Motorized Sub Car

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Well the other day I was at TRU and they still haven’t restocked since Christmas, being that I had only $40 and that there were no good sets still in sealed boxes (some of them were ripped open!) I decided to buy the power functions motor kit. Anyways after a few hours of trial and error I’ve finally finished a small motorized car. It’s not the best MOC out there but it’s the first Technic one I’ve made, so please be nice. It can drive in a straight line has headlights and a firing cannon as a play features! I call it a sub car because the huge battery pack makes it look like a submarine, and the motor jutting out is like a propeller. \




Also I have a few questions for the more experienced Technic builders. This won’t damage the motor right? Sometimes it may hit a wall and then drive up against it and the motor can get dislodged or twisted about, that won’t fry the motor or anything right?

Do general tips or tricks I should be aware off?



Overall it was kind of fun making this and I hope to acquire more power functions in the future (like a remote and IR receiver).

C&C welcome!



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Its a cute first model :) Depending on your parts number, you can reinforce the motor, so it wont twist. With another motor and PF remote controller and receiver, you can make it fully controllable :)

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A fine start mate, next we get you using NXT's. Using lego to make models is good, making them models move is better :)

Remember you can control up to 8 motors from a single PF controller by switching channels (16 if you want only one direction)

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Isn't that worm wheel grinding against the other parts?

Actually no it only moves the axles, that is unless it hits something and gets stuck then it grinds other parts.

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