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Inserge's Introduction

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This is my Cyberpunk character's introduction. It's Pic heavy.

The black speach is Inserge, my Cyberpunk character, and the grey is Marcus, a scummy Ching.

This takes place in the sewers of Terrel.

Inserge, I'm surprised to see you.

Of course you are, no doubt you thought that those buffoons you hired could actually kill me.

Well, you went cheap. I doubt you payed them half as much to try to kill me, as you promised me for killing your Ching pall!

I even took the chip out of the back of his head for you! Just the way you ordered it.

Your mooks are gone too, and I almost fealt guilty about doin' them in.

This is madness! I'm sure you have many enemies! You don't know that I hired them!

One of them fessed up. He was pathetic.

How much did he tell you? Which one?

Nothing, and neither.

You just told me everything...Everything except this; Why not just pay me you rich dirt?!


Take this Zerbite!

I have no use for Zerbite. I want you dead.


Toss. Boom!


But...That was supposed to short circut your chip! Why aren't you dead?!

Because, Marcus, I'm a human, not a cyborg like all of you chippies out there. And I'm not killed by computer bugs. It takes alot more to kill me!

I know, it's a little dark, but wadya think? My character is basicly evil, but against the bad guys. (And anyone else who gets in his way.)

The mooks are supposed to represent cheap Blacktron RAT hitmen, but I didn't want to use Rench's body for them because thats too commonly used :tongue:

Hope you liked it, or atleast weren't disgusted.

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Very nice job, working the computerbug in there! I can tell our characters are gonna get along just... wait, nevermind, we'll probably despise each other. :laugh:

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