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Commander Flash

New 707th Clone Wars

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For the second installment of my comic series, I have chosen to do Naboo. Here it is:

"We were sent to Naboo to help the queen overcome an invasion of separatists that encircled the Royal Palace. The boy, Dan, was found to be a Jedi. I don't pretend to understand the mind of a Jedi, but I know that a light saber might help on any missions. How did the story go again?"


Commander Flash: The palace is really under a tight control. The gunship took a bit of a beating. An aerial attack sure won't work. Maybe we should mount two different efforts to break the lines and the barricade.

Dan: Splitting our squad at a critical time as this?

Commander Flash: Its the only way to ensure the Queen's safety. Plus, the one to mount the battle to the palace can call reinforcements to help. Me, Dan and one of the boys can find a way into the palace.

Ajax: I will stay behind. More men will be here soon enough and our assault will begin.

Commander Flash: Good idea. Lets go.


Commander Flash: Does Naboo have a sewer system?

Dan: I think it does, why?

Commander Flash: That could be our way into the palace.


Alien Thug: Bzzt Zurp!

Commander Flash: What's that, chief?

Dan: Allow me to help. Mhm...I see. He doesn't like you.

Commander Flash: What?


Commander Flash: I understand that. Down you go!



Dan: There's the sewer! Jump in!

Commander Flash: How do you think Ajax is doing?


Clone Captain: 3rd Squad, segment of the 707th, reporting to duty!

Ajax: Follow me then. We have a few droids to bust. We should find some security force or a defense regiment or something to help us.


Ajax: Hello. Who are you?

Man: I am Captain Angal. Who are you anyways?

Ajax: Sergeant Ajax of the Grand Army of The Republic. What are you captain of?

Angal: Of the Theed militia. We are little known, so don't worry if you've never heard of us. We are here, waiting to attack the droids. The security force died defending the palace, but the droids won't go into the palace. Very odd, maybe they are waiting for something...or someone.

Ajax: We are going to destroy the droids too. Come with the militia assembled to the palace gates.


Dan: Is this the best route to enter the palace?

Flash: Yes, its the smoothest path.


Dan: What was that noise?

Flash: Get ready boys!


Flash: Assassins!

Clone: AHHH!


Flash: We're there.

Dan: I hope Ajax's plan is going well.


Militiaman: Almost opened...


Militiaman: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Ajax: Sith's Blood! And a shuttle is here! Just set explosions for when it leaves.



All: For the Republic!!!



Dan: What is this place?

Flash: It seems like a bathroom. There's the sink, there's the water pipes, there's a bath, and there's a...


Flash: Lady!?

Woman: EEEEK!

Flash: Sorry ma'am. Which way to the throne room?

Woman: Out this door, then down a hall until you see another door. There is the throne room. Can I take my bath peace?


Flash: There's the door. What's that buzzing noise?



Sith: Prepare to die! The separatists pay well for your dead corpse!

Flash: Not without a fight!




Sith: Uugh...


Queen: Thank you great warrior! Please stay for a feast!

Flash: Sorry ma'am, but my friend may need help fighting the droids

Queen: (thought) Strong and a gentleman, my kind of man.


Ajax: We made it, but at a high cost.

Flash: You did win, and saved this planet from the separatists. Come inside. The queen has something to say.


Queen: All of you men are heroes, and Naboo and I owe my life to you. I will honor your valiant efforts by a memorial, in the shape of your leader, Commander Flash.


And so ends chapter two of this comic. What do you think?

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I like the bath room part. :laugh:

What I don't like is the mix between flesh and yellow. :thumbdown:

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Thanks Clonekiller :thumbup: I knew the bathroom part would get someone. I probably should have found a yellow body and arms for it, though. That would be a good investment.

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