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Admiral Red-Hair

Constables Office

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Front side of the Constables Office.


Here you can see a picture on it taken apart.


The bottom floor.


Another view of the bottom floor.


And yet another view of the bottom floor, perhaps one of

my favourite shots...


Here is a overview shot of the upper floor.


If that other picture isn´t my favourite picture this probably

is, with the couches to the right and two constables playing

chess to the left.


Another picture of the upper floor... Don´t be afraid, it isn´t

beer they are drinking, it´s water... I hope... :pir_laugh2:


Picture of the roof taken of. Perhaps not the best looking roof,

but it looks decent. :pir-classic:

Before I make this "final" and post it in the entry topic I would

like to see what you guys and gals think of it - so comments

and feedback is very much appreciated. :pir-classic:

Best Regards//

Admiral Red-Hair

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Yes, very much minifigs for such a tight space :pir-classic: , but I guess that was normal back then and you of course are limited to the rules of the Community Build 2010.

The interior looks very nice, I love the stairs with the weaponsrack, and the roof of the building looks very good too :thumbup: .

Nice build, thanks for sharing!

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It looks like that Pirate is holding a Walter PPK?

Eitherway I like the functional rooms that you squeezed into that tiny area. :pir-skull: approved.

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You did a good job on this. It looks nice on the outside as well as on the inside.

The inside is so crowded that the building itself looks much bigger.

I also like your chairs, with the golden jumpers on it.

This is a nice addition to the Community Build :pir-classic:

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