by the thermal signature, this wasn't who he was looking for either, but he acted cordial to the imposter as to lull him into a sense of false security... and silently alerted a guard team. He would turn his attention to this man later.

"Welcome to the Chings..." he remarked, on his way once more.


The heat signature took him to one of many refuse chutes. There had been another here... but he was close. He unsheathed his vibroblade and engaged his Prism-field. Glancing around quickly, Agent Ichi entered the portal and descended into the depths...

+ + +

Just to clarify, Ichi is the only Oni Agent working exclusively for the Chings. Only another few remain and they're in the employ of Solar-com - San being one of them. It's better that Charon put out a general alert of the disturbance and it was answered by Agent Ichi and Ching security.

Edited by pedro

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Damn! How quickly things could get out of hand. A few minutes ago Dave had been ready to calmly resolve all that was going on, but now Vonne had left the building and Hukang, always the iconoclast, had made the Oni's primary task finding her, instead of finding the teleporting R.A.T., which would mean a slipshod search in the sewers as more attention was devoted to tracking the wayward recruiter. And of course there was the matter of that false employee that Coffeebot had alerted him to a minute ago by way of the Oni - that was one thing they were good for. Apparently there was an inflitrator in the company, which on any other day would have been a major problem, but now seemed to be the least of his concerns.

Dave drained the last of the Frapaucino.

"Computer simulations run against newsweb data indicate that the teleportation of the R.A.T. into the building was an isolated incident and does not indicated a widespread use of the technology by R.A.T.s, Dave."

"Best news I've heard all day," Dave muttered, shifting through datafiles on the holoscreen.

"I'm glad that I have brought you happiness, Dave."

"Stuff it, Coffeebot."

"Yes, Dave."

Why the hell had Japan been adopted as the dominant culture here? It made it so much more difficult to decipher video of the streets. If everyone was an angliophile you wouldn't have all this flashing neon to clutter the... Ah, there. Going into a R.A.T. base, eh? Had Vonne been a turncoat all along?

"Coffeebot, do we have any agents in that Arms and Armor shop or near it?"

"The last was killed three days ago, Dave."

"Blast. Looks like I'll have to go investigate myself, seeing as the whole Ching force is after that R.A.T. and Ichi will be in the sewers a while. Coffeebot, transfer your audio output to my hearing aid."

"Yes, Dave," Coffeebot said in Dave's ear.

"Where's my Thompson gun? Used to be unique in this town, but I guess I was a trendsetter, now everybody wants artifacts as weapons. Probably don't know a bit of the history behind them... Ah, thanks," Dave said as Coffeebot's arm handed him the restored antique.

"Do you have your body armor, Dave?" Coffeebot asked.

"I always do. The number of assassination attempts I get? I've also got the EM projector for the lasers and software mod for the chip guns. How do you think I got to be a hundred and twelve?"

"I always forget that you know best, Dave."

"Thank you, Coffeebot. Desk, manage my affairs while I'm gone. Do what I would do, unless you can't figure that out. Then get Coffeebot to ask me the question through my hearing aid."

"Yes, sir," said his desk.

"Alright. Let's go," Dave said.

With a few quick swishes, his hook became a golden electrified vibro-katana.


"I do admit, Coffeebot, that Japan is good for some things. This is one of those instances."

"I see. Good call, Dave."

...his gold pants sparkling like a vampire's skin...


I've made Dave a japanophobe angliophile. It seems to fit his character. I've pictured him speaking in a British accent all along. I've also tried to make what's going on fit with Pedro's post as well as possible.

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Inserge would have to lie low for a week or two. He was now associated with the murder of seven police officers and a Ching. 'Great' he thought, 'I was getting kinda used to the rain.'

He payed Kabuto for the two bowls of crab legs and walked back into the street. For a minute he stood and looked around. People were everywhere. 'Good, no one to see me.' He kicked a loose sewer grate out of it's place and dropped himself in while a black clad yakuza slyly nugged it shut.

It was dark and wet in the sewer, just like outside, but without people. After Inserges eyes adapted to the dark he found his light switch. Immediately upon flicking it on the sewer systems for miles from that point light up with a neon glow. Only purple, blue, green and red, other colors damage night vision. The cavernous complex was rusty and the floor was one continuous stream of refuse and dirty water, the stench; terrible. A lime colored arrow pointed him in the direction of his own personal lair. He sauntered into his throne room; a large den with scraps of technology lying helter-skelter among other debris. His room was light with purple neon he had stolen from a group of STEELs a few years ago. He turned to his computer. It was so outdated that it could have run on steam and not surprised anyone who knew of it. Of course that was the type of thing that one had to resort to now that everyone on the planet had a chip. Inserge checked the news first, wondering if the dead police officers had been discovered yet. They had. At the scene was reporter Ace Winawango, a pretty looking woman in a red trench coat.

"In an alley off of Cherry Blossom Street, disaster has struck! Seven Police Officers were tragically murdered in the line of duty. They were in pursuit of a chip-less criminal known only as The Phantom by the people who saw him, when the cops appear to have been shot in their backs by bullet weapons! The chief suspects include Johnny Roads, an escaped convict and STEEL gang member, and Hellen Grant, a Homicidal STEEL with a history of police murders. If you see either of these suspects or the mysterious Phantom please send the police you aid immediately."

'Phew' breathed Inserge. "I'm glad that I'm chalk free, but "Phantom" Who comes up with this stuff?!"

"Now to check the security cams."

The first thing that Inserge had done upon adopting the sewer as his home was to rig it with top of the line security cams so that he could tell if anyone had been messing around with his things. Naturaly he couldn't bug the whole sewer complex, so he put as many as he could in "high Frequency" areas. He ran through the videos quickly, merely scanning for disturbances. He finished his sector, and then decided to investigate the Ching corner of the city, especialy the dispicable mutant lizard thing living right below Solar-Com. There was only one thing that mutants were good for, and that was disposing of evidence. Inserge thought back to all the times he had killed someone and framed the monsterous denizens of the sewers for it. He then Concentrated on the computer. As the video flew past in rapid motion Inserge saw nothing out of the ordinary, untill... "Crash" A RAT popped out of a pipe! And what's more, the reptile helped him up! "intriguing." muttered Inserge. Then into the scene stumbled a clueless, what looked like a police officer, but with closer inspection Inserge recalled this to be none other than the stupid vigilante who nearly lost him a kill once. They fought but the RAT and other fellow escaped, and the mutant went off picture.

"Hmm... " Contemplated Inserge. "I should Investigate..."


I may or may not upload pictures for this

Marcus had not seen it, but heard from a radio that some resaraunt owner had taken down a few cops. He had seen the heard the whole thing from his radio inside of his freighter. The freighter was wrecked and horribly graffitied, but Marcus had found it crashed in an alley of Terell, and made it his home.

Marcus rushed to the scene. The police bodies were still there. He knelt down and began searching them. Nothing. Well, he was on a STEEL street. His buddies would have gotten all the goodies first. Dang.

Frankly, it's not common knowledge that the murderers were the Yakuza, but It's actually assumed that the murderers were STEEL, which of course, you know isn't true. I also put you in the background of all of my pics...I guess you didn't notice :tongue: also if you're 'Freighter' is the truck from smash and grab, that's actually supposed to be Mr. Kabuto's, but i guess there can be two cars in the city that look alike :wink:

Why the hell had Japan been adopted as the dominant culture here?

Because of blade runner, or perhaps the other way around...

"Where's my Thompson gun? Used to be unique in this town, but I guess I was a trendsetter, now everybody wants artifacts as weapons. Probably don't know a bit of the history behind them... Ah, thanks," Dave said as Coffeebot's arm handed him the restored antique.

I'm sorry about that.. I temporarily forgot that you were the only one in town w/ a tommy :grin: but that's okay, you stole my sword :tongue:


OH... Oh. :look:

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"I keep replaying those images in my head, what could I have done to deserve that... everyone, gone. I still remember, sure everyone heard it on the news, talked about it for a day or two, then forgot. But I didn't. You can't forget holding your dead wife in your hands, or seeing your kid dragged off by a bunch of god forsaken mutants. I keep thinking I could of done something, I could of fought a little harder, or ran a little faster, or jumped a little higher, Then I would still have a family. But, sadly I can't go back in time, I can't see there faces again, I can't do anything but sulk and cry over it, I feel like a whiney brat, crying and sobbing waiting for a change but not doing anything about it. But thats the thing, I can't DO anything about it." Warren thought. He lay awake in his bed, He didn't get much sleep anymore, his mind was haunted by green scaled freaks. He got out of bed and got dressed, he checked his watch. Half past four. "Another sleepless night" he thought to himself as he left the abandoned warehouse he called home.

He was walking the streets waiting for something to happen, waiting for a fight to break out or an explosion rock the night, to no avail. He turned the street, admiring the makeshift heat from the garbage cans on fire, the smell of industrial waste in the air. The city was beginning to open up its eyes from a short and rough sleep. He glanced again at his watch. five thirty. He was walking by the arms and Armour shop when he heard something coming from the back alley way. He quickly glanced at the store hours WEEKDAYS 8:00A.M. TO 7:00P.M.. He took out his gun and slowly walked through the alleyway.

"Damn Japanese and their filthy garbage, how am I suppose to find a clue in this mess! My shoes are covered in goddamn food. wasteful, simply wasteful, in my day we didn't have the fancy of throwing away food" An old raspy voice came from across the alley. Warren closed in, gun held up ready to fire.

"Who the hell are you" Warren exclaimed

"Is that any way to talk to your elders?" The man said as he reared his face and brushed off dirt from his clothing.

"I guess not, but what are you doing looking through the garbage?" Warren said. "Tell me or I'll blow your brains out"

"Those are big words sonny." The man said as he adjusted his glasses.

"I swear I'll--" The man quickly sprang into action and attacked Warren, first a strike in the gut. As warren keeled over he was met with a side chop right into the neck. His ears rang out as he dropped his gun onto the ground. Before he knew what happened he was grabbed by the shoulders and tossed into a pile of trash. He struggled to get up as the man walked closer. "Pitiful, worthless scum..." The man chuckled as he grabbed Warren by the collar of his leather jacket, one hand had a metallic touch a hook, "Whats this, You look like you've been in a couple of scraps boy," The man said as he examined the scar on warrens check. "well, I bet you've never fought anything like me..." The man reached for the scar with his other hand and began to push it, blood started to gush as it streamed over The mans hand and down Warrens face. "Boy, you've gone and ruined my glove." the man exclaimed as his left hand began to transform into a knife, he held his Knife-hand dangerously close to warrens throat. "Your gonna pay for that boy.." He said as he moved toward Warrens throat. Winded, and in an extreme amount of pain, Warren managed to summon the strength to fight. He jabbed at the mans stomach, an echo went through the air. His hand was bent on impact. Though it was enough to get the man off his feet, The man was wearing some sort of body armour, he knew he would be back again, this time not hesitating to take warrens life. Warren took advantage of this moment and scrambled to find his gun he picked it up and aimed once agin for the mans face. The face was hidden in shadows, yet streaks of light slipping through the buildings illuminated his eyes. "Looks like you still had some fight in you boy, I like that, It reminds me of myself back in my glory days. Warren cocked his gun and took aim, "well now lets not be to hasty boy" The man said his voice calm and crisp.

"Who the hell are you!" Warren said. No answer. "TELL ME!"

"Tell you what, you've got a gun in my face and I can think of fourteen ways to kill you right now, fifteen if you were standing two steps to your left. I'll humor you by thinking your in power right now and 'give into your demand' but I'm only doing this because I'm in a good mood, My name is Dave" Dave replied.

"Dave wh--" Warren replied but he was cut off.

"Boy, you better choose your next words real carefully unless you want your brains to be smeared all over that wall there" Dave interrupted as he gestured towards the wall of the Arms and Armour shop. "Now I best be going, I've got things to do, you see." Warren stood there shaking, the sun was peaking over the buildings and he could now see Dave clearly, An old man, nothing but an old man, but yet he instilled fear like ways you could not imagine, warren put away his gun and nodded at Dave. He backed away slowly, trying not to provoke the man. Once he was a good distance he turned around to run, when behind him whispering in his ear, "one more thing boy", Dave said, so close, how could he be so close, he was twenty feet away a second ago Warren thought. Warren turned around having only enough time to see dave strike once more, this time for the head. POW Warren fell off his feet and onto the ground, he drifted in and out of consciousness and then Blackness. Once again he was at his old home cradling his dead wife in his arms, crying.

I hope I did a good job scripting your character TELEGLITH, and no Warren is not dead he is just unconscious

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Camera probes infested the city. Everywhere was being watched, except the sewers and many other secret areas. But who is in control of these probes at the moment? A mutant, that is.

"He's nipped off the radar!" Reptile hissed angrily.

The crab like creature next to him shrugged and started to jump on the buttons.

"Monitor screens 04 to 09, Cramarr! We will find this boy! He is different from the rest of the scumbags above!"

It was no use. In one screen, an old man beat up a younger man, two RATS girls were just walking around, a man is throwing his shoes at an unpopular politician and two men coming out of a pipe.

"That's him! Dispatch units, come in! Sending in visuals!"

Through the helmets of the dispatched unit, they saw their target and sprinted across alleyways to find them.


@Dannylonglegs: Reptile never left the sewers, could you please edit that out? Thanks.

I intend to upload a scene tonight, illustrating the dispatched unit. Oh, and they haven't found CC yet, just in the process of finding.

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OoC: Gah, everyone's after me! :tongue:


After asking directions from a few more passers-by, Kiara took Samantha to a bar that had a real Hulk for a bouncer. The pile of muscle gave the two women a long, evaluating stare.

"What d'ya want? Lookin' fer a job, maybe?" Then he laughed scornfully. Samantha saw Kiara glentching her hands into fists, obviously resisting the urge to punch the man in the guts.

"Is Jones here?" Kiara asked.

"Go see fer yerselves", the bouncer said, and opened the door.

The initial reaction Samantha had upon entering the bar was one of abhorrence: Kiara had taken her to a strip club!

"What are we doing here?!" she hissed at her companion.

"You wanted to see Mr. Jones, the leader of the R.A.T.s, didn't you? Well, he's here", Kiara answered.

"What kind of a man is this Mr. Jones, anyway? It's barely evening, and he hangs at a strip club?"

"I doubt he's a customer here. He doing business with the owner, most likely. We R.A.T.s protect these kind of establishments, and we get paid well for that. Except sometimes, we don't."

Samantha paused. "Wait a minute... So you're operating like a Mafia?!"

"You Chings have made it quite impossible for us to work in legal and honest ways, so don't give me that judging tone, Samantha." Kiara turned, and headed to the back of the bar.

Samantha blushed. Glancing around, she quickly followed Kiara.

But they didn't get to the backroom before they found Mr. Jones. He was leaning against the bar, sipping a drink. It looked like he had had quite a few already.

"Ahem! Mr. Jones, may disturb you?" Kiara said, clearing her throat. Samantha saw that she was obviously not pleased to see her leader in that condition.

"Ah, Khiarah! Whaizzit you wanfrommeh?" Mr. Jones mumbled. "I got into a fighth just reshently, and needdo geddit out of my headh..."

"I've got very important intel from Solar-Com. We finally found what they're going to do with the damned mind-controlling chips. But you are in no condition to receive this intel, so we have to get you out of here to sober up. Samantha, help me."

Samantha took the man by the other arm as Kiara took the other. She smelled the days of heavy drinking on him, and felt even more disgusted.

The two embarrased women took the R.A.T. leader out of the strip club.


Edited to fit Brickme's post better.

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Strip clubs eh sandy? well I like where this is going :devil: Oh and yes my character has a slightdrinking problem

Roger was being dragged back to RAT Headquarters by some unknown ching by the looks or her and a RAT he did not know (well he knew her he was just too drunk to recognize it) Anyway they set him on a chair and started using some old mythbusters techniques to get him sober including a good ole' slap in the face and a tug on the old 'stache. Finally he was sober enough to tell kiara what had happened.

"Well this bar owner is threatening to not pay us because he wants something from us of only which we can obtain for him"

"What is it" Kiara asked

"The rarest substance on earth, Zerbite."

"How will you obtain some?" Kiara asked

"I will be leading a small force to the zerbite and nick some with the help of a few other RATS it shouldn't be too hard to get some."

"When will you leave?" Kiara asked

"As soon as your done explaining why a ching is here and what news you have from me."

"The ching is Samantha and she has news for you."

"Alright bring her into my office, I will be there shortly."

Kiara leaves and so does roger when he calls onto the other rats there...

"All right you punks, We have a mission to steal some Zerbite if anyone would like to volunteer. Anybody who wishes to volunteer say aye."

Roger proceded to his office where he found Kiara and a ching (This must be samantha he thought) and started the introductions.

"Hello Samantha, what has brought you here?"

"Well I'm here because..."

Sandy please fill in the rest of conversation

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