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Walter Kovacs

MINI TIE Defender, Avenger & Experimental M3

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Hello all. It's been a long while since I posted any of my Star Wars MOCs. I finally got off my fat megablocks and photographed all of my TIE MINIs. I'll be posting them three at a time until I reach the end.

MINI TIE Defender

I decided to start from the beginning. The TIE Defender is probably the most recognized of the Expanded Universe TIEs. First seen in the TIE Fighter video game, it has become the favorite TIE alternate for many people, myself included. So my first MINI MOC was this version of the TIE Defender:

3/4 View


Front View


Back View


The key piece of the the design was the Technic Hub with Three Axles, which at the time I designed this was brand new. The back view shows the distinctive cutouts in the wings, both on the front and back side. I thought the domed 2 x 2 Round Brick best represented the cockpit. It even looks menacing from the front.

At the time, I thought the method I used for the wings was the best option for getting the outward swept look. They are a little bulky, but I think they serve this model well.

MINI TIE Avenger

After designing the TIE Defender, I found that I liked what I had done. And designing in the MINI scale presented a different set of challenges from the UCS scale I had MOCed in before. So I tried a MINI version of the first UCS scale MOC I had done, the TIE Avenger.

3/4 View


Front View


Side View


Top View


This craft presented a different challenge, with its large "deck" sitting behind the cockpit. Again, I used the click hinges to achieve the wing angles. This led the wings to be overly large, as can best be seen from the side view. This was the last time I used this method for a bent wing TIE.

The top view really shows off the deck on the back.

TIE Experimental M3

This was not the third MINI MOC I designed. I'm not exactly sure when I did this one. I include it here because it is the only MOC that is not 100% my design. In fact, the bulk of the design was done by Reto Geiger, in his TIE Interceptor. The TIE Experimental M3, first seen in the Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance video game, is basically a TIE Interceptor with warhead launchers slapped on the outside of the wing. Reto's use of a minifig torch for the wing supports made everything much easier.









Since the core of this model is not mine, there's not much to talk about. The warhead launchers are pretty simple, attached to the wing with a Clip Light Plate.

That's all for now. Comments and Criticisms are always welcome.

MINI TIE Defender Gallery

TIE Avenger Gallery

TIE Experimental Gallery, when moderated

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Great job, they all look very accurate for being mini's.

Even though I don't really like the defender, its my favorite mini.

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