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Luke McAwesome

A World Lost to Nature - Tyrannosaurus Attack

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Tyrannosaurus Attack

The male tyrannosaur roared in response.

And then both animals charged the trailer at full speed, racing across the clearing toward them.

"Oh, my God," Sarah said.

"Brace yourself, Sarah!" Malcolm shouted. "It's going to be bad!" - The Lost World, by Michael Crichton





Levine, Sarah and Malcolm had stayed in the RV trailers, while Doc and Eddie had gone off to do some more research in the twin SUVs. One of them should be back any minute now, Eddie said at least he would be back by 11:00 PM.

It was raining outside, with an occasional flash of lightning lighting up the darkness outside.

Sarah and Levine were working at the desks, while malcolm did some experiments with some samples they had come across. Dinosaur feces, flesh from carcasses, and bones.

Then, a repeated loud noise broke their silence.


"What's that noise?" muttered Malcolm.

Levine stood up and looked out the window. In the trees, he saw two immense dark shadows. He was petrified when a flash of lightning illuminated their bodies. Two tyrannosaurus rexes.

Except they weren't walking.

They were charging towards the trailer.

"Hang on!" Leavine shouted.

And then came the impact. Malcolm, Sarah, and Levine all literally flew thrugh the air, when the male tyrannosaur collided with the side of the trailer. The female stood and watched.

It was terrifying. Small glass sample containers flew through the air on impacy, shattering on the trio. Levine felt a stinging pain, when glass shards stuck in his back. He yelped in pain.

The rain poured through a broken pane of glass on the trailer.

Malcolm could hear Levine swearing, and Sarah whimpering.

They were lucky the refridgerator, chairs, desks, and computers were fastened down in their place, or things could have gotten worse. But it can't get much worse. With a flash of lightning, Malcolm noticed his side had a gash, his shirt was torn, and blood soaked his jacket.

It had all seemed so beautiful this morning, when they had come across the triceratops, but tonight, Malcolm had realized what a mess he had truly gotten himself into. At this moment, Malcolm wished he had never gone along with Levine, and had told everyone how dangerous this could be. He wish he could have, but it was too late now.

Then, he remembered what Sarah had said earlier:

"Yeah, very beautiful, but you're forgetting that herbivores aren't the only occupants on this island, Eddie."

Oh, how right she was. She had stated that carnivores also lived on the island, and had lectured Eddie earlier about how dangerous this trip could be. Sadly, they didn't know which area of the island was predator territory. Satellite imaging wouldn't have cut it. Which is why Malcolm started to have his doubts.

They had parked their vehicles in tyrannosaur territory.

Perhaps the biggest mistake of their lives, for it may be their last mistake.

Malcolm heard the male and female roar.

The trailer bounced up and down, until it finally tipped on it's side. A stinging sensation came through Malcolm as he landed on his injured side.

"Malcolm! Sarah! Are you alright?!" Levine shouted.

Whimpering came from both of them.

And then Levine watched both tyrannosaurs thump off into the jungle, and into darkness...


To be continued!

The next MOC will come soon. :wink:

Also, please excuse the rather obvious trans-clear bricks holding up the side of the trailer; I realize I could have done better, and I should have, but it worked the best at the moment. And I also couldn't take an overall shot, because the scene was actually too big to take one. If I had, you could see my desk, and the blinds of my window. :blush:

Here's a link to the Brickshelf gallery, once moderated.


Thanks for looking.


Edited by Rufus

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Great job, really! :cry_happy: The designs and the scenery are simply wonderful and full of clever details like the broken crystals, and of course the story makes it even more entertaining :thumbup:

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Amazing! Looks really good, the trailer is so detailed (with the glass breaking and such due to the dino's attack), I also love what you've done with the story.

What's my favourite part of this MOC? The first part of the trailer, for sure!

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You captured the Jurassic Park II scene very well!!!

I have that novel by Michael Crichton as well, and the way you build this scenario, make me feels that the scene itself has indeed came alive. :sweet:

Great job, and keep it coming. :thumbup:

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Wonderfully built! :classic: Those trailers are great. The broken glass pieces look very authentic. I also am fond of the simply 2x2 trans clear slopes on the roof. I am a real fan of these. :classic:

Also the story you're retelling is nice. Maybe you could add a few close-up images between the text, like a screaming minifig at the relating scene, or a shot through a window seeing the scaring T-Rex. :classic:


~ Christopher

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Awesome! We can always use more Jurassic Park MoCs. I really like all the detailing on top of the trailers.

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