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Col. Brik

MOC "Gun Runner"

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A early build from the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Long before the standard class Corvette's where produced this Corvette is owned and run by Col Brik and his Galactic Private Transport Firm. Based in the Outer Rim this ship, the "Gun Runner" as it is called has been rumored to not only transport goods and services throughout the Galaxy but also Jedi and and Clones. This service, which is only a rumor, is used when the Jedi don't want to take normal Republic Transport. Special Missions, Diplomatic Duty or anything else the Council needs to keep quite.

A crew of eight can run the Ship with transport for up to 28. It has the ability to reach light speed and can be configured to carry goods such as weapons, repair equipment, Clone troops, or food stuffs.

It's offensive capabilities are 5 Light Lasers Cannons and 1 Quad Laser Cannon. Standard defensive measures with deflector shields front and rear and Light Speed capability. Along the top of the craft, near the front is a added feature that didn't come from the factory. A small pod controls the two deployable recon droids who can scout far ahead to assure the Ships path will hold no surprises. It's engines, six total, push the ship well beyond most light duty transports normal speeds. Making it one of the oldest, but fastest in the Galaxy.











Thanks for looking, all comments and opinions are appreciated

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Oh wow !! this is a really interesting looking ship ! and so large :oh3:

I love the engines at the back, i have a thing for large engines :tongue: the colour scheme is a little daunting at first, but after seeing all the wonderful interior space and a look over i got used to it :thumbup:

I also really like the sliding panel on the side for the troopers to deploy, much like the RGS.

i think my favourite part is the engine room, with all the turbines and such, nice bits of detail there.

This is a great MOC and the size is quite amazing ! only advice i can give is i think the nose of the ship would look great if it was smooth and longer going to a point, like an X-wing or ARC. same with the glass cockpit at the top back, if that was more sloped then shooting straight up on that slant.

other wise, very very well done :thumbup: thanks for sharing !

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Lots of playable area's makes for a fun MOC.

I'm not crazy about the red but that's just my personal preferance and the only thing I don't like about this MOC.

I like the shape and all the different area's for jedi and clones to hide.

Is that a hyperdrive in the back?

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Excellent MOC 'Col. Brik' ! :sweet::grin::laugh:

Very colourful - very playable - very cool ! :grin:

Love all the hatches that expose the different areas of the ship - awesome ! :sweet::grin::laugh:

Great work and I'm a conformist! 'Col. Brik' ! :laugh:

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Wow thats pretty big. I like how you can open it up, I always love an interior. The engines at the back are pretty amazing and work well. I likd the nose with all the pieces jutting out and still making a slope its really interesting.

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Thanks everyone for the comments and kudo's. Much appreciated.

I actually agree with some of the suggestions and items that weren't right for some. Red fell into the MOC because I had plenty of red plates to use. The glass slopes for cockpit windows I wasn't to fond of but had little else to work with. I am looking into buying some other choices for future MOC's.

Yes, the Hyper Drive is in the back, I really wanted some sort of mechanical area, or engine room so to speak. I'm sure to be building more Star Wars MOC's I enjoyed it very much. I've done my share of Town and City MOC's but they just never felt right. Fun part of Star Wars, your imagination can flow much easier, IMO.

I would have like to get some better interior photos but they weren't turning out well. I had a nice Jedi area setup with a flat screen and swivel chairs in the Engine Room. I never went with a plan on this build and I think it shows in some areas. My next go-around I am trying to plan out right now. A YT Transports Ship. I can't afford the Falcon so I'll try to make my own but not that large :)

Thanks again!

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